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  1. Football season is here

    Nice to know there are two good college football teams in Colorado this year . Go buffs.
  2. Football season is here

    When I heard Dejon was hired as head coach for the Buffs and was brining his son as quarterback, watched him in a game at Jackson St. knew he was going to light it up at CU. Went and bought me prime shirts also bought gold chains , you can’t wear prime time gear without the gold chains 🤣🤣 Go Buffs
  3. When I hit the one billion dollar powerball , will be going on a world tour.
  4. Go Nuggets 2023

    What I love is all the so called experts are always picking against the Nuggets.
  5. legs, legs, legs

  6. New to tob

    Welcome to the board
  7. Are you ready for spring

    Definitely ready for spring.

    Nice to hear you are doing ok Bob. Never did get the opportunity to see Monica.
  9. Colorado College football

    Since the Broncos are going downhill have gotten some Prime Time, CU shirts. Also ordered a gold neck chain, figured you had to have a gold chain to wear with the Prime Time shirts. 😁😁
  10. Missed retired providers

    Wonder, Meagan Rae,Stacy Carlson, Abigail Fox, Brielle Paige, Olivia Grace, Justina Carter, Sweet Bailey, Mya Mylanna.
  11. Colorado College football

    Already getting 5 star recruits committing to CU. His son looks like he is a very good quarterback. Prime time will make the up coming seasons interesting.
  12. Favorite Female Body Pary

    Sexy legs and the sexiest curve on a lady her smile.😁
  13. New To The Board!

    Welcome to Colorado and Denver.
  14. Price of Gasoline

    Going to date myself, can remember when I first started driving you could fill your gas tank for under $8.00 those were the days. Gas prices have not slowed me down hobbying wise yet.