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  1. Writing Retreat

    Hi P!!!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten!

    I appreciate you all so much! Thank you <3
  3. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten

    Thank you all! It's feels great to be remembered by old friends.
  4. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    Yes it is, it's not listed for a reason and the reason isn't so that you can ask but because those options don't exist.
  5. CosPlay

    Not even close! The lineup for Denver is way better, Jason Mamoa, Alan Tudyk, Andrew McCarthy, The PInk Power Ranger, David Tennant, Molly Ringwald, Ron Perlman, GoT cast members. Skanky outfits are no longer allowed at Denver Comic Con either, comic con isn't a porn convention.
  6. What's In Your Toolbox?

    Photos are of course important but I think you misunderstood the question. What sort of research do you do when picking a provider and what criteria (aside from physical) must they meet before you book?
  7. What's In Your Toolbox?

    That wasn't really what I meant but good reply anyways. What do you do as a provider to keep your web presence fresh and consistent? How do you project all that you just said to your clients? Like, I like to use my website for both information and specialized marketing and I like Twitter to share my interests. It's in those ways that I filter out my ideal clients without being blunt or seeming exclusionary (which I don't want to do anyways).
  8. What's In Your Toolbox?

    Here's my thing with photos, I have hated every singe pro shoot I've had. I have yet to meet a photographer that knows how to showcase full-figured bodies. I like my selfies because I know my best angles and those are the photos that make me feel sexy. I do like to see good pro photos myself but I know as the person who has to advertise those photos if you're uncomfortable with them it comes with a lack of confidence. Back on topic, these are the answers I was looking for. With the deciding to walk thread and the "horror" stories of bait and switch it made me curious as to what metric clients use to decide on a provider. Looking at the replies it looks like some clients need to beef up on their research skills. I think it's also time to expand as times have changed. I think if a provider doesn't have a presence outside of reviews and ads then maybe take a pass. I can't lie, it's also a passive aggressive attempt to get local ladies to step up their game a bit. If you're not a survivalist sex worker then you should be investing in your business. If this is your sole source of income then you should at minimum have a website. It can be difficult and expensive but there are lots of tools out there and more and more services being offered by fellow people in the industry.
  9. What's In Your Toolbox?

    Attraction is obvious but do you vet providers based on looks? The shift in perspective comes when you know what it is your looking for and what ways you can find it out. Yes reviews are helpful but it's information about us providers that doesn't come from us. Personally I think there should be a balance in the information you collect, some should be from fellow clients and the rest from the provider herself. See if the information contradicts itself. If reviews say a provider is bubbly does her online presence match? Since it seems you travel far to meet providers I would guess you put more effort into the research. Don't just research validity, research compatibility. You like her pics but do you like her ads? If she has a website does it appeal to you? Does she have twitter or a blog? The best encounters come from those that do that kind of research. It might also be worth considering taking a pass on a provider if she doesn't have any sort of web presence beyond reviews. I would think it's hard to get a feel from a person when the don't offer a lot of insight to who they are and what their business is about. When you refine your searches and up your standards (not that they're low by any means) in your research criteria you will have amazing appointments every time.
  10. What's In Your Toolbox?

    I think you need a shift in perspective, there are a ton of good resources but it depends on the information you're looking for. What information are you looking for before you book?
  11. What's In Your Toolbox?

    Nothing really beyond that? No websites? I know there have been times that one off reviewers have been self reviews but so very many are legitimate. Traveling guys will often post one off reviews because this is the local site. Personally I think prolific reviewers can be iffy too. I would imagine the guys that write copy and paste glowing reviews for everyone make it more complicated.
  12. Potential clients what's in your toolbox when searching a prospective provider and what criteria do you like them to meet before booking? Do they have to have a website? Reviews within a certain time frame? Do you look for any sort of web presence? I want to hear what you use to verify your providers not just for validity but compatibility. Providers, the reverse question. What do you do to keep your presence fresh?
  13. hooker heroines

    Yes that's Roz Doyle. Sex workers have a long history of improving the quality of life for those around them.
  14. Traveling ladies

    TOB started as a just for CO forum and transformed into a nationwide site but didn't really catch on. Most sites are regional.
  15. Deciding to walk.

    But that's the thing it's not just an individual thing. If it was just occasionally that guys felt deceived I wouldn't think this was that big of a problem. Learning has to happen from all angles. Clients need to recognize when they are judging too harshly and be kind when pointing it out and providers need to understand honesty in advertising. Walking out on someone and taking all your cash TBH only makes you look like a dick, especially like I stated when clients walk out and don't really say why. You walk out leaving someone short on cash and the impact isn't what you think. It's punitive not constructive. Walking out and taking money with you to me raises a whole lot of other issues too. There isn't much that's more stress inducing to give your location to a client to have them show up and leave. Doesn't honestly matter the reason why, extra stressful again if they don't really give a reason. There isn't an excuse that these guys haven't used to harass us. There are address collectors, bullies and stalkers and they've all used the you don't look like your pictures line to try and be manipulative. Clients have got to own their part when things go south, this is a common problem. Again deception is a problem but too many guys think with the little head and make choices based on that while ignoring the resources available. Shit behavior is never excusable but if I get lazy with screening and an asshole slips through I have to own my part in that and do better in the future.