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  1. 411 NuruByRayne?

    Has anyone had a chance to see her yet?
  2. 411 on 4'2" BP Veronica

    I ended up not seeing her either...I chickened out. She is apparently back in town though.
  3. 411 on 4'2" BP Veronica

    Couldn't find any reviews...seems like she travels between here and Utah. Was really hoping a review would have made it to the boars by now. Guess I will see tomorrow...
  4. 411 on 4'2" BP Veronica

    Sorry, forgot the link 801-448-1418
  5. 411 on 4'2" BP Veronica

    Been around for a while, never posted but I'm curious about the Veronica on 4'2" on BP...I guess it is a bucket list kind of thing but I am definitely curious. only thing I could find was where she was suggested in a thread for a provider under 5'. Couldn't find any reviews though. Anyone with some insight, pkease PM me. Thanks.
  6. can anybody help me with her??

    Looks tgtbt, I think I remember reading something about her.