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  1. Mother Nature show off!

    I can believe the leaves are still red and orange here in CT and Boston. You people really have the beauty in the fall, no comparison any where!
  2. How do I go about?

  3. Just checking in...

    This board is starting to take off for MN. I understand the Denver 3 or 4 month visit , me to. Stay safe and be very happy
  4. Minnesota

    Great place to tour really fun people some of the biggest men I’ve ever seen in my life! Pretty impressive and shopping is great to!
  5. The best thing

    The best thing about being a provider is lots of sex and no emotional drama. My time in sessions are real and I enjoy also I don’t need to cook or do Laundery
  6. Caution Ladies!!

    Call block that one. Thank you so much kind lady.
  7. Monsoon weather in Las Vegas

    Yes it's a hot one! But FL has it bet. I just move here so for me it's ok. Fall should be amazing and winter, well', i guess I will find out👢
  8. How to bring up a threesome?

    I’m sure if you bring it up in a way that makes her feel like she’s the desire one in the topic of Doubles, then it would be perfect. That would be something very fun with the right ladies. Key is, enjoyment between all . Good luck
  9. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    I agree with Hunter VanDyk thi highs no panties matching bra babyboll dress 5 inch heals. However pantyhose can be great if it’s crotchless and lace pantyhose in the winter with boots , 🤔I’m just saying what do you think
  10. Is this true???

    I’m not sure 🤔 I think I need to go exponents now that this is a question. I generally love clean cut and clean shaved men always .
  11. Fort Collins sting

    Wow thanks for that update that concerning there was one in 2016 to in Fort Collins what is it about Fort Collins .
  12. Ladies be careful...

    Yeah that sounds a little sketchy. Hopefully he has more than one I try and attempt to have at least two or three references goodness if there's only one that alone is concerning LOL oh thank you so much for the update
  13. Meteors Stare show all weekend!

    Where is a great place to watch star shooting meteors show all weekend around Denver or even Co in a 60 mile radius? Should be unforgettable.
  14. Hi back to you. Thanks for the wave hello
  15. Minnesota

    This is a good form and welcome. Obviously we’ve met before I wish you nothing but the best be safe enjoy this form has a Lotta good information here .