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Found 13 results

  1. Crockor is an Australian website started by and for sex workers. The servers for the US site are located in New Zealand and not subject to SESTA-FOSTA. The US site is new, so there's not much traffic yet. But sex workers and clients have been clamoring for a CL or BP type advertising platform and Crockor seems to meet all of the requirements. It is basically an Australian version of CL & BP, with an obvious Aussie twist on the graphics. Like CL & BP, it also has other categories, such as for sale ads, swap meet, etc. Provider ads are free.
  2. Introduction and Backpage question

    Hi First I wanted to introduce myself as a new person to the group and a guy returning to the hobby after many years off. I have not booked anyone through Backpage at this point and was wondering what the experience has been with providers who advertise there. I get the feeling things can be rather hit or miss in terms of quality. Also, clients have their own safety concerns from law enforcement or getting ripped off. Anyone have any tips for which providers are good or bad, accurate pictures, etc? Thanks
  3. Sophie 970-692-7280 Colorado Body Rubs Has anyone seen Sophie from Backpage? I cannot find a review of her anywhere. The photo in the ad is all over Pinterest as an example of "yoga pants," and I seriously doubt that it is her. Some Googling turned up an ad with a different photo that is probably not her either. Ordinarily I pass on ads with recycled pictures, but something about this one has captured my interest.
  4. Backpage ads

    Seems that the majority of the ad titles are now just phone numbers and within the ad Facebook, Instagram or Twitter links (90% of them are to nothing) and pictures/videos, no descriptions... I've seen a few "work arounds" ...a picture of the services advertised. Yes, I still shop there once in a while, just curious about the change if anyone wants to chime in?
  5. AvaLove 702-332-5286 Colorado Escort Looking for any info? # and images don’t pop anywhere else in my searches. Twitter link has same pic but Ava Cruz
  6. Alexa 316-730-4822 Colorado Escort Any info on her?
  7. Harmony 720-503-1690 Colorado Body Rubs Seems legit based on searching her name and phone number. Has anyone seen her? Thanks.
  8. 411 on Kinky Holly

    Kinky Holly 952-737-3662 Colorado Escort So I did some google and for some reason it checked out it was only couple ads from Tx to Co, decided to give her a call as I thought maybe it would be legit. So if anyone is looking to see her I can tell you to save your gas and trip cause she is not even close to the pics.
  9. Kacey 719-231-3020 Colorado Escort Cannot find any review etc. anyone have some information to provide ?
  10. 411 on Jade

    Jade 832-970-8008 Colorado Escort Has anyone see her - did a bit of research ; found a lot more pics but no reviews. Anyone ever seen her? I have a feeling she's real but is she worth it?
  11. the wheels have been turning.......
  12. I know the name on the pics is different than the one on the ad so that is obviously a red flag. But the fact is I have been lusting for an attractive ebony provider and I have certain looks I like and this ad is it to a T. I would go see this little lady every few hours until she leaves if she is legit. Before you all bite my head off, I have found crazy hot women on BP, It does happen. So if anyone has seen this gal and can tell me if that is her or if she looks similar. Thanks!
  13. 411 on Kimmie

    Anyone know the 411 on Kimmie? I can't find anything. But wow what pictures.