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  1. Anyone familiar with the "sukebe chair"?

    I see a lot of dudes wanting this but no offers to buy one for a lady to make it happen? You guys need to step your game up. Prove it's worth the investment.
  2. New Kids on the Block....

    I think majority of them are happily married. I think really people underestimate the power of female fandom.
  3. Hotels

    Gross! Are you 90 and from Vermont? Or even worse...Canadian?
  4. Fun things to do in Denver?

    I have a weakness for the Cherry Cricket, when they get it right it's the best damn burger you've ever had but that only happens like once out of every ten visits. It does have it's charms though and it's a great location I would still recommend.
  5. Fun things to do in Denver?

    You can throw a rock and hit five places in the Denver metro area that have great food and an awesome liquor selection. What are your preferences? Do you like fine dining, pub style, modern and trendy? Anyone coming to Colorado I always suggest My Brother's Bar, it's Denver's oldest bar and they serve up simple but delish burgers in an awesome atmosphere.
  6. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    You first what's your number? How many people do have sex with a week? In your life? It's not anyone's business I think is the point trying to be made.
  7. The Nice Guy

    Chubby chasers aren't a thing because just one chick likes fat dudes. Then there was the Dad Bod phase. Chicks dig husky dudes. Anna Ferris married Chris Pratt while he was still a fatty. I am not slender by any conventional standards but the last dude I dated weighed 280 which is 115lbs more than me.
  8. When a person writes a review THAT NEVER SAW YOU😡

    There is also a Bella in FoCo with recent reviews, where all the reviewer in question reviews seem to come from. Did you ever figure out where you're reference request came from?
  9. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Totally depends on the age of woman you're looking for 😛
  10. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    LOLOLOLOL pulling out the old fart card? That's not how this works. The number of partners I've had is irrelevant unless you are a judgemental asshole. The number of escorts you've seen is also irrelevant. You make your comments sound like the rule of thumb which is exactly what I said. It gives a shitty and false impression to newbies. And if it really isn't the norm why say it at all? Because it's impossible to not throw shade at a high volume ladies. I think you also missed the part in the OP where it was asked what the ladies considered low/high volume. Not clients opinions about high volume ladies.
  11. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Numbers don't matter. That is all. There is no direct answer only opinions. What you've seen and what you expect of high volume providers only hurt the cause. When you say that you expect high volume ladies to be more 3G or clock watchers like someone else mentioned you put that out there for newb clients to read. They take it at face value and the shaming of high volume ladies continues.
  12. All Things Greek

    You people have any beach days planned? Sometimes the most fun is doing nothing at all but enjoying the beach and a cocktail.
  13. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    That's why we keep saying there is no point in putting a number on it. Anyone who is an escort is promiscuous by nature and time in between dicks doesn't erase the many dicks that have been seen before. I personally kind of view the low volume tactic as slut shaming. The number is really no one's business unless it's low because it's seemingly something to be proud of. You generally don't hear providers humble brag about their high number because even here high volume is often looked down upon. I interpret low volume in ads as "I'm a ho but not that much of a ho as the next chick".
  14. Heads Up

    It doesn't need to be advertising for it to be suspicious behavior. Twitter is absolutely invaluable and I am definitely addicted but my problem really is that sex workers keep getting ousted from resources. If we don't push back we're gonna be back on the streets or working entirely by word of mouth referral. Times aren't desperate but they are getting more difficult, losing ad sites losing the ability or increased difficulty in paying for ads ( Bitcoin is not for everyone). AirBnB is another that cracked down on SWs so there goes a reasonably priced option for a working location and there are the banks that offer prepaids that block SWs from using their products. It all ties into the everyone is trafficked BS. If everyone is trafficked then we must be saved from the valuable resources that help keep consenting adults make money and thrive.
  15. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    I am aware of what he meant. My point still stands, there is no first. There is no magical time that the pussy odometer rolls back to zero. It may not be an uncommon wish but it is an uncommon request. The opportunity to be dishonest is huge too. You may be the first client of the day but it doesn't mean that a provider didn't bone her partner that morning or spend all night boning some dude she picked up at a bar.