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  1. Houston board

    Yup main board for Texas.
  2. How or why does a So-So review get removed?

    Since you are asking this I take it, it was not your review. The mods, I am sure had a good reason. You can pm one of the mods, I guess if you really need to know, do not know if you would get an answer.
  3. BBBJ and DFK

    Some ladies do not like to DFK, remember Pretty Woman, the movie, at first she would not kiss on the lips. Not trying to be a dick but do you have fresh breath, teeth brushed.
  4. Where my A's and B's at?

    Abigail Foxx
  5. Can we visit....

    Still remember the time I logged in and thought there was a new section to tob, really did not read the title of the section. Opened it up and naturally started reading it, it was the provider only forum, for some strange reason there was a glitch and I was able to read it. Got banned from tob, they thought I hacked into it, took alot of convincing that was not the case.
  6. Backpage escort section gone

    Another thing if you look to see who is on line, been a long time since there has been close to 100 people logged on for most of the day, a lot of new people.
  7. Birthday announcements???

    Happy birthday Melissa
  8. Colorado Springs TOB'ers

    Welcome to the board , hope you find what your looking for.
  9. Hellooooo

    Hello Sabrina, welcome back.
  10. Merry Holidays ...

  11. Love SoCal

    Merry Christmas to tob's Cali cutie.