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  1. Pegging in DTC

    Look for a sexy lady that is into pegging for tonight in DTC.
  2. "Owns Toys"

    Kandi Apple, I don't mean to be a time waster. I did reach out to you on twitter once, and you responded to me asking if you enjoyed strap by saying "As long as you lick it before I stick it!" Call me a moron if you'd like, but I didn't want to try to make an appointment if I didn't know for sure what your interest are. I'm in the mountains a couple hours from Denver so didn't want to waste your time if you were uncomfortable sharing your interest. You are right as far as me never finding and booking an appointment through here, but I have booked successfully when I travel to NYC and SF. Also, I am trying to learn as much as I can about strap-on/pegging, and I am actually compiling a list of providers who are into it to make it easier for people to find. Yes, I thought that 'owns toys' would mean into pegging/strap-on, but I have reached out to several providers whose P411 site says 'Owns Toys' and who told me they aren't into strap play/pegging, which is why I posted the question. Also, Kandi, I will, in the future, be explicit when I'm just researching vs. booking because I could see how it could be a time waster if a provider thought I was trying to book.
  3. "Owns Toys"

    Providers, what does it mean on P411 when a provider says "Owns Toys?" Does that mean they are into strap-on play.
  4. I notice on many P411 profiles the lady has written "Own Toys." What is this an example of?
  5. Strap-on Pegging

    Of course a girl's perspective is welcome, and it is great to hear that you seem to really enjoy the strap-on experience. Also, Badboy, I'm just super attracted to a woman who can take charge and be sensual... Kyla sounds amazing and I can't wait to meet her...
  6. Strap-on Pegging

    Badboy, I guess a real part of it is that it is coming from a woman, not just something up an ass. I'm new to this, but there is something sexy to me about the woman being in charge for once and submitting to a REAL female.
  7. As a newbie, this is very helpful! What if you are interested in a certain activity, like strap-on play? Any way to find that out without being sexually suggestive?
  8. Strap-on Pegging

    Looking for ladies in Colorado who love strap play. Anyone out there?