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  1. More beating of the dead horse

    Due to my line of work I definitely consider that possibility. However, when I heard from her more than an hour after the original appointment time and she didn't acknowledge that she had totally blown off our appointment I think it was safe to assume no emergency was involved.
  2. As I stated in part of my most recent review (if approved), I know there is a lot of discussion/debate between TOB and BP regarding quality of providers. That being said, I am officially 1 for 4 now on positive experiences with TOB providers versus my years of trouble-free BP adventures prior to discovering this site. I won't go into specific details on the timeline like I did in my review but the gist is that it was a "no show" after having good initial communication, confirming everything and me being on time. Things happen, but based on texts from the provider this was a case of her either just not being prepared or she was overbooking and then not able to meet at our agreed upon time. I'm sure I am not alone in being a hobbyist who sometimes has limited and specific playtime so that should not be a foreign concept to any provider. So setting time aside for a meeting, taking the time to prepare yourself to a sparkling level of hygiene, make any "domestic excuses" for the time away and then drive to the location only to be met with "crickets" on text messages that were immediately responded to only minutes earlier is frustrating to put it mildly. This is the sort of unprofessional behavior that perpetuates the idea in some hobbyists minds that they can be as cavalier as they want to be as well regarding the providers time. Kind of a give and good as you get type of attitude. The only common denominator that I jumps out at me on the 3 negative experiences I've had is that they were all pretty young. Maybe I need to just stick to the 40 year old age range and see if the level of professionalism is better?
  3. Your worst nightmare...

    I've actually had this thought before, wondering what would happen if someone were to have a medical emergency during an appointment. Sounds like you sprung to action and did the right thing. Recognizing symptoms quickly and getting 911 involved ASAP is super important.
  4. I Failed!

    Was this a first meeting with this person? I know I used to struggle to reach the finish line the first time with anyone new, I even had times where I faked it just to end things and not let her know I gave up. It was a mental thing for me personally. I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially if you gave the sufficient amount of time.
  5. Take Care Of Yourself.

    And I understand that also, everyone has to try to be patient with one another I suppose in this arena.
  6. Take Care Of Yourself.

    Maybe it would be easier to create a text message template response for inquiries you receive via text on days where you are taking the day off? Something you can shoot back to them immediately that says "Thanks for contacting me but I am taking today off but would love to chat with you soon about setting an appointment". One of my biggest pet peeves is sending out an inquiry to one provider then not hearing back from them for long enough that I then reach out to a different provider. Then I finally hear back 8 hours later when I have either made plans with another provider or given up on lobbying that day and made personal plans that don't involve a provider.
  7. Lottery Winner

    I get the PR part and I'm sure plenty of people would recognize your name if you won but I also think you could fly under the radar pretty well if you didn't go overboard with getting flashy things.
  8. Lottery Winner

    I thought CO was a state where part of the lottery is that winners must claim publicly? I'm pretty sure I've seen or read that somewhere multiple times
  9. Deep thoughts

    Similarly, your mom used to kiss you goodnight and how long before that had she given daddy a BJ? Just food for thought.
  10. Fear Of Screening..?

    I have to agree with you on this one. I could never put my real info out there so I have to just work my way up with good references by being a polite and gentlemanly client.
  11. Is this even possible!!?

    If you are attached I could see this happening because you hit points in your marriage where you are frustrated and venture out to play. Then things change at home and you feel like you need to stop the hobby stuff for a while. If you were scheduling that often though then I suspect you are single and maybe you are just hitting a point where you would like to have something that is real?
  12. Not feeling it.

    Ok, then you don't see that person again and you keep trying to find the connection you're looking for with someone else.
  13. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    I'll take nails just long enough to be able to provide a nice light scratch, beyond that I would think they might be a hindrance.
  14. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    I would either say nothing at all or I would say "hello" in passing with the same level of sincerity as I would say hello to the Walmart greeter. That way my partner thinks I'm being a nice guy and saying hello to a stranger and the provider sees that I know how to handle that situation. I think most providers would probably prefer the "no acknowledgement" option though.
  15. Pornhub: Pay or not to pay?

    Have to agree with above comment, better to invest your money in some "live action" porn.