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  1. the worlds greatest RocknRoll band

    Stones tickets are about 200 to 900, depending on the seating location. Kinda pricey for those of us on Social Security.
  2. What would your ad say fellahs?

    I won't break your bank, just help your back! Thorough and complete massage! Also, very open minded, and willing to perform almost any task, just ask! See my website for rates and services. I live to serve!
  3. Insomnia

    I'm gonna stop whining when the alarm goes off. I'll say a prayer for you guys!
  4. Why am I not surprised by this story...sad...
  5. My advice - ignore anything 2Big posts. I've learned/gained anything from his posts. By the way, you're really pretty!
  6. It's a beautiful Colorado day

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy the evening!
  7. Hello

    Fer reals! Ain't gonna make money with this lame-ass ad!
  8. Insomnia

  9. Whatcha got cookin'

    PB and J sandwich, chips, and leftover halloween candy. I don't cook, I go out. Too icy to drive last night.
  10. Ghosting practice

    Stated perfectly.^^^ Also, there a more crazy stalker clients than you suspect. These guys will use any excuse (a "no thanks" reply for example) to start threatening behaviour.
  11. Ghosting practice

    You're not wrong.