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  1. 411 Jenn

    Hahaha, good eye. Proper framing is important when taking photos. 😁
  2. 411 Jenn

    jennis4me2 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Jenn? I've seen her posts on other sites, first time seeing here on TOB. Anyone have any experience?
  3. Denver area transplant intro

    Just wanted to introduce myself, newbie to the board but not new to the hobby. I'm a middle aged white gentleman, recently moved from NYC and looking forward to some new adventures in the Denver metro area. Been a board contributor back east and hope to contribute here. And if you ever need any east coast recs, let me know. Thanks!
  4. Introduction and Backpage question

    I'm new to the Denver area as well, gentleman from NYC and in Denver to stay. Any other general region tips for a transplant? Backpage here sounds just like in New York. But with boards like this and some other search tools, you can play safe. Great to see such an active community here.