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  1. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    Skipping it this year. Last year was beyond crowded and uncomfortable. I actually find the cost of entry to be quite reasonable considering everything that's available. A one day ticket for Friday is only $38 and three day tickets although long sold out were only $82. In years past I have bought and shared the weekend pass with others that want to go. The autographs can get pricey and some are worth the price but not the time some of the lines are hours long. Last year when Stan Lee was there people were forking over hundreds to get a just a minute with him. The year the Firefly cast was there was also insane, they had their own private tent so no one would hover. It gets chaotic. There also ways to enjoy DCC without going. There are tons of parties and special events that take place over that weekend. Lannie's has done super hero burlesque shows, costume parties and things of the like. For nerdy events outside of comic con, always check Event Brite, Alamo Drafthouse and oddly enough the Tattered Cover. The Alamo and Tattered Cover are co-hosting an event with Bruce Campbell in September. Tattered Cover will be hosting a signing of his new book and the Alamo will be showing the preview of the new season of Ash Vs Evil Dead. It's gonna be groovy.
  2. off the clock time and extended dates

    No one did that. I have no message.
  3. off the clock time and extended dates

    Nope I wasn't the one that turned it into a shit show. I respectfully disagreed with Stevie. Please show me how I hijacked by keeping it on topic? I was trying to salvage your thread because it was turning into the opposite of what you intended. If you intended it to be a thread about guys who don't see the value in paying for extended dates then you succeeded but don't me mistaken it wasn't me who threw your thread off track. The shit show began Melissa thought it was cool to openly insult me and then everyone piled including you, you who always tells everyone to play nice.
  4. off the clock time and extended dates

    Why would this have been made it's own thread? I didn't start this thread I am not the author I replied to Laci's thread so why is it now two threads?
  5. off the clock time and extended dates

    How about all you Lucy haters actually try a different approach and try and have a conversation? You all are so comfortable running your mouths about me but you never really do it at me. So your assumptions are your own and it's not really me who needs to change when none of you make any effort and are so quick to jump one the hateful Lucy bandwagon. There is zero incentive for me to change when you all feel that these shaming threads are necessary. Why should I engage if you don't? I attack ideas you all are comfortable attacking people. Maybe it really isn't me that needs to reevaluate.
  6. off the clock time and extended dates

    I did respectfully disagree, show me the insults? And it is a personal attack but it's cool because that's the rule. I was on topic you all turned this into a Lucy is a bitch thread. I am well aware of what I post and I am well aware of the even harsher insults and entire threads devoted to Lucy hating for voicing my opinions. Like I've already said to Melissa, you're free to ignore my opinions. Or if you feel the need to type out some diatribe you can send it to me personally. I am well aware of what I post and what I say. I am very careful when I choose my words. Sorry that when you guys don't agree with me that this is your response but never forget that turning it into and insult filled "argument" wasn't done by me. I don't apologize for the stance I take because all I really care about are providers being safe and prosperous.
  7. off the clock time and extended dates

    LOL ok you don't like my opinions feel free to move on. This is a discussion board is it not? Maybe take your own advice and mind my business. I didn't address you personally or mention your name so why do you feel the need to call me out? I'm not wondering why I have cancellations and no shows and based on that thread I am definitely not the only one but kudos to you for trying to use it as an insult. That was a little judgemental was it not? You also pretty much said what I already said that we are more than just services and deserve to get paid for them.That there are discounted rates for longer sessions. You charge your friends like I charge my friends so tell me what exactly your problem is? I get that it's cool to hate on Lucy but do you even know why you're doing it? I don't need to schmooze, if that's you're choice great but I don't do it. But again thanks for the judgement. If schmoozing got me 500 million I'd do it but I'm not schmoozing to get someone to pay my regular rate. If you want to give it up for free that's fine but that's not my choice so again take your own advice and maybe don't tell people what to do? Are you getting the point? You just did exactly what you told me not to do and were really rude about it too. Maybe there wouldn't be arguments if you weren't there in every thread telling me what a bitch I am. Thanks to you this turned into an I hate Lucy thread. So how about instead of you telling me how wrong you think I am you actually engage in a conversation instead of posting insults for the likes. There is a mute button and anyone who doesn't like what I have to say is free to use it or engage in conversation but throwing out insults is not the way to do it.
  8. off the clock time and extended dates

    You're conflating personal friends with business friends. I'm perfectly chill, I just refuse to give away my product for free. I also will keep insisting that money spent is for time and companionship. Why would I want to spend off the clock time with a guy who thinks I'm only worth the hour donation but wants to take several hours of my time. That's not what friends do. Yes my business is about money, how often do you work for free? And when do you suggest these free meetings take place? During my working hours so I can give up paying clients or during my personal free time? The time I spend with my partner and family? And what do I tell my partner? "I'm gonna go hang out with this dude for the next 5 hours but only get paid for one but it's cool because we're friends". How many hours a week am I supposed to devote to every client who wants to take me out to dinner for free? You're argument is very one-sided Stevie. It's only from the perspective of the client and what benefit they might get from it. I'm also cool on not opening my horizon as you say. I have plenty of fun getting paid by clients to do fun things and plenty of fun in my personal life. I have a nice balance.
  9. off the clock time and extended dates

    So you don't want to pay for what is part of our services? But are totally cool with it for free cuz you're already busy and stuff? Why should anyone give anything away for free just to make the paid time better? If you don't want to pay for it fine but it's companionship with a provider should be paid for. I don't want to date anyone so I am not having get to know you drinks off the clock.
  10. So first we have a thread about off the clock time and how so many are cool with it and now we have a thread about extended dates and no one wants to pay for them. I wonder why that is? This group has successfully devalued a product.
  11. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    And look at that, I was right. Reading comprehension FTW.
  12. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    Nope that's not what he said happened. He said it didn't materialize after someone gave him a rate a time and location. It sounds like he never confirmed the date or followed through realizing it was the wrong person.
  13. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    So then did you just not show up? You had a rate a time and location.
  14. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    Why? He texted the wrong number. He doesn't even know who it is. The OP texted a rando, got a rate a time and an address. What else did he want? I don't see that as a no show unless he was the one that didn't show. Why give someone a NCNS review when the client is the one that goofed?
  15. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    My hobby is collecting books and it can get quite expensive. I recently found a gorgeous set of Tolkien books that are missing from my collection but sadly they were out of my price range. So instead of blowing my entire budget I'm going to save my money and hope they're still available when I can afford them. Unfortunately they're being sold online so I can't exactly befriend the seller in hopes that I might get what I want at a discount. You don't have to be rich to have "expensive" hobbies, usually a hobby is a passion that people save money for.