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  1. Help about losing the erection

    Are you stressed out right now about anything? I know for me, when I'm feeling super stressed I can go through periods of less rigid or quickly rigid erections. So far with the TOB ladies regardless of what stress I'm experiencing in my life it becomes a distant concern for the hour I am meeting her. Try reducing stress if you are dealing with that first. Good luck
  2. Guys favorite Halloween costume for Women?

    The Emperors new clothes...
  3. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    The best scene is the "Eggplant" scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper in True Romance.
  4. Ladies, Please Don't....

    I am on the side of "wear whatever makes you feel good" but at the same time I would happy as a clam opening the door and finding a cute, smiling woman with her hair pulled up wearing panties and a large button up shirt or sweatshirt with no bra. For guys who like the "girlfriend vibe" that would do it for me, and it would feel like a visit to a real girls place for afternoon fun.
  5. EROS?

    I think you did the right thing by leaving.
  6. What do you prefer? photoshoots

    Except if you have some of the simplest photo editors out there for use with your phone camera you can duplicate the things you referred to. Isolated certain areas of crystal clear focus with blurred backgrounds, tweeting the contrast or exposure or cropping for composition. I look through the photos here and they serve their purpose but could be improved upon very easily as well with the lovely subjects.
  7. What do you prefer? photoshoots

    Cameras on cell phones these days are amazing, you don't need to pay a professional to take your photos. Get a female friend (or male friend who can keep his shit together) and shoot some well lit shots. I like to see a woman in her daily clothes but maybe accentuating your best features. The sexy photos that may be more revealing should still leave something to the imagination. DO NOT TAKE selfies, if you don't have that trustworthy friend to take your photos then prop your phone or camera up and put it on video record and then you can take screen shots from the video you capture.
  8. Dirty Talk---yes, no?

    Wait, there are people who DON"T talk dirty during sex? What do you do, just silently do your thing til you're done? I'm trying to imagine that scenario, maybe discuss favorite recipes instead? Talk about household projects you're really like to do? MMMM... So hot
  9. References

    I can appreciate your concern, it's reasonable for you to feel that way. Conversely, would you want to know who it is that you are allowing into your home and maybe do some screening to protect yourself? That too is reasonable.
  10. Shopping questions

    Hobby Lobby has some really cool stuff if you can get passed their religious craziness. It's not cheap but you can also go there and get ideas on how to make your own similar style of home decor items. Watch Youtube videos on how to refurbish old stuff or hit up garage sales and get creative with the decorations or home furnishings you come across.
  11. Hasty La Vista

    Best wishes in your future endeavors!
  12. Observation

    True, people who are not willing to look at themselves objectively or who never seek any sort of self-improvement will never change.
  13. Vent...blow off that steam of negativity

    I'm talking about the scenario where you have two lanes, each 300 yards long. So people think you should vacate the lane that is going to close 300 yards down the road and leave an empty 300 yards of available road that could be holding cars during rush hour. Then you have dicks who will straddle the line and try to prevent anyone from passing because the "just don't like it" when people pass them knowing the lane is ending.
  14. Observation

    One possibility is that "bitching" actually brings to light things that people might not be familiar with or be knowledgeable about. Sure, we can certainly sit around and be wide-eyed and smiley-faced and love and appreciate everything around us but where's the learning and change in behavior going to come from? You have to be willing to delve into the dirt in order to begin to fix things or change behaviors in a positive way.
  15. Vent...blow off that steam of negativity

    You do realize it is what you are SUPPOSED to do though, right? As far as "Rules of the road" go? If there is are two lanes and the sign says right lane ends in 300 yards, it's there to let you know to get READY to merge. If every car immediately got over to the left lane and you had 300 yards of an empty right lane because of an upcoming merge, how much sense does that make? It doesn't, which is why the rule is to continue on to the point of the merge and then "One for one it, allowing one car from each lane though the bottleneck". Now if you are confusing that scenario with the one where you have lanes merging onto a highway, and the assholes who drive past the point of having a merge lane and then pass people on the shoulder to jump ahead of cars, then yes those people are assholes. But zipper merging is what you are supposed to do.