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  1. Alright ladies, what's with the hair extensions?

    As a girl who always had really long hair once, I started getting blonde and bleaching it, my hair started to fry and fall out and honestly it bothered me for like the first year how short my hair was, and I didn’t even like the way I looked because of it really so I think the girls do extensions to make themselves feel better and you shouldn’t judge them because you don’t know it really bother them. But I myself I’ve never put clippings and will never do extensions because it actually ruins your hair more.
  2. Advertising

    And true not everyone needs a FS provider. I have some clients who just need someone to talk to! Either way a woman giving herself to you is a lot to begin with so be happy we are even willing to give you any of us ❤️ this should be priceless
  3. Advertising

    1. Google can you catch a disease via unprotected oral. That should scare you enough! You should be happy a woman cares enough to protect herself and you and isn’t out here allowing randos do whatever and vise versa! 2. Theres more to this whole game than just selling a service. If I can’t connect and grow with you on a whole different level I don’t want it. I want to know who you are and about you. Woman have other aspects than her body and her tongue. What’s her mind like? What’s her goals in life? I’m trying to take care of my finances (own a house and a car and a business). 3. Some girls do and some girls don’t. I’m not a gfe provider but you can 100% find tons of beautiful girls who are.
  4. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    One I hear all day long is I look like Farrah fawcett I haven’t heard that name in forever !
  5. 411 on Topnotchchloe

  6. 411 on Topnotchchloe

    No one is worried about clients
  7. New

    Welcome babe !!
  8. It’s my birthday!

    Thanks 😘
  9. It’s my birthday!

    Thank you babe
  10. It’s my birthday!

    Thanks love
  11. It’s my birthday!

    Thank you love !
  12. It’s my birthday!

    Thanks baby
  13. It’s my birthday!

    Thank you love !!!
  14. It’s my birthday!

    It’s my 22nd birthday today
  15. Make up or natural?

    Yea I recently stopped wearing my nice perfumes because I learned this was popular