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  1. Eclipse...

    Cool shadows through the trees!
  2. Eclipse...

    have a spare???
  3. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Do you ever listen to people's valid complaints? You can't pretend to be nice when you like to take stabs at people like this. Sorry you think it's negative but those are Trystin's real problems and problems that many of us have. Disrespectful dudes. I know personally that you don't like it when people make commentary on the things and the way you post so why do you feel it's necessary here?
  4. Twitter

    Disagree with this! It's a great place to conduct business. Lot and lots of ladies use it for advertising and lots have been quite successful. Local ladies don't use it as much for advertising but I can think of a few but across the country it's a very popular advertising platform and a great way to meet new clients. Honestly it's just kind of bad advice especially coming from the client perspective. I will agree that it's a fun way of learning and communicate and let people get to know you but is that not itself a form of advertising when people know what you do? I don't specifically advertise but I chat and I flirt and because of that I have gained several new clients. Most providers absolutely use Twitter for business and it's false to claim otherwise and you could be discouraging someone from a great platform. @Sexielexy if you want to see examples of good ways to use Twitter let me know and I will send you handles of other providers to check out so you can see how they use it.
  5. Asian man, white woman porn

    Seriously this is your reply? If non-consensual activities wasn't the question you were asking why did you even type it out? And if it's not question were you just wanting to know about Asian men fucking white women? No one called you a rapist but you sure got defensive. It sounds like you watched so offensive porn got off to it and maybe want to justify it?
  6. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    Bullshit and more bullshit. How about some evidence to back up those claims. The whole damn thing was captured on video. Why does it always have to be about hating Obama and BLM? I don't recall David Duke openly thanking Obama for giving him a platform to take America back. So yeah the dumb "lefty antifa commies" are totally gonna blame Trump. When DAVID DUKE is speaking up for your president and you wanna blame Obama. Jebus is that backwards. "We're going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump, and that's what we believed in, that's why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he's going to take our country back and that's what we gotta do," Duke told reporters on Saturday. Guess what? That picture isn't of antifa commies.
  7. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    Except there have been lots of people who have survived WWII and they're fucking appalled by what's going on. I don't think they're insulted when you call people who want to be Nazi's, Nazis. Why did we even go to war to fight Nazi's only to bring their bullshit ideology back to America and protect it under free speech. I think survivors and veterans are more disappointed than anything. It took America a long time to disavow Nazi's the first time, you'd think it would be easier after all the history crammed down our throats. I guess my perspective is different if we the people care about the survivors of concentration camps we should push back on this shit. Frankly I think it's insulting to defend the free speech of hate groups while using victims. And how are we going to discredit them by letting them speak? These groups are more emboldened than ever before, was this past weekend and conversations like this not enough to make people realize how much America sympathizes with white supremacists? The beliefs of these hate groups are hardly secrets and we have been letting these hate groups roam free for far too long. What I see are hate groups gaming the system, hiding behind free speech while they spend all their time on 4Chan and Reddit making plans and provoking anyone they can. Stashing weapons, encouraging violence and using a car in a terrorist attack. That doesn't seem so pathetic to me. That seems dangerous and threatening. These aren't just a couple hundred inbred idiots. These are college educated idiots with jobs. To discredit them in that way only gives them more power. "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum also expressed alarm at the events and condemned "the violence and neo-Nazi, racist, and antisemitic symbols and language used by some of the participants, including reported chants of, 'The Jews will not replace us.'" "Neo-Nazism in any form is antithetical to American values and has no place in American society," the Washington, D.C., museum said in a statement."
  8. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    If my beliefs were racial cleansing and wanting to repeal the Civil Right Act then yes I would expect to be silenced. It wasn't just one group that had their party trashed. These people keep in contact and plan these things. I suggest watching the little documentary that VICE (the media outlet) made. Saying that Commies are part of the left is part of the bullshit rhetoric that these hate groups want you to believe. Just like they want you to believe that both sides are soooo bad. That's ridiculous.
  9. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    Disagree, I think they broke the terms of their agreement when they said it was a "Taking Back the Right" rally and Nazi's showed up. The mayor in an interview also mentioned that these groups stashed weapons all over the parks. There is a lot of video evidence of these extreme groups trying to incite violence. They didn't want a protest they wanted to incite a riot and they succeeded. I'm getting tired of these both sides and Nazi's have rights too arguments. Maybe I should watch Schindler's List again so I can contemplate both sides of the story. Oskar Schindler today would labeled Antifa Snowflake and Amon Goeth would be mistunderstood and just exercising his rights. Normally I agree with you on the more sensitive issues but this one no way. I don't care about Nazi's right to speak. I don't care to give a platform to people who believe in genocide. We're living in the upside down no reason not to believe that history is trying hard to repeat itself. These groups that are setting up these "protests" are the very heart of white supremacy do you really want to let them speak?
  10. Twitter

    I'll be waiting! I can't wait to get back either
  11. Twitter

    It does both! I have said in other threads the benefits so I'll keep it short. Twitter is fun and if used correctly a great business tool. It's a great way to connect with people in a more real time fashion and have fun while doing it. Connect with other providers and clients and expand. I just got a message from another provider with a price list for Eros ads in every state. I've read a super comprehensive blog on touring Asia. I met a client for a weekend in NYC, there are definitely perks but you have to make the effort.
  12. Twitter

    It takes time and effort, Twitter is all about numbers and how many people are seeing your tweets. I love it and have met a quite a few new clients that I might not have otherwise.
  13. Bp completely removing ad

    That was my initial thought too, I have been cruising the ads and haven't seen anything like that. But I have heard complaints from ladies in other cities that their ads have been removed too. There are definitely others out there that like to flag ads but BP has been so particular lately that my first thought if my ad is pulled is that I broke a rule.
  14. Bp completely removing ad

    Recently and what cities? I think that all the monitoring of the posts is done from the same spot. BP's home base used to be in Dallas. They don't have moderators in the same sense. The rely on keywords and people reporting ads.