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  1. Making Love vs. Sex

    Depends on my "mood du jour" and I prefer the following in this order: f....c....b....e....d....a a. Sometimes I just want to fuck her b. Sometimes I just want her to fuck me c. Sometimes I want a and b simultaneously d. Sometimes I want to 'make love' to her and focus on giving her sexual pleasure e. Sometimes I want her to' make love' to me and focus on pleasuring me. f. Most times I want d and e simultaneously I really enjoy "make-believe" times (def: pretending that what is not real is real)
  2. 411 on Ladies En Confidente

    Three years ago, as a result of some good luck, I spent some ‘fun times’ on several occasions with one of the sexy dancers including trips to Mon Chalet and Scarlet Ranch. I’m certainly not a fan of the LEC and am only familiar with it because of this nice classy dancer.
  3. Exploration Fantasy

    Not sure about “rarest or most unique” but one of the most fun times was several years ago when on occasion a small group of hobbyists and providers threw a party in which it was understood that an orgy was gonna occurr. Watching and being watched is erotically stimulating ! ! Dr Flacid, I bet a naked sexy lady could get yours to perform even while you are being watched.
  4. Collecting

    At some point I’m gonna have to begin reverse the collection process - trying to figure that out !
  5. Your First.....

    Sabrina Black - MY first escort experience!! She was a true professional in every way ! For an hour I thought we were celebrating our first night of matrimony !
  6. Does anyone here still remember me?

    If my recollection is correct, you had a night job at that time.
  7. Hanna

    She is real ! ! !
  8. Just read me

    That would be "Sabrina Black", who in real life was a local singer/actress. 😊
  9. When entertaining friends....

    Yes, Yes, and Yes ! My absolute favorite !
  10. I'm oh so close!!

    Sometimes Habitat For Humanity Restore locations ( 4 in the Denver area ) are worth the time to 'shop'.
  11. Merry XXXMAS EVERYONE👄👄👄

    And triple X mas to you too !
  12. tabitha thompson

    Wow, welcome home, if for only a visit.
  13. New to tob... :-*

    Welcome, Have fun finding out what Denver has to offer !!
  14. Escort or Massage ?
  15. Escort or Massage ?

    sexynseductive - Eris 303-994-0974 Colorado Escort Her ad is not clear - any help ? Escort or just massage?