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  1. Hi, I'm April, nice to meet you all! EOM

    Welcome to the board April.
  2. Dinner with client for free?

    Have gone to dinner and lunches with ladies off the clock before, without extras after. Traveling ladies are usually here alone, after several appointments if it was around lunch or dinner have gone with them to eat.
  3. Brand New To The Website

    Welcome Rebecca.
  4. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    I do not call myself a hobbyist or would I consider a Philandering Philanthropist. I would just call myself horny.
  5. 2 Girl Fantasy

  6. Hello From Houston!

    Welcome Reese, come on in, the water is fine.
  7. Personally always have loved the short black dresses with nylons or just showing off their legs.
  8. Spring has Sprung!

    Oh yeah.
  9. Hmmm WWIII

  10. Hmmm WWIII

    U.S. May Launch Strike If North Korea Reaches For Nuclear Trigger
  11. Hmmm WWIII

    Tensions soar as US, North Korea rattle sabers Does not matter, Democrats, Republicans.
  12. Hmmm WWIII

    Thank you for your service, that may be true, but no one recently that would not hesitate to push some buttons.
  13. Hmmm WWIII

    That was my prediction who we would go to war with, when he was elected, sure hope I am wrong.
  14. Hmmm WWIII

    U.S. Navy strike group to move towards Korean peninsula: U.S. official
  15. any Swallowers?

    Lol, yes it amazes me about the new thread police.