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  1. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Why don't you just PM someone about my dead cat again. Don't fuck with someone who's got receipts. Cuz really if you wanna talk trash we can do so privately cuz I have ammo for days. Awesome that feminism is a marketing strategy. So are saying then that you're cool with Harvey Weistein and Pussy Grabber in Chief or are you just being contrary cuz Lucy doesn't ever want to be your friend again? You had zero to contribute to this thread except to chime in about me. You obviously only wanted to take your cheap shot and then you tried to take another by means of my business, Funny in a thread about a man who is a serial abuser here you are spitting acid at the only woman who contributed. Try harder.
  2. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    You just can't quit can you? Remember just months ago when you were begging for forgiveness? Yawn is right. Why don't you have another crisis and go change your name again.
  3. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    If you're referring to Fatty Arbuckle you should know the details before spitting out silly little one liners. Before Fatty studios made all the money and actors and actresses often didn't even get their names on the bill he changed all that to be the first and the highest paid actor on screen. Fatty was rich, asexual and immoral. No one blew the false rape whistle, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the rumors circulated and the censors and the studios saw their opportunity. That was a true Hollywood Scandal and more to do with the times than anything else. There was lots of censorship going on, the government was trying to push back on movies and the general public wanted their stars to be squeaky clean and decent people and in their eyes Fatty was none of those things. The evidence was clearly in Fatty's favor but yet it was the people that called for his guilt. Sounds familiar, like that has happened before or many times really throughout the course of history. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and Harvey Weinstein only have fatness and being in Hollywood in common. The two scenarios are totally different. Kind of a shame that you would bring Fatty in this context.
  4. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    That doesn't answer the question what would you like her to do? No matter what she does people will hate her. Case in point this thread, the dislike of her runs rampant. People dislike her so much they can't even think about other people that really deserve the hatred.
  5. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Nope I brought it up because the OP tried to use this as chance to bash Hillary. Good grief don't you have any reading comprehension? My point was if you dudes are so offended by Hilary and what her husband did why are you not offended by predator in chief? The only people still crying are the people that wanted to see her lose. Sore winners like I have never seen. Why are people so concerned about the woman lost while our President is actually guilty of a multitude of offenses? Obviously I did hear the tapes because I have been following the story. I will call you cynical and maybe a little tone deaf and misogynistic. Because you obviously miss this point to continue to be condescending. No comes forward about sexual assault for the fame, that kind of revelation ruins careers and more often than not isn't believed. Hillary had nothing to do with what Weinstein did but you guys insisted and why if Hillary's name gets dragged into this why not Trump? He obviously knows him, so why was there no calling him a hypocrite especially since he himself admitted assault. It's this men protecting men at the expense of women. For someone who claims to not be a republican you have a lot of common GOP talking points.
  6. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    I never said I was OK with Bill's issues. What I said is that Hillary has nothing to do Weinstein and to bring it up is ludicrous. What politician doesn't want my source of income taken away? Why are you so concerned about the policy of the woman who lost? That's confusing, especially since you seem to like to play the blame game. If you're so concerned about men's records why not start with the man in the oval office? The man whose divorce records are sealed because he abused his ex wife. The pussy grabber, the Ivanka lover, the man who cruised dressing rooms at pageants, the man who has been accused time and time again. The man who openly admitted it? I'd honestly rather not have made this a conversation about politics. The Weinstein thing is a big deal and a opportunity to talk about the nasty things that women face in their lives but instead some not very accomplished troll wanted to make it about Hillary. To me that's repulsive, it says to me that some people care more about smearing a woman they don't know than actually caring about the situation and all the real victims it created. We have powerful men taking advantage every single day but let's single out a woman whose husband cheated on her. But if you really want to examine why a woman stays with a man who cheats or abuses then let's do that. We live in a society that adds value to a woman based on who she is married to. Hillary's 40+ year career has always been overshadowed and she always just been Bill's wife who should answer for his mistakes. Making a woman suffer for her husband's mistakes just perpetuates systematic oppression of women.
  7. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Show Bill's record? Hillary has zero to do with this situation but you too try hard to make it about a woman when it's about a man who is a serial predator. You made up a point for Mr. Pink. That wasn't his point. Bunch of you around here are serial cheaters I guess it's all the fault of your wives and we should talk about that instead. It also seems you're conflating abuse with cheating. Hypocritical is using the abusiveness of a man to point fingers at a woman. Attacking Hillary for Weinstein's problems was a Fox News talking point. Who has anything to say about this?? Nothing? The late night comedians and the news aren't hypocrites. And funny when people want to list predators they leave off names Roger Ailes or Bill O'Reilly. Now that's some hypocritical shit. If immoral behavior is such a problem for you then why no go after all those that are creeps?
  8. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    LOLOLOLOL, that's funny. If you have such a problem with Bill's sexual indiscretions why are you bringing up his wife? Misogyny maybe? Hillary has zero to with Harvey Wenstein being a serial predator. Meanwhile the man who was elected was caught on tape admitting he's an abuser it's cool though. Locker room talk is apologist talk.
  9. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    You obviously forgot the whole "grab em by the pussy" from BLOTUS. The biggest hypocrites are those who mention Hillary when predator in chief admitted it out loud. Am I shocked that a man with a lot of power abused it? Fuck no just disgusted.
  10. Cause every good drama has one

    Oh she's has better songs for exes!
  11. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    Beat me to it. Separate devices. Facebook and FB messenger want all the permissions on your phone. It wants access to photos, numbers, call logs, texts, camera. Don't even download the app on business phones. It's a giant pain in the ass though to maintain two phones and for us providers it's really helpful if the business phone is a smart phone which is more expensive and suspicious.
  12. Has anyone seen....

    But so much happened and all along there were little clues as to what was going to happen in the end. No action really for long spurts but time reflective thought.
  13. Has anyone seen....

    It's on PBS. You should be able to watch online and or via cable
  14. No towels!

    It's whatever. It just seem ridiculous to me to stress over a towel when all one had to do was ask. Like you said it's not rocket science. And hell no I don't leave all my towels out. I have seen far too many dudes wipe their dicks on towels, bath robes etc.. But I get it some guys just can't pass up a chance to speculate and accuse providers of anything, even as ridiculous as not having a towel.