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  1. How to??

    Hey guys!! Not new to the hobby or site just haven't been advertising for a while. How do I look to see who has shared their refs with me? I feel like there should be some kind of notification alert but i never get one.. can of the ladies help
  2. Problems posting today

    I found the moderators email. Right in front of my face on the "help" link lol not sure how to delete this posting.
  3. Problems posting today

    Hey there guys! Hope all is well with the gentlemen this is mainly for the ladies. Anyone having ther error message of "invaild service types" account is paid so i know thats not the problem I see others are posting . I cant find the moderators email on the "help" link. Allthough ive emailed him before so i know its somewhere. Can someone help lol
  4. Mon Chalet Guest?

    That place has always been a good time. Wont find many clients up there but definitely an enjoyable experience. I usually get to bring my gf along with me and my clients. As well as hit a toy shop before hand to add a little more spunk!
  5. Review Length

    Totally have never screen shot my reviews. 😒😒😒😒
  6. Opinions Opinions People I need opinions

    I have just always heard stories of ladies going for the "low" on that site. It's not like Ive been on it or even tried to see/ make contact with there girls there. I came up with the donations though from a prior conversations I had earlier his morning. So maybe the girls you were seeing asked for a more of a decent donation but I've had a few calls saying that I was "crazy" for asking what my donations are. I kindly reply " well if you took the time to review the profile you could have saved your and my time" then I get the response of either F UR time or "no one pays that much" Pretty fed up with being nice. I just know that one of these days I'm going to blow my top when someone contacts me and doesn't know my donations for the millionth time that week. My apologies in advance guys.I promise I truly am a nice girl !
  7. Opinions Opinions People I need opinions

    I sure hope that this isn't outside of any rules for posting, it's merely a question. BP issues: how can we combat this here on TOB? Ladies obviously theres been an increase in calls due to the recent shut down of a lot of sites. Honestly even before this happen I was getting low balling calls. I kept it to myself saying "it's just the run of the mill clients that happen to stray away from bp and it'll go back to normal shortly." But within the last 2 days I've had little boys (and I call them boys because they call me telling me what they want to pay i.e.; 60 80 100 ) without even looking at my profile. I've also seen an increase of providers here offering bp prices which to each their own ( i am not knocking a girl for doing as she pleases with herself) so ..... Gentlemen for those of you who actually are gentlemen and take the time to read the womens ad that she took the time out to write I thank you. lol When you are looking for a provider as I know some of you do stray to BP is there not a place for the ladies to write their donations there? I've never tried to post there nor have i ever wanted to due to the high volume low balling clients and now that it's shut down I can't go look for myself. How do WE fix this issue guys and gals? I book with 30 min notice and although that is in my profile and on my title for some reason it's not getting through to some. I've even tried googling my own ad to see if it was not coming up but it is. How do I stop this foolishness. I would hate to see this fabulous site fall to the standards of bp and I absolutely dislike (hate is a strong word) sending out first repsonse text messages or conversations. 'Are you aware of my donations and I need 30 mins advance notice" it seems so robotic. I've really enjoyed my time and made great new lasting friends from here , I guess I'm just frustrated.
  8. Red light district

    I'm on board. Havent been out on the town in a while but anywhere downtown is Good for upscale clients
  9. Not the average lady

    Why have I never been noticed?? Lol guess I would need to get out to get noticed huh- wonder what my natural reaction would be.
  10. Bathing Suit Photos or ad pics that don't show ANYTHING...

    I think it's really based on a personal issue. I would show my face because I have nothing to hide but for LE purposes I don't. This is really the only site I advertise on and wouldn't it be nice if everyone was honest.. I.e. Not police lol
  11. Hello Colorado

    I've comes to realize the importance of reviews and I do see the need for them. I believe it would be more beneficial if there was a national board and only one. This way all gentleman can be on the same1-10 scale. It gets a little confusing when I'm so new and want to travel the country. Trying to figure out which city uses which review system and what not.
  12. Hello Colorado

    I hope so too! Do you only review on TOB? Or do you find others on different sites that have reviews?
  13. Hello Colorado

    That's another question. How do you keep track of others review scale? Are they all the same? Where do you review?
  14. Hello Colorado

    Being new to Denver and all I love adventures. I have a question; how do you guys feel about reviews, Are they difficult to fill out? Is it too time consuming? Are there any issue? Thanks & hello.