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  1. Making Love vs. Sex

  2. What's your pump up theme song?

  3. Question for the Gents

    I definitely do not care for booking assistants, Recently with a visiting provider, who has a booking assistant scheduled a time with the lady personally via text. Earlier sent a request via 411. Happened to check on 411, got a reply saying that time was not available. Had to get back with the lady and find out what was going on.
  4. New friendships

    If I deciphered your question correct, you have asked a lady to give you a reference, then she gave you the cold shoulder. IMO I think she is not happy because you probably will not be seeing her exclusively. Guess I should have read the post above mine. Lol.
  5. Next Month is my Birthday

    Threesome FMF, one of the best birthday presents.
  6. Too be cont...... handles

    I tell them I go by the man, the myth, the legend, geecue, on tob. Also tell them my first name if they ask. Also tell them I am modest. Lol.
  7. What would you do ?

    Tried my system on last night powerball numbers, did not have the powerball this time, but I did have the numbers 45 and 56 on all ten of my picks. Did not hit a single 3 number winner. Ain't that a bitch. Will do it again this Saturday night since no one hit the jackpot.
  8. What would you do ?

    Wasted a lot more money on certain things, lol. I had a feeling the mega ball would be either 5 or 24, have one ticket with all 5 mega ball picks number 5, lol, did not hit a single other number though.
  9. What would you do ?

    The odds right now are 1 in 303 million of hitting the jackpot. I look at it this way, if you do not play your odds are 0 in 303 million.
  10. What would you do ?

    Actually got some tickets for a partial tip today. That would be so cool, saying yeah I left a 1.6 billion dollar tip. Lol.
  11. Nuru Oil Or Sub?

    The real Nuru gel or liquid is made from seaweed extract. Have had a session with the real stuff. Slickest, sexiest experience.
  12. What would you do ?

    Next drawing Oct 23, 2018 Current estimated jackpot $1.60 billion I did not want to win just 1 billion dollars anyway
  13. What would you do ?

    Current estimated jackpot $1 billion Good thing my karma is good this week. My last appt. lady standing at intersection needing help. Drove by and handed her a bill, looked in my rear view mirror, see her looking at the bill and she throws me a kiss.
  14. Happy Birthday Just Jos