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  1. …Dudes…WTF…

    EXACTLY! Takes someone trying a new, unreviewed person in order to establish a history and reference. Sticking to only the "reviewed" options would limit things for sure.
  2. Backpage escort section gone

    Wow, I'm curious to see where all the providers go now to advertise. Maybe it's a good thing this happened though, will help me not be a customer.
  3. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Ok, thanks. I need to establish my TOB profile and then be good about asking providers to post a review of me.
  4. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    What can a client do to I think I have that "LEO" look about me that might make some providers nervous, I was a Marine and still kind of have that look. What can I do to put a provider at ease or can I do anything here as far as establishing a history where providers could screen me?
  5. Do you like chatty clients?

    Take a provider to lunch? Does that actually happen? I was under the impression that was not something that a provided would even be remotely interested in doing unless it is a well established connection with multiple previous meetings under your belt? I guess if provider is one who provides more of a total GFE type of thing but typical providers?
  6. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Guess I'm not understanding the significance of "Lakewood". Is there an unwritten rule that Lakewood providers are shady? Also, I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with the term "shilling" other than it is an old form of currency in the UK.
  7. Yes! Justice for Paige!

    Was it a client or an ex boyfriend or husband?
  8. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    What is the link to her ad?
  9. Yes! Justice for Paige!

    Was Paige the woman who vanished and they later discovered she was an escort?
  10. Confusion

    Yeah, I'm pretty easy to please. I would have been thrilled to just get a HE and I have seen plenty of BR providers. I'm not really new, just don't partake as often as some people who may be a little more familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. No big loss and I have several other providers I can see. I appreciate the feedback and comments from everyone.
  11. Anyone seen her?

    Those pics are photoshopped? I must not have an eye for that.
  12. Anyone seen her?

    Unknown 720-689-9383 Colorado Escort Anyone seen this person? She requires the purchase of photos or a video prior to setting a meeting and I'm curious if she is legit.
  13. Confusion

    Well, if there are no reviews then you don't really have anything to go on. I have seen great providers who also have no reviews here so that isn't always the best way to figure out what you're getting.
  14. Confusion

    Recently saw a provider for a "naughty body rub" and it was anything but naughty. Based on the photos of the provider, the wording of her ad and the clothing she chose to wear during I was lead to believe I would have a body rub that ended with at least something more than what it did. Has anyone ever experienced this before and is there a group of providers in the "body rub" section that literally just provide a massage? How can you determine which ones do this?
  15. Super friendly backpage girl (sarcasm)

    I actually did reach out to her when I was very "Ready to see her" and she initially agreed but then cancelled on me so I guess it goes both ways.