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  1. Members you miss

    Lauren Alexis 😍
  2. Lock down

    Ryann you have a safe day, ❤❤❤
  3. Helping each other...what do you need/have

    I'll help 6 ladies keep their listing up. Not sure how that work behind the scenes. I will take care of 6 😘
  4. Price of adds

    You ramble too much. Break down one sentence please.......
  5. HH vs HR

    Don't start a thread complaining about HHR how much you hate ect, yet your website has HHR. 😊
  6. Price of adds

    Sweetheart...I hate to burst your bubble....I'm not researching you, nor do I give a F who you are. Take couple seats down.....
  7. RIP Kobe

  8. Price of adds

    If I'm like a sister, than a brother wouldn't let family member or her sisters suffer. Are you going donate all my sisters, or are you going run your mouth
  9. Price of adds

    I've been here since 2005. Always been same amount. Shouldn't be a shock, as email sent out in December. If anyone deserves a raise......It's TOB....😊😊😊
  10. P411

    I don't think P411 was around in 99. My memory was 2005. Us ladies back then wanted safe place to verify our friends. Gina amazing woman she is listened and P411 was born. Started as verification only (so people freaking out, going back way it started) fact it grew to what it is today, is amazing!! She didn't have to help us ladies yet she did. Thank you Gina for all you have done for us ladies over the years. You are truly an incredible woman ❤❤❤❤
  11. Blacklist

    ^^^^ Girl really?!? 😂😂😂😂 Stop 😂😂😂 VH sure got workout 😂😂