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  1. My jam

  2. Is there a BMW mechanic in the house?
  3. Shilling?

    It used to be you would have to wait 4 months.
  4. Best provider for UTF

    The ones that can take the chrome off a trailer hitch ball.
  5. Outcall advice and DTC glut

    The one thing I do is ask the lady where the elevator's are if I have never been to the hotel before.
  6. Blacklisting?

  7. Asking for less...

  8. Apologies to BBB

    LMAO , what is this true confessions. I am sure BBB would accept your apology if you took care of his next appointment for him.
  9. Apologies to Lucy kitten

    Well since you got no response back, I would just move on and chock it up to an experience learned. If Lucy was willing to work something out she would have got back to you I am sure.
  10. Bad boy reports

    Well one good thing these two guys have you as a reference now.
  11. Best Part of Colorado?

    Love playing golf courses in or near the mountains. What a view, Arrowhead golf course remember bouncing a ball off the big rocks and landing on the green. Marianned Buttes hole 11, shot is almost straight downhill. Closest coming to a hole in one in a tournament no less. One golf ball away from the hole.
  12. SuperBowl Food...

    Pizza, wings, big home made sub sandwiches.
  13. Clients who are late?

    Only been late once to an appointment, was 10 mins late, ATF jokingly said she was ready to put out an APB.
  14. One of those weeks

    One time had 3 no shows in one day, the 2nd and third ones were short notice. All I could do after the third one was laugh.

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