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  1. Snapchat as a means of communication

    Another popular anonymous messaging option is KIK, free app and very easy to use and you can set it up anonymous as well.
  2. Snapchat as a means of communication

    If all you are doing is sexting with a provider I understand wanting to use SC. But all the precautionary steps considered beforehand, if your plan is to meet it doesn't matter if you're using SC or a burner. The meeting part is where you are at risk, not just sexting with someone.
  3. Snapchat as a means of communication

    Theres nothing to understand with SC, it's just a different messaging option. The filters are just a fun thing you CAN add or play with but they aren't needed to communicate. It's essentially text messaging but the message content just isn't saved like a normal text. Problem is that I'm sure LEO has a way of seeing old messages.
  4. Athletes and Politics

    EXACTLY!!! Marine here, super proud of my service and patriotic as hell but guess what??? I served so people can protest this way, like it or not.
  5. Where are all the providers?

    Oh, no apparently I haven't noticed the other ads. Will have to check it out now though, THANKS!
  6. Just curious but it seems like there are only about 12-15 providers now? You look at the "ads" section and it is very small and have same providers photos located in multiple locations. Am I looking in the wrong place? Where are people finding providers these days?
  7. You sound like you handled it just fine to me, I've experienced this also. You showed up on time and you were receptive when she asked for a few more minutes. You can't be expected to sit around for too long though, the provider and the client should have enough respect for one anothers time to be on time and to be ready at the agreed upon time.
  8. Question for the gentlemen on TOB...

    I personally prefer seeing better quality photos that are more on the erotic side of things versus going for the flat out pornographic stuff. Yeah, so I would say I like a little mystery but that being said, I don't like to be surprised when I arrive. Don't take pics in a way where it disguises you being bigger and yes, update your photos so you aren't using 15 year old pics.
  9. …Dudes…WTF…

    EXACTLY! Takes someone trying a new, unreviewed person in order to establish a history and reference. Sticking to only the "reviewed" options would limit things for sure.
  10. Backpage escort section gone

    Wow, I'm curious to see where all the providers go now to advertise. Maybe it's a good thing this happened though, will help me not be a customer.
  11. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Ok, thanks. I need to establish my TOB profile and then be good about asking providers to post a review of me.
  12. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    What can a client do to I think I have that "LEO" look about me that might make some providers nervous, I was a Marine and still kind of have that look. What can I do to put a provider at ease or can I do anything here as far as establishing a history where providers could screen me?
  13. Do you like chatty clients?

    Take a provider to lunch? Does that actually happen? I was under the impression that was not something that a provided would even be remotely interested in doing unless it is a well established connection with multiple previous meetings under your belt? I guess if provider is one who provides more of a total GFE type of thing but typical providers?
  14. Well reviewed, but Lakewood

    Guess I'm not understanding the significance of "Lakewood". Is there an unwritten rule that Lakewood providers are shady? Also, I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with the term "shilling" other than it is an old form of currency in the UK.
  15. Yes! Justice for Paige!

    Was it a client or an ex boyfriend or husband?