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  1. Hottie at the King Soopers

    Walking downtown one night, happen to notice a hot lady walking towards me, when we got close looked up and it was a provider, she gave me a big hug, we were both alone. Funny thing we were both going to the same party.
  2. Beautiful

    Yes indeed.
  3. Any big butts in Denver???

    The hobby according to FD 57.
  4. Questions from a newbie

    P 411 is the easiest way. If you do not want to go that way, be polite, be yourself, follow her rules, we all had to go through this starting out.
  5. Quick etiquette question

    Take it over, tell her sorry opened it by mistake, then ask her if she needs any help with them.
  6. My Rant…

  7. Happy St Patricks Day!

  8. Time to bust my cherry...

    Hobby well and prosper.
  9. Freezing

    Yup spring time in the rockies, one fourth of July in the mountains, it was snowing.
  10. My Very First Car Wash

  11. Reviews

    Well one good thing is, according to your statistics, you are constantly improving, which is a good thing in my opinion .
  12. Any big butts in Denver???

  13. Question for the gents.....

    If more ladies would have an attitude like yours, the hobby would be a lot better place.
  14. Question for the gents.....

    Very nice and understandable.