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  1. late night or day time?

    8am is great for me because it's timed perfectly for getting off work and heading home.
  2. New here

    It's a chain but lark burger makes a good burger!
  3. What we have here

    My take on looking at millennials as though they have many shortcomings is that they were raised by the people in my generation. So they blame lies with us.
  4. What we have here

    When I was a kid I used to get so embarrassed when my mom would just start a conversation with a random stranger. I couldn't understand why she always did it and I would just walk away or turn around. Now as an adult who works with the public and has personal interactions with clients for business, I find it's an invaluable tool to possess. Being able to comfortably chat with a complete stranger and engage them is a great skill. It says something about your confidence and you ability to relate to people who may be nothing like you. I'm grateful for those embarrassing moments with my mom, she taught me something that just took a while to sink in and use in my own life.
  5. Hypothetical

    This type of vacation isn't something that I would probably ever participate in just due to my situation but for the hobbyists who would, what are your expectations? I mean if you are covering all expenses of the trip, what is your expectation of the provider who accompanies you? Not criticizing or anything, just curious what the bar would be set at for a trip like this. I've said before that I think it would be nice to be able to meet a provider for coffee or a drink but it NOT be a date type of scenario. For me, it would just be fun to do that and interact with a provider in a "non-working" setting and let a little bit of curiosity build up about them. Then if you get along go ahead and set up an appointment for the near future. I think it could be beneficial to both sides in that the provider could do some in person screening and the hobbyist could see if the provider is using photos from 20 years ago in their posts.
  6. Hypothetical

    I don't think "pussy" is the right word but sounds like you are being a little too flexible. This retired provider is not paying for all of these things is she? It's your time as well and the generous hobbyist should be open to you doing some things that YOU would like to do on this trip. Just because I paid for a woman to go on a trip with me, I certainly wouldn't expect her to just do every little thing I wanted. I paid for you to come WITH me, not to be my companion with no opinion.
  7. Monogamy to Polyamory

    I'm not sure I could go with the full polyamory lifestyle just because you're then essentially maintaining two or more relationships, relationships that include emotional stress and expectations. I would LOVE to find a way to explore threesomes (mfm) with my wife but she is not game so it's not going to happen.
  8. Monogamy to Polyamory

    Because it would be financially devastating to many married men to get divorced so they just stay married to a woman who they are barely intimate with.
  9. Tumblr Cleaning Up Adult Content

    You just aren't searching the correct keywords but in 11 days apparently it won't matter anymore.
  10. Chicks dig scars - man I hope so!

    Just come up with a really cool story behind the scars
  11. Regulars

    I'm pretty regular unless I've been eating a lot of cheese.
  12. PSA-Illness and taking your vitamins

    WELLNESS FORMULA pills at Vitamin Shoppe are a must this time of year.
  13. Client reviews?

    I thought you ladies already had some sort of way to chat about hobbyists and share good and bad info?
  14. I can't tell. Can you.

    Didn't look like a crane to me, looked like something swaying from a rope or cable.
  15. Adventures in on-line dating

    I missed the boat of online dating but have several friends who are with partners they met online. They used the well-known site that is used to start fires...