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  1. Your First.....

    Sabrina Black - MY first escort experience!! She was a true professional in every way ! For an hour I thought we were celebrating our first night of matrimony !
  2. Does anyone here still remember me?

    If my recollection is correct, you had a night job at that time.
  3. Hanna

    She is real ! ! !
  4. Just read me

    That would be "Sabrina Black", who in real life was a local singer/actress. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. When entertaining friends....

    Yes, Yes, and Yes ! My absolute favorite !
  6. I'm oh so close!!

    Sometimes Habitat For Humanity Restore locations ( 4 in the Denver area ) are worth the time to 'shop'.
  7. Merry XXXMAS EVERYONE๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„

    And triple X mas to you too !
  8. tabitha thompson

    Wow, welcome home, if for only a visit.
  9. New to tob... :-*

    Welcome, Have fun finding out what Denver has to offer !!
  10. Escort or Massage ?
  11. Escort or Massage ?

    sexynseductive - Eris 303-994-0974 Colorado Escort Her ad is not clear - any help ? Escort or just massage?
  12. That one thing...

    I must be so EASY ! All I need is a CFM look ! Oh wait ! It's not that I'm easy, it's that I'm a male ! !
  13. What Would You Do?

    A. Charter a plane and induct her into the Mile High Club. B. Take her shopping at the Belmar Victoria's Secret and have sex in the fitting room. c. Escort her to the Scarlet Ranch for an efficient one hour "show her off " session at 10:30 PM on a Saturday night. D. Charter a limo and take a late night summer mountain ride and try to set an orgasm record. E. Arrange for a videographer and make an amateur porno and upload onto Pornhub (let us know the title). F. Escort her to one of the occasional private swingers parties. G. What I might really do to her is make her come to my house about 10:00 pm some night ! I'd be ok with that! Let me know and I'll give her my address. You're welcome !! smilin
  14. Stuck. The question for the guys.

    I'm not sure what "cruising" means, but If I REALLY want to 'meet' a lady, but have scheduling difficulty, it is usually my lack of 'availability' that is the problem, not hers. So, I think I usually eventually make it work out. Of course if the ladies availability is not compatible with my schedule, this site provides a super convenient personal favorite listing with notes that makes Plan B finding the next lady that I REALLY want to 'meet'. P.S. I'm currently working on Plan A My thoughts
  15. AnaBeau, You sound like you care about the feelings of even your worst enemy ! ! ?? Hmmmmm..... I bet a "double White Russian" you don't even have a 'worst enemy' ! Opining that a provider should not leave an empty condom wrapper behind surely doesn't qualify you as a 'total bitch' ........... No Way, maybe one hellofa 'sexy bitch' though !!