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  1. Happy Birthday Gr8owl!

    I noticed on @gr8owl's profile it is his birthday today. Happy Birthday!
  2. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    I would like everyone to know that Hobbit has quoted or tagged me 5 times in the past several days. Digging up old posts I have made, and then visiting my profile when I have ignored all his hateful words. This is cyber-stalker behavior! Hobbit has never me. He knows nothing about me. I do hope the powers that be, will stop forum posters from verbally attacking women. I will be saying Good Bye now to the forum. No one needs this negativity in their lives.
  3. Just trying to find the happy medium

    Oh Brother 🙄let me see if I can stop laughing long enough to reply. It is such a turn off to hear a guy going on about his stamina. Yawn. If you are doing it right, a woman should be able to climax way way more than once or twice. A full hour of GREAT sex should have a woman climaxing at least 6 or more times. Maybe work on transferring that "climatic energy" 🤣 a little more The brain is the largest erogenous zone in most intelligent people! There is nothing sexy about a guy walking in, and not wanting to have a conversation first. That is not romantic at all. "it feel like I'm cheating myself trying to make it go faster" You are cheating yourself 🤣 🤣🤣 I think I see the problem. This is about you. Do remember a provider might have to work the next day. An hour of pounding could leave a woman sore the next day, causing her to miss out on another paying client. I have a solution for you though. Just make sure you buy one that doesn't talk. Thanks for the laugh with my morning coffee!!
  4. Sinéad O'Connor

    Very true She was not dealt a good hand from the start that is for sure. Mental health issues can be acquired from abuse when young. She wasn't going into the death of her son mentally healthy or physically healthy (a major botched surgery in the past). A perfectly healthy person can break when their offspring dies The mental anguish is never ending. Broken heart syndrome is real also called Stress Cardiomyopathy. There is NO bigger stress on the body than losing an offspring. It is an isolating trauma becoming a grieving parent. People just want you to heal. Some things can not heal. This is one of them. Pain and suffering is pain and suffering, both mentally and physically. There is only so much pain a person should endure. As with all people, she didn't deserve such a painful life or such a tragic end.
  5. Sinéad O'Connor

    This is a quote from Sinéad O'Connor after her son died last year. "Been living as undead night creature since. He was the love of my life, the lamp of my soul. We were one soul in two halves. He was the only person who ever loved me unconditionally. I am lost in the bardo without him." Sinéad O'Connor was a brave and tortured soul. She was the first public person to bring to light the abuse by the church. The ridicule she endured for ringing the alarm way back when. Now it is something that is well known sadly. Kill the messenger for sure... I am sure this was final straw for her I know there are several people here, that are in this crappy club of losing a child. I want all of you to know. I think of all of you often!
  6. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Well let's add this remark to the definition of Misogynist* "I suspect that it is more likely that the providers here that become plain toxic when some man dares disagrees with them". As for the importance of accents/dialects/communication amongst animals. "Overall, studying communication not only gives us insight into the inner worlds of animals, but also allows us to better answer important evolutionary questions. As an example, when two isolated populations exhibit divergence over time in the structure of signals use to attract mates, reproductive isolation can occur." And here if you need a human application too: The study of animal communication is indeed important for comparative analysis of language evolution, most obviously relevant for factors involved in externalization, such as vocal learning, speech perception and gestural communication. Thanks again Kali for posting something fun,and interesting
  7. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Here is the way I see it. Kali tried to post something she found cool and interesting about nature/wildlife. A positive and fun thread. YOU have to jump in, and turn it into something negative. This BS ^^^^ and posts like this from the turds are why there is no more, or hardly anymore women posting to the forum anymore. All the lovely ladies still are out there posting their content, but on their hobby Twitter. Never thought I would say this about social media, but their is less negativity. A more supporting environment for providers/clients on hobby Twitter. Mustang keep this up, and there will be 5 or 6 men on this forum left. Maybe that is what you want. A small group of old dudes that can swirl around in their own negative thoughts. It has longggggg been growing old. Pretty obvious you are not educated beyond your intelligence. @mustang without animals, bugs, all the critters the world would cease to exist! Humans are destroying the earth. We need to understand everything we can about them to preserve the ecosystem. We have ignored the environment to the point of near destruction. Any small tiny thing we can learn adds to the chance for a healthy planet again. @Kali Sensual Reiki It is cool they have accents/dialects. Like people have accents. I know each kind of whale , and even each pod has their own dialect for talking to each other
  8. So Long A Week!

    A sh** show for sure. That being said, each minute with my clients has been a pure joy for me. Your companionship to us, means just as much as our companionship to you It is nothing short of magic that when the world is upside down, two people can make each other smile. Make each other happy for a brief time!
  9. Jasmine injured.

    She was severely injured since last week. Broken shoulder, and pelvis. I can't imagine. She has been a longtime provider! You can read here: Milehi Jasmine (@JasmineMilehi) / Twitter

    Why is the "guilt" getting to the mother, because you are "guessing" it? It is NO ONE'S business how a family chooses to conceive offspring! Why are YOU so concerned about the "Truth"? Who are you to lay moral judgement on anyone Savior Fairy? This is an escort/client forum. Your topic is for a Maury Povich show. Seriously WTH.
  11. Reviews

    This is just a he said/ she said issue. We are not stupid here, all of us can add 2+2. You most certainly could fight it, by sending the proof the the owners/mods of TOB. The mods do NOT get bullied to take down any review. One person had proof, the other did not. Pretty simple. I do know if a provider intimidates a client for a bad review here, if the man sends the evidence to TOB, they will ban her. Outside that, you both are airing dirty laundry on the forum.
  12. Haven't Seen this before.

    Actually, I feel posting about it was proper. The owners, and mods have lives. They can't watch everything 24/7. I feel it was personally okay for @tide32 to make a post. If anything to alert the woman to delete that photo. Things can get into drama if you PM people. Tide did the best he could. She seems like a lovely woman, we all make mistakes. Her new photos, seriously, off the hook!
  13. How to deal with threats! need support.

    I really can't stress this enough. Banning a man off TOB is no punishment, or protection. He can just rejoin under a different email and new handle. I hope you got his RL name to report to the police immediately! Then put his information on the proper blacklists. All the providers that don't know already, need to know. Colorado passed a Safe Reporting Law For Sex Workers. As @gr8owl pointed out earlier in this thread.
  14. Father's Day!

    Wishing all the dads out there, the best day possible. THANK YOU for all you do!
  15. Join the A-Team!

    Why?? I would not want any untrained professional trying to find that location in me Treading into the area around the cervix can be very tender to painful for many women. Instead of reading articles on erogenous zones, just ask each provider to show you where to touch, to get the motor going. Each person is different. I have no problem telling a gent exactly what I enjoy