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  1. Backpage ads Being without net neutrality really does screw us all but this is what's really going to screw up our advertising and most used sites.
  2. FS QV

    I said you were the one yes out of the chorus of nos. If 8 people said don't drink the poison but one person said drink the poison what would you do?
  3. FS QV

    You just called pussy that does that fast food drive thru. Maybe if one is really trying to be jolly the should not be judgmental when telling people to not do that very thing.
  4. FS QV

    Since you seem to lack the reading skills, it's been covered many times on this board that the BP ads are not by choice. So I guess what you're wanting is for us to full on incriminate ourselves with explicit advertising so it's easier for you? Why does anyone need to explicitly advertise when we have reviews anyways? The cycle of information falls on you guys too. There was one reply in favor of FS QV, one and I wouldn't take his word, everyone else had the same sentiment. QV are not they way to get to know a provider and way more often than not they are not FS. It's not a rip-off to only get a HJ in fifteen minutes. And what efforts are you making? All the effort for a QV is made by the provider. Same amount of time and effort spent getting ready for a client that wants to pay the cheapest rate possible. You got your answer and you didn't like it. If you want validation for your choices don't frame it as a question.
  5. FS QV

    But wanting FS QV is cheap! Wanting it all while paying the very least is kind of the definition of cheap. It's especially cheap if you're asking for QVs when they're not advertised.
  6. Backpage ads

    Maybe you found a quirk? It would not let me renew existing ads with text even with a sponsored ad. My guess is it's only a matter of time.
  7. Just gonna put this out there.

    Just have to be careful you don't leave it open to disaster. I personally don't think vagina jokes are funny. They can be traumatizing, you would be shocked at how many people including women don't understand how their own body parts work. Even more shocking how judgmental women can be of other women when it comes to vaginas. Where's the clit jokes and the myth of the female orgasm ruined sexual mentality for women for a long time. These days shaving and squirting are the hot topics and another cause for vagina stress. The author's strong beliefs are justified, people are fools. Just read the comments, mostly from men who don't understand vaginas. "Fine. Leave. I'm sure finding a satisfactory man willing to be a doormat about your lack of hygiene will be a whole lot easier than just doing a little scrubbing down there." Comments just like that, despite the fact the the article spelled out how to properly care for a vagina and that it should have an odor just not a foul one. If in my personal dating life I found myself fucking a dude that didn't understand that vaginas have a scent I would kick him to the curb too. I am too old for nonsense like that. The Daily Mail is also a totally trashy rag.
  8. Just gonna put this out there.

    Yup they do smell but that is not to be confused with stinky. An odorless vagina is an unhealthy vagina. The article was %100 correct I see no cause for discussion unless people want to make smelly pussy jokes.
  9. Backpage ads

    If you switch the view to gallery mode you see pictures instead of just phone numbers.
  10. Backpage ads

    How about in the spirit of the holidays we stop calling people who do things like use BP riff raff? Plenty of ladies around here use it and are facing some real struggles.
  11. Backpage ads

    I guess you'll find out when you search the pictures like I suggested.
  12. RIP: August Ames

    Mob has more than one meaning, she was relentlessly bullied by a mob of assholes.
  13. Traveling the world, where to next?

    Yes to this! Bellevue was fantastic for business. It's like the Denver Tech Center on steroids.
  14. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    Why close it? Let the naysayers be naysayers. No one is really arguing some people just can't resist being nasty. We are all here for different reasons but one of the reasons many come here is to be informed. There aren't many places where we providers can really talk shop. The whole point of my post was to be helpful and it helped so why close it? NO offense but you seem to be more bothered by this than the participants. Providers need knowledge and we should not ask for threads that are informative to be shut down. I'm not stressed are you?
  15. Backpage ads

    Such an expert. Are you saying they don't want to make millions anymore? They're avoiding the law and congress. They're stripping themselves of culpability. It's called adapting. All the data you need is phone number and if that's not enough search the pictures.