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  1. 411 on Avalon BP

    TOFTT. She's great.
  2. Avalon 720-586-2267 Colorado Escort Curious if anyone has seen Avalon.
  3. Monica 720-415-7289 Colorado Escort curious if anyone has seen her?
  4. 411 on BP Alexa

    Please expand on this comment? I'm wondering what your experience was. I did notice that was your first post, so that is either an incredible coincidence or you came to the board to post it, either way, I'd love to hear more. Thanks.
  5. Alexa 316-730-4822 Colorado Escort Any info on her?
  6. Ad for escort drivers

    Thanks. I'm embarrassed that I considered this for 12 hours or so. I was really hoping a bunch of providers would jump up and say "Why yes, I only ride with #1 Executive Escort Escort service. They're like uber, but they pay 12 grand a week." I appreciate this forum's openness and frankness. I suppose that's because some people here get to know one another quite well.
  7. Ad for escort drivers

    I've seen this rationalization, to plead ignorance, but it looks like in the thread above the guy that did it held onto money and things like that too. I've certainly realized that this ad would not be what it says it is. On top of everything, why was I looking at BP? Looking for some ape mind(penis) swayed my thought processes into a scenario where I would make tons of money and drive beautiful ladies to exotic destinations. I'm back now. Applied to drive for Lyft. Thanks for all the replies. Now, onto hobbying.
  8. Ad for escort drivers

    Thanks for the logical suggestion. The ad feels way too good to be true, and doing a little googling, there are recent postings in other cities BP that they got scammed out of the $$$.
  9. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I'm a long time lurker. Does anyone here know about the ads on BP for escort drivers jobs? Is it a scam? There is a $299 upfront fee to work. Feels fishy, but I'm in need of a job.