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  1. Help: Newbie to TOB

    Welcome To TOB . Enjoy the area...it's gorgeous. See ya around hopefully.
  2. Brand New to TOB!

    Welcome! Any friend of Aubrey's must be amazing. Hugs, tehotherdude
  3. New To Denver & TOB

    Welcome to TOB and Denver! Once your sinuses stop cracking and bleeding it's smooth sailing for 330 days of sunshine a year.
  4. Paymen - Before or After

    I'm in no way referring to ladies who are reputable visiting ASPs with reviews. I'm not talking about regulars and how you have come to agree to take care of business. I'm not saying that new people aren't sometimes amazing and blow your expectations away. But the following is true: When a visitor or person you've never seen before does one or more of the following it's always preceded by immediate payment. -Upselling (the biggest problem by far) -Flat out Robbery -Bait and Switch -Getting you undressed before she does and then bolting I like to know what I'm getting before I contribute. Sometimes you get more curious than you should, even doing the research, but girls with no reviews have to be asked dumb questions (only in person though). That's life. But even then, you can't get a straight answers even in person from typically visiting or new providers making then even more suspicious. And sometimes they get offended. "You'll be happy" is the most common and frustratingly vacuous reply. Even if the guy is LE his questions don't matter anymore, you're a suspect as soon as he enters they open the door, legally or illegally. So it makes no difference if you kiss or not, you're still going to jail, so why the constant secrets? That's why I rarely see newbies...or try to not see them anyway....
  5. Sophia Montana - Okay dokie

    Yeah I saw her last Sunday. Good times. [snip-review material]
  6. I'm new to this board!

    Hi and Welcome to TOB!
  7. Research...

    Whatever would give you an idea like that?
  8. TOFTT Award

    He had a bad experience. There are so many people who have those and some who get arrested, robbed, or almost killed. Those people get a TOFTT award, not someone merely dissatisfied...that happens when a noob calls a noob with no reviews...pretty much everybody gets that award then if they're merely unhappy with the service. Seriously.
  9. My first rant this year.....guys...

    Does your charm and entertainment make time go backwards? I'd expect the answer is no.
  10. Happy Birthday, Melissa Sterling!

    Happy Birthday Melissa!
  11. What's with all the new blood?

    Let's not oversimplify this. There are elite providers who use backpage at times. Albeit, they never show their face or mention their name, they are real and in high demand. I met a TGTBT girl who visited using only Backpage. I spent as much time with her as I could. I gave have her a fantastic review and a couple others gave her averages. She no longer visits because she is now pulling in $1000+/hr in Southern California. I shit you not. And she is just as hot as she was when she was here. Oh man I was thinking I was TOFTT, but really I totally lucked out and developed a very nice friendship with the elite among the elite on the west coast and her sweet sweet kitten (average? pffft). If you read my review and follow the trail to her current website and pictures, you would've said no way TGTBT. And you would be dead wrong. There are always occasional gems on backpage. Sometimes, they are the local elites in a business downturn. It isn't uncommon to read: "yeah, she's real, and she's amazing." Why are people whining about people asking 411 questions? Sometimes you can't know. No one ever said search engines are perfect or that there is high turnover of women who enter and exit the industry. For example, amazing nymphos suddenly become escorts and advertise...all over the world....they can not all be too good to be true, even in little Colorado.
  12. Anyone know?

    I've seen this ad fairly consistently and I can't find anything sketchy. Pics look good, she's in COS usually per her ads. Anyone met Tiffany? http://coloradosprings.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/o-butiful-o-ptit-o-stunning-brittany-outcalls-19/14115969 is she real? because..*shaking head*...it is just is tgtbt, right?
  13. By Contacting Me, You Agree...

    That's when you take the money back and disperse.
  14. By Contacting Me, You Agree...

    These disclaimers, as someone alluded to earlier, are really just perfunctory "badges" on a website as sketchy as Backpage. You don't see these on P411, TER, ECCIE, usually NR do you? What con artist would leave it out? What amateur knows what the actual juridical value or protection is provided by such a statement when the author's (ad writer's) statements next to it are a serious contradiction? People are conformists...that's the true reason. Nothing more. If you get pinched, do you really believe that cut and paste jpg image is a binding or lawful notice of any kind (and in what states) and will save you? If you do...why take any kind of precautions at all? Some girls insist on touching you or having you expose yourself or touch her...none of these are any sort of protection from lying police. Police lie all the time. Their human, and everyone wants a promotion (and free sex if possible even under duress). Cops are no better morally than the average person. Cops sleep with hookers all the time (most have penises, remember?).
  15. 411 on Bianca

    She no-showed