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  1. What to do in Boulder?

    Back in the 80's used to party on the Hill or the Pearl Street Mall, do not know what is like nowadays.
  2. ID Rant

  3. I am Curious Yellow…

    I have used ECCIE on occasions, lol. A lot of visiting ladies post there, not realizing that tob is the Denver and Colorado board.
  4. Don't think reviews are important?

    Ok, catch 22.
  5. Don't think reviews are important?

    Yes reviews do help, surprised she still has a profile on tob, TOB ladies are usually always legit.
  6. Don't think reviews are important?

    Lol, well at least she has got her name right.
  7. The best kisser

    Celeste, Abigail Fox, retired Wonder, Daisy.
  8. 4th of July fun

    Barbecue, then Rockies game.
  9. Public Apology

    Welcome back.
  10. Best Movie Scene

    Really no favorite but I think this would work.
  11. When doing doubles...

    No never have, remember one duo, that were worried they were paying too much attention to each other. Let them know, I will jump in when I am done watching. I think it is time for a threesome soon.
  12. Recommended doubles?

    Laci French and Elle Belle, remember to take your vitamins before hand and recommend vitamins A thru Z.
  13. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Bobby kept going lower and then said out loud this is delicious. Tasty replied, no this is tasty, so he had to check how tasty Delicious was. He went back and forth from tasting Delicious and seeing how delicious Tasty was. Then suddenly ..........
  14. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    Hmmm, have gone to dinner and movie, Rockies game off the clock before, naturally took care of all expenses like a so called regular date. Have to say really had a wonderful time in both instances. A lot better then some of my regular so called dates.