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  1. Do you see it?

    Lol, that is the first thing I seen.
  2. Am I the only one who wonders....

    A lot of the ladies nowadays do not want any details in a review. You can always pm the reviewer, have had a lot of pms about reviews. BR hobby well and prosper.
  3. Happy Birthday Zelda

  4. What would you do? Would this be rude?

    One time in the early years contacted a so called lady, she seemed very nice on the phone and feminine. When I got to the incall and the door opened there was a guy in drag, even had a 5 o'clock shadow. Told him seriously dude, all he says is, what. Thought to myself should bitch slap this guy. No, do not want to have the police called, someone seeing me bitch slapping this guy or worse yet getting my ass kicked. Yes definitely left, like one of those dogs in a cartoon, yipping with my tail tucked between my legs. Yes by all means leave. Lol.
  5. DiGiorno and Wine Selection

  6. Take a shower, it's summer!

    This thread reminds me of the classic thread, Wash your ass. Lol.
  7. Lucky photographer

    Still remember one time, just finished a threesome and the ladies wanted me to take pics for them. The only time I had to leave. Still haunts me to this day.
  8. Hose and Heels?

    Oh yeah.
  9. Zodiac Signs

    Pisces and Rooster.
  10. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸
  11. Happy 4th Holiday Everyone

    Happy 4th of July tomorrow everyone. Always brings back memories, my dad never believed in so called fireworks. He would get us. All equivalent to a 1/4 stick of dynamite, lol, them were the days.
  12. Favorite snack

  13. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸

    This song always comes to mind after an appt.
  14. Favorite snack

  15. Never Gambling again. Lol!

    First vacation went to Scottsdale Arizona, stayed at a casino there. Losing my ass, until I signed up and played in a daily poker tournament. Made the final table and came out ahead for the trip. Gambling, company of a fine lady from the area. Best way to come out ahead in any casino I would say. Happy late birthday.