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  1. Crockor is an Australian website started by and for sex workers. The servers for the US site are located in New Zealand and not subject to SESTA-FOSTA. The US site is new, so there's not much traffic yet. But sex workers and clients have been clamoring for a CL or BP type advertising platform and Crockor seems to meet all of the requirements. It is basically an Australian version of CL & BP, with an obvious Aussie twist on the graphics. Like CL & BP, it also has other categories, such as for sale ads, swap meet, etc. Provider ads are free.
  2. Northern Florida

    Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of the international sites have dropped all US listings, presumably due to the censorship laws recently passed in the US. And almost all US based sites, as well.
  3. A belated welcome from Sarasota/Bradenton!