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  1. TOB for male providers

    Here is a pic from my website.
  2. Visual turn ons

  3. The olympics...TOB style

    Women's Super G spot
  4. What Constitutes a “no show”

    Same thing for me almost but it takes me about an hr to get south. Normally I will let them know that I am an hour away. I usually confirm 2 hours in advance. If no reply not going to drive all that way. In my opinion if she would have confirmed an hour before then you drove down and nothing, then I would consider it a NCNS. JMO. Remember what they say about assumption.
  5. Superbowl

  6. Superbowl

    Oh yeah, what a comeback, won final scores of both of my pools.
  7. Superbowl

    Dam missed field goals and extra points are killing me on my pools.
  8. New Accronyms!

    KLADF--Kisses Like A Dead Fish SLT-Smells Like Tuna NTWB- Needs To Wash Balls
  9. years on TOB

  10. Flu bug

    Never used to until I read how many germs are on the handles of shopping carts, especially during the flu season.
  11. New

    Welcum to tob.
  12. New Here!

    Welcome to tob.
  13. Flu bug

    I always get a flu shot, even if you do get some sort of bug, it is less severe.
  14. Provider's with sports knowledge

    I know this does not help now, but there was a provider who is retired now that really knew her football. Chatting with her it surprised me what she knew about game but also all the details about the game. She had only one flaw in her football knowledge, she was a New England Patriot fan.