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  1. Vaccines are sexy!

    Yes first one however I got to go back for the second. But Palm Beach County is kicking ass and getting everybody their injections for whatever reason we seem to be really doing good at this. No side effects for me
  2. Videochats

    There are those that do.
  3. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    I’m sorry some guys are so screwed up. But most are Great guys. Let’s focus on the better ones😄👠. Put that Fker on call block! That’s my solution he belongs on the street. Lave ya . It’s not part of the Job. You have choices! Use them well
  4. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    YES GIGGLES for sure, what ever comes to mind. if nothing comes to mind then you know lol its not going well lol.
  5. March 11,2019 Denver’s LEAD program could drastically reduce recidivism, but the program will intentionally start slow. DENVER — City leaders called a press conference to announce the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program two weeks ago. The Denver Police Department said it would begin to offer low-level drug offenders and women suspected of prostitution a diversion program as an alternative to jail and prosecution. Stapleton Colorado .
  6. Well, it looks like we made it.

  7. A day in the life.....of my ATF

    Hey” yah, you know you make a good point about how hard guys work to come see us👍. Thanks for the suggestion
  8. I would say chitchatting is mostly on TNA for us girls. Sometimes like it’s a little more info on the Best GFE They have a provider is only for which helps us just talk back-and-forth I love that good luck. TNA is really it. 👌
  9. What would your ad say fellahs?

    Lol. I’m amazed that all the guys really Chyna know what to say surprise me it really dead. I like the desperado name, I also like the know time wasters. Maybe we should add a no emotional hangups please ! Keeping it simple. A simple arrangement of understanding all those kinds of words are very good thanks guys gave me something to think about.
  10. Mother Nature show off!

    I can believe the leaves are still red and orange here in CT and Boston. You people really have the beauty in the fall, no comparison any where!
  11. How do I go about?

  12. Just checking in...

    This board is starting to take off for MN. I understand the Denver 3 or 4 month visit , me to. Stay safe and be very happy
  13. Minnesota

    Great place to tour really fun people some of the biggest men I’ve ever seen in my life! Pretty impressive and shopping is great to!
  14. The best thing

    The best thing about being a provider is lots of sex and no emotional drama. My time in sessions are real and I enjoy also I don’t need to cook or do Laundery