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  1. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    I used the girlsoffices site and i had no trouble setting up an appointment with Shu. The booker got back to me in a very timely manner and gave me detailed instructions. Shu was definitely fun to visit. I look forward to seeing the other ladies on the site when they visit Denver.
  2. Favorite places an must see wonders of Denver

    Go down to Glenwood Springs to check out the hot springs as well as Hanging Lake. Hanging Lake is scheduled to reopen June 25 and I know you will have to get a reservation to visit it.

    Mine happened last summer. I was driving my friend and her son, and her parents. We were stopped at one of the lights for merging from one highway to another. I saw a semi with 20+ foot trailer barreling towards us and I couldn’t move forward or sideways. I knew it couldn’t stop in time and didn’t know what else to do but watch. But somehow he managed to verve into the shoulder just enough so that he missed us. The front of the semi stopped to the right of the car even with the edge of the back seat. We would have been crunched between it and the car ahead of us. I didn’t even get to say anything because the traffic finally moved. I never said anything to anyone else in the car and they never knew how close we were to being in a major accident.
  4. Another headscratcher

    Doesn’t matter when you learned mathematics, you should have been taught the order of operations in the form of PEMDAS. Parentheses first, then any exponents, then multiplication and division as a group going from left to right and finally addition and subtraction as a group going from left to right. So 8➗2x(2+2) would then become 8➗2x(4) next would be the division and multiplication going left to right so you do the division first getting 4 and now the equation is 4x(4) and finally that multiplication results in the answer of 16 Sorry for being so long winded but it’s the math teacher in me!
  5. Riddle me this Batman...

    You are forgetting the order of operations PEMDAS. Parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division then addition and subtraction. So while there is no parentheses around the multiplication you still have to do that multiplication before you add.