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  1. So what's a "spinner"?

    Under 5'5" weight under 115 lbs.
  2. Phoenix and Scottsdale

    Talking Stick Resort was a good time.
  3. Remember going to everyone of the 2007 Rockies home playoff games. Even went to the home game where the Rockies clinch a playoff spot against the Padres. Then the joke of trying to get the once in a lifetime World Series tickets. Also remember taking one of the ladies on the board to her first baseball game, her first game and she got to see the New York Yankees. One of the Rockies batters got hit by a pitch, told her next inning one of the Yankees was going to get hit by a pitch, of course next inning a Yankee was hit by a pitch, she asked how did you know that, told her that was a given. Frank Robison was the Baltimore Orioles back in the day.
  4. Last Minute Cancellation

    It is what it is, I was cancelled on today, not short notice, 3 hrs to be exact. What was the best part and made my day was her response, love a lady with a good sense of humor. Her kiddo was real sick, vomiting bad. Her FYI read I would much rather be with you than vomit. Let her know I certainly hope so, told her that was the best compliment I have had in awhile. Life and shit happens sometimes.
  5. In praise of the traveling girl

    I have had some occasions with some traveling ladies that it happen to be around lunch or dinner time. Have had some invitations accepted for lunch or dinner without any adding on. Guess nobody likes eating alone especially out of towners. Had a few actually buy me lunch or dinner, in a round about way. Lol.
  6. No AA?

    Just like it is your dime and your time, same applies for the ladies. Do I think that is right, no, but who am I to say who someone should see or not. You sound like a proud man, suck it up and move on.
  7. Well, It finally happened

    Driving all that way personally would have had a back up plan.
  8. Horror Movies

    The classic.
  9. Tongue twisters

    DATY , Lol
  10. Feet

    To each their own.
  11. Funny things our animals do...

    Nick nack patty whack, gave the dog several bones.
  12. Funny things our animals do...

    Once had a dog that a stray kitten came into his pen and started helping herself to his food with him. The funny thing is, they got to be buddies and actually slept like this. The mailman actually took a pic of it. Another dog, which a lady I used to see had a pretty good sized dog, one time brought it a bone. From that time on every time I would come over, the dog would actually block me from going into any other room until I gave him a bone.
  13. Great day for homemade chili

    Made me some Miso soup, during this recent cold spell. Tasty stuff also a very good probiotic.