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  1. 411 on Ania Lucia

    Yeah I found her switter. But no reviews. Some of her posts said litegfe, not sure what that means.
  2. 411 on Ania Lucia

    *low talent level. I don't see an edit button on my phone to correct it.
  3. 411 on Ania Lucia

    Ania Lucia 720-441-3432 Colorado Massage Hello all. I have gotten frustrated by the blow level talent available at AMPs. Decided to go with a lovely lady on Rub Ratings. I for the price for the body to body sensual massage and am wondering if anyone has seen her. I would like to know what to expect as that is a bit more than an AMP.
  4. TER is again available in USA

    Have you tried visiting the site while using a VPN?
  5. 411 - Mucy Matchless

    Mucy 954-906-2179 Colorado Escort I am just wondering if anyone has seen her. She seems to attractive to be real. Just wondering if the photos are accurate.
  6. Sasha of BP

    Damn. She is a good looking guy.
  7. Sasha of BP

    Sasha 925-238-3971 Colorado Escort Anyone have any idea if she is real? Or close to it?
  8. Adriana

    Finding out a providers sense of humor is a great way to know what kind of service you will get. No humor usually means a mechanical experience.
  9. Ruby Latina/Italiana

    Damn, me too. Those eyes alone would be worth a run through. Imagine staring into those when you cum.
  10. Asian Massage Parlors

    There are two that have been decent the last 6 months and I won't share those, ever since Signature got shut down I won't risk the places I use. I will say Hawaii, June and River Spa are all ones I am tempted to try. I agree with the earlier post that you WILL NOT get the girls in the pictures. In fact, with all the busts 85% of the AMPs now have 40+ year old women so not really worth the money. But if you make a visit or two and report back so I know you are legit, I can tell you one place for sure that has attractive women still. There are no "hidden costs" or "upsells". I don't know what Studman is talking about. It is $40 for half hour and $60 for an hour. (an hour usually comes with a table shower). The about $60 for a HJ, $80 for a BJ and $120-$140 for more.
  11. Newbie friendly recommendations

    Hello all, I am planning to get a P411 membership here soon and want a few references for my profile and also some references for some ladies that don't require P411 but do want at least two references. So I am looking for recommendations for newbie friendly providers who will be willing to give a reference. Feel free to PM me. My hoped for criteria is younger, and not pale.
  12. Why isn't there a Boulder Club69/TheAspenAffair?

    I tried through CL to get a twice a month non professional Boulder student. I am handsome, good job, live close, CU grad. But I never got replies from any cute college hotties. Just girls who looked like serious druggies. The problem probably is that a LOT of the students come from well off families and if they are hot and do not come from money, they find a guy at school who does come from money.
  13. What's the deal with the unprotected sex option?!

    While bareback feels great and nothing beats popping inside a beauty, I would be scared to death to do it. You could catch something, or worse get her preggo and she has your DNA and could soak you for money for a long time if she has your kid. Plus, how crazy would she have to be, to risk HIV and the rest? The only situation I could fathom would be a SUPER high class provider. $1000 visits and the need to bring a clean blood test to the appointment. But if you are gonna pay that much, find a local sugar baby at the college and agree to bareback and you pay for birth control.
  14. 411 on Savonnah

    Yes, sorry, I meant ethnic, as in not Caucasian. I also will admit that when I say hot I mean make you hard just looking at her hot. Or hot as in I could never pick her up hot even being handsome and having decent cash flow. To me that is what is worth paying for. Sorry I didn't link the reviews, there were on erotic monkey if I remember right. Just search her name and review, you will find a few reviews quick. I am gonna have to bite the bullet and do P411 I think. Winnie and Naughty TIffany and Bunny are the level I am looking for. Just hate the idea of my work being contacted.
  15. 411 on gabriellaxoxo

    I haven't seen her myself, but my buddy saw her 4 times about a year ago. He said she is absolutely the girl in the pictures and far hotter in person. If she is in town I might finally have enough cash for a visit!