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  1. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    Those girls are stunning and it's shot in a much more artistic fashion.
  2. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    I'm totally obsessed with anything related to "Hotwifing" or "wife sharing". The idea of seeing your partner either get it on with alone with another person or being a participant like in a MFM and seeing the range of emotions they would go through from being nervous and scared to just totally losing themselves in the experience.
  3. What should I wear?

    I very much appreciate a nice outfit and think it lends to a more enticing visit if there are some garments involved. Whatever your body type and shape, there is an outfit that accentuates those different curves.
  4. I can't imagine getting into an argument with a provider. I've had some that talk a little too much about personal issues they are having and that's kind of a buzzkill also. We are all human, we all have our problems but I didn't set an appointment to listen to you complain about your ex or hear about your legal problems. Just like I'm sure you wouldn't want to listen to me talk about my work complaints or any other personal problems. I'm more of a passive client though, I'm not the guy who complains about bad service in a restaurant, I just won't ever go back and that's the same approach I have with this stuff.
  5. Something fun to do

    I went down there as a kid and the thing that I remember most was the candy wrapped in rice paper.
  6. Reference Request

    reach out to your regular and advise him that you have in fact provided a positive reference and for him to ask her to please check her messages again.
  7. GUILTY...

    And I think it's funny that you are making a correlation between what consenting adults do and a person stealing, two COMPLETELY different subjects. BTW, I also roll through stop signs sometimes at intersections where I can safely see there are no other cars or pedestrians, like in the Walmart parking lot. That too is not comparable to paying for sex. The point of my comment was just that it's funny how people act like it isn't stealing when in fact, it is. If you choose to steal or shoplift, that is your choice and that's the great thing is that you get to do what you want. Have a great day!
  8. I'm sure full waxing or layering is easier but there is something about a nicely manicured playground with a tidy landing strip or other shape and smooth lips. It's kind of like the effort a woman takes to do a french manicure, curl her hair, pick out the right lingerie set. A neatly groomed snatch is like the ultimate gift-wrapping.
  9. GUILTY...

    Ha, I'm not on a high horse. I just think it's funny how dismissive people are about stealing. I shop at Walmart and if I'm feeling particularly hungry I go to the deli and get a corndog and eat it as I walk through the store but then hand the empty bag to the cashier to scan and pay full price for the food I've enjoyed while shopping in their store.
  10. GUILTY...

    A few grapes is not what I am talking about, it's acceptable to take test pieces to see if they are ripe. Im talking about the people who basically eat the whole bag before it is weighed. If your goal is to give your kid something to snack on while you shop in peace, go buy the fruit before you start shopping.
  11. GUILTY...

    Yeah, it's called stealing. Like the moms who let their kids chow down on the bag of grapes while shopping and then the bag doesn't weigh as much when they get to the register. Downplay it all you want, it's stealing.
  12. GUILTY...

    You know what the difference is between parsley and pu**y? No one eats parsley.
  13. Just an observation...

    I agree with the article, I've always felt the "smile" comment made to women is one of the weakest and overused ways to try to flirt or start a conversation with a woman. You might as well walk up to her and tell her she "looks tired". In person, I think it's a great comment to avoid making but the OP here wasn't referring to in-person meetings, he's talking about how the ladies are marketing themselves in photos. Big difference and yeah, a smile makes you look more approachable and like maybe you have a personality.
  14. Lady's Choice

    Or maybe video applications? A 60 video of yourself (hopefully) showing that you are a person worthy of meeting and not a creeper.