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  1. The happy thread

    Titties! I love titties!
  2. Real men of the forum...

    She has something I want to purchase (time/companionship). If she needs funds, I'm happy to plan an appointment(s) and compensation.. Pretty simple. I do have long term friends, both in, and outside, this business. If they ask, and I can help, I will. Unfortunately, sometimes, I can't.
  3. Booking Apps

    I agree with this. I would not enter my real world info on an escort booking app. I will give a provider that info over the phone, no problem.
  4. How Old is too Old?

    Thank you for the information! Being over 60, I hope to find ladies in my age range, who still partake, and enjoy! I agree with Admiral C, too old = dead. Personally, I prefer providers within 10 years of my age (older, or younger), but they are rare (I'm 62).
  5. References

    I think most of us TOB guys understand this, unfortunately, I think the back page refugee clients have much to learn. Sorry!!!
  6. New provider in town

    Unfortunately, there silly fools in every city and suburb. I'm sorry you had to find out so soon... That said, DTC is popular (lots of daily workers, who take morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks). Also, downtown, Cherry Creek, and Westminster/Thornton seem to do OK. As has been noted, Jefferson County is the riskiest area. Good luck!
  7. References

    Providers want to be safe from predatory men, and johnny law. They often ask for references (providers you've seen before). The names and numbers of those providers are generally publicly advertised info. Providers contact each other, every day, to ask whether "John Q Client" a safe and trusted guy. This is a common, accepted practice. The information they are asking for is confidential, within the provider community. But, it has to be shared between providers, for safety. I hope that answers your question.
  8. Friendships

    This should be a front page notice, highlighted with ribbons and stars!!!!!!
  9. Cash will be around as long as there are escorts, gigolos, mistresses, and dr*g buyers and sellers. If it's outside normal lawful transactions, cash is the best option.
  10. Truth in Advertising

    I think those that don't write reviews, have no justification to criticize the reviews that are written. Just my opinion.
  11. Adultfriendfinder and the like

    I resemble that remark!
  12. Clearly, you've arranged your life, so that cash is inconvenient. It's not inherently inconvenient. I doubt I would ever do that, as I have no reason to avoid cash, and it works great, especially for escorts!
  13. Truth in Advertising

    I'm gonna try really hard to NOT POST, in response to Stevie, Mr Pink, Hobby Hobbit, or Turtle138. These guys are clearly trolling. I need to stop validating them.
  14. I really do not understand, why a guy needs to pay, with anything other than cash. There are thousands of ATMs in Denver. If you have time, and money, to set up a Paypal, or Venmo transaction, get cash from an ATM instead! It's not rocket surgery!