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  1. Looking for first hand accounts, please. Thanks in advance.
  2. Western Slope

    Yes, I went to the appropriate heading and looked. Yes, I pinged a few young ladies about a road trip. However, as I often told my staff, "You don't get the sale unless you ask for it". Any ladies planning to be on the Western Slope next week? Thanks in advance.
  3. Is Tryst taking over?

    As I have said in previous posts... I can always make more money. I can't make more time. If a provider flakes on me they simply do not see any more of my time, so I simply would not take the time to review. Let me say that they are established providers, and at least one you have provided with a glowing review. The provider on Tryst... Total find. They don't want reviews. They are selective and very low volume. They are not on TOB.
  4. Is Tryst taking over?

    From my end as a user, and as someone who has experience in the realm of data and tech (one of my companies sold to YAHOO), that is so unfair to you, and so limiting to users. You cannot be held responsible because someone flaked some time after you recommended them. Yes you are judged by the company that you keep. However people change. If there were a huge supply of inventory (providers) I could see that working as a business model. However our region doesn't have the population of say, Shanghai. As a user, TOB is analogous to a retail store (and I am only using this analogy to establish reference - absolutely no disrespect to any provider) with very limited inventory. In my case, I have tried to make appointments, or seen, everyone that I care to. The very few that I have had long term relationships with, and have booked for multiple hours, over multiple days, when I am in Denver, have moved on. Knowing how the system works now - and thanks for sharing - why would I use the product again if the barrier to entry for new providers (and consequences for those who recommend them) is so high? ? Like every product, like every service, like every association, TOB has to fight for relevance in the marketplace. If it doesn't provide that robust product positioning, the market will take care of it. I am finding that, as a user, a paid subscription to TER is a far better value than free TOB. As I have probably said in past posts, it is never not about cost, it is about value.
  5. Is Tryst taking over?

    That is an interesting system. It feels like it guarantees exclusively, but crushes inclusiveness. I guess that like most services, the market will sort it out.
  6. Is Tryst taking over?

    From my objective experience on Tryst and TOB on a recent week long trip to the Denver area: Tryst sourced dates showed 100% / TOB sourced dates showed 0.
  7. Eden Haight Colorado Companion I saw a previous 411 post on her. Any more recent feedback? Thanks so much.
  8. 411 on Kate The Fairy

    Please post or DM. Following!
  9. Frustration with SD Sites

    Never had a problem. I drive very little. With my last three (one S, two TSs) I purchased an extended warranty for $3k. That buys me coverage for 7 /70,000. Even with thatI never had a consumption issue. One vehicle has a 5 cylinder, 2.5l that puts out 400hp. Safe travels.
  10. Frustration with SD Sites

    S and RS Audis. Thanks so much. Enjoy.
  11. Frustration with SD Sites

    And if there were a few really attractive and engaging providers in this corner of the state, or if there were said providers who traveled here, I wouldn’t be trolling Seeking. I do have a plane. However I come to Denver to have German vehicles serviced, and see my ATFs on those trips. In between though…. Best to you.
  12. Gunnison and Crested Butte Providers

    It probably provides an opportunity for an entrepreneurial young lady who loves outdoor pursuits - stay at the best hotels, ski/ ride ski areas that don’t see much traffic, pay for your trip, etc. Safe travels.
  13. Frustration with SD Sites

    Disagree with that. My decisions are based on quality of experience, not cost. Not many options, to no options, in rural CO for established providers. When go to a major population center I take advantage of it. With my plane, I am somewhat mobile.
  14. Gunnison and Crested Butte Providers

    With an SO that is supermodel hot, my bar is rather high.
  15. Gunnison and Crested Butte Providers

    I'm in SW CO. Very, very few providers come this way. I have been, literally, wasting my time on SA. I don't suggest that either. Safe travels.