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  1. Make up or natural?

    Men what do you prefer? A girl who does her make up or a girl who wears none
  2. 411 on Topnotchchloe

  3. 411 on Topnotchchloe

    No one is worried about clients
  4. New

    Welcome babe !!
  5. It’s my birthday!

    Thanks 😘
  6. It’s my birthday!

    It’s my 22nd birthday today
  7. It’s my birthday!

    Thank you babe
  8. It’s my birthday!

    Thanks love
  9. It’s my birthday!

    Thank you love !
  10. It’s my birthday!

    Thanks baby
  11. It’s my birthday!

    Thank you love !!!
  12. Make up or natural?

    Yea I recently stopped wearing my nice perfumes because I learned this was popular
  13. What celebrity do people say you resemble ?! I get Shakira & Jennifer Aniston (younger years)
  14. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

  15. Make up or natural?

    I think if you are worried about make up and perfume that is something you should let her know before the date.
  16. Make up or natural?

    I don’t wear make up anymore but I’d like to get back into because i am naturally pretty so I think it’ll make me feel even better with myself but I just want men to know I’m not a cat fish either
  17. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    Nopeee because I was not born in the 90s!
  18. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    She said from when she was on the show friends she was pretty?? And oooo okay thank you 😊
  19. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    One time I got Casey Anthony 😳 they were like but I don’t think you’re crazy like her Though. WELL DUHHHHHH NEVERRRR!) but Im ok with Shakira or Jennifer lol. I don’t even think casey deserves to be talked about . Three words…. FDB lol
  20. New here

  21. 411 on Topnotchchloe

    This makes sense.
  22. 411 on Topnotchchloe

    Thank you babe
  23. 411 on Topnotchchloe

    My new # everyone it’s a texting app so it’s completely random been busy lately changing my # slipped my mind!
  24. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Family guy. It’s so stupid it’s funny
  25. Haven't Seen this before.

    New to online websites. Didn’t know