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  1. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    things suck! layoffs are affecting some sectors, food and rent are more expensive ... people are basically cutting back on somethings ... hobby is probably getting affected as well.
  2. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    you are going to thank me later for that!
  3. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    I know ... damn it (was tight on $) and the it got hard to book with her.
  4. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    this Jasmine was amazing ... I really miss her too. she was based on CS and visit Denver on a regular basis. I still remember scheduling with her my first appt just to get a no show in the middle of the night. I was pissed so I messaged her the next day on tob. she promised to make it up to me. she came over and the she just kept reaching out every time she was in town ... I always got a special rate and I always enjoyed her as a person I wish she was still around ... she had a friend called Natasha based in CS as well.
  5. 411: Dirty Blonde

    new name new home towns ... total BS. this is a no no
  6. Dirty Blonde 412-240-1040 Colorado Companion anyone seen this lady? she has Denver as home in her Tryst profile but no reviews or other posts anywhere. she does not mention services anywhere either. appreciate any feedback
  7. Saw a couple posts and reviews of this babe in OH2 and noticed that she is apparently from Denver (not sure because some profiles I found say Dallas but posts say visiting fron Denver) I am just wondering if anyone actually ever saw her in town :
  8. I was just looking around and stumbled on Jessie Jameson. I never saw her. what a regret. but her smile was amazing, it makes me happy to just see it. I miss a lot of ladies that were are around but can no longer be found ... let's see who you boys miss around here at TOB. no fights please😉
  9. The Happy Hobbit

    look, I am not interested in you. please stop tagging me on shit you imagine. I do not want to curse, so please leave me at peace. if you are at war with someone leave me out of it please. please. please. please.
  10. Review Comment Option

    So, I basically noticed some reviews that don't make sense. I looked one of the reviews and picked the phone number and googled it. found the same number with 10s of photos and 10s of different names ... I think we all do our DD before jumping on a new experience. however, reviews are supposed to be helpful and make the process of selecting a provider easy. I think TOB like other hobby boards may want to allow post review conversations. that we may either complement the reviewer or call them out when posting something that is suspicious (within a limited window as it may get out of hands sometimes) what do you, ladies & gents, think?
  11. STD’s on the rise in Colorado

    You are on strong stuff for sure! this board is not just for you, Its a platform for everyone but u have to jump on someone just because you dont like what they say. I see many Karens around in the real world but I never expected a provider to be one given her role is to spread joy while collecting a buck. on another note what you said makes total sense but only to those on the same stuff as you which I am not. one thing I would recommend is to never reply to someone because you do not like what they are saying out there. just move on which is what I am gonna do to keep my sanity. who argues with a crazy or high or drunk person anyways?
  12. STD’s on the rise in Colorado

    what you talking about? I really think you are on something strong. first you accused me of judgement, I still don't know of who exactly? yes I saw 2 ladies within days of each other ( I am not a rabbit, I know how to narrow down my shit) but I did not give any names what so ever (its not you coz you are not my type) you replied generalizing. something that did not make sense. and now you are coming up with some new shit ... youreally need to get off whatever you are on!
  13. STD’s on the rise in Colorado

    still don't see where is any shaming or anyone mentioned in particular. however, if you intended a general contribution to the thread, you would not have quoted my words and give them a meaning they do not carry. and feel free to add another negative reputation
  14. STD’s on the rise in Colorado

    where do you see any judgement?