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  1. PROS and CONS of TOB

    Another PRO for TOB is that it can be this amazing escape from reality for someone. There are times where it can be a much needed break from a stressful life
  2. The great shopping cart debate

    Thats great, I think Id spend part of that monthly budgetveach month doing what you do. I've put coolers in back of my truck and loaded them with ice, bottled water and soda and stopped at road construction sites to let thecworkers grab some cold drinks. It's fun doing things like that for people you know will appreciate it.
  3. Every Relationship Runs It Course

    Not sure if this is you saying you met someone and it has now ended? If so, sorry to hear that.
  4. Is Tryst taking over?

    Tryst is not as user friendly as TOB and people from otger states pop up which makes things confusing at times
  5. cleaning the hose before the cleaners arrive

    Thats like people cleaning their feet really well and trimming their toenails before going in for a manpedicure
  6. Alia Abaza's Return

    Yeah sorry, I'll never do the deposit thing. Look at my references to check me out and I'll look at your reviews to check you out. If I don't seem trustworthy I'll just have to accept it if you don't want to schedule. There has to be an element of trust in this community from both sides. Go with your gut or don't go and people have to accept it.
  7. No Show No Call

    ONE TIME I legitimately had something come up between scheduling and the appointment time. I think I ended giving her 4 or 5 hours notice and she absolutely lost it and blew up my phone texts for 30 minutes with telling me what a shitty person I am.
  8. Alia Abaza's Return

    What was the story with the guys getting scammed? Were they paying deposits and getting ghosted?
  9. Interest Rates

    Buyers market? People are still getting over asking for their homes so not a buyers market at all.
  10. The great shopping cart debate

    Yeah, I stop at lemonade stands too if possible. The kids on my block know I keep Otter pops in my garage freezer and they see me come home and come running.
  11. I will admit that in the past I was on the side of being annoyed by so-called lazy people not returning their shopping cart to a stall. With age has come a wider view of things I guess. Nowadays as I walk toward the store from my car I make a point of looking for an elderly person or mom with kids finishing up their loading. I offer to take their cart and save them the trip away from their car. Instead of bashing people, it feels good to help others in small ways. What are things that you do to help others?
  12. Activities

    I'm guessing the providers just exercise their right to determine what they may or may not want to do based on the vibe they get from you. Do you make them feel safe, are you creepy and the big one, personal hygiene.
  13. Roadtrip

    Every state is listed under TOB, was asking if anyone had experiences outside of CO
  14. Lingerie or Topless Massage no Ending, is there a market for it?

    I'm sure there's a market for that but the amount would have to be signicantly less otherwise folks will just go get a real massage. I personally wouldn't be interested in that service but I'm sure there would be interested members