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  1. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    Once "Mr 11 inches" started posting, I suspected this was the case.
  2. In-Call ???

    All I can tell you is, I started doing this in the 80's, and I've never run into a sting, or rip-off. Part of that is luck, and part is using the big head. I don't think there are any secrets. Start with girls who have multiple reviews, from frequent reviewers. Don't take unnecessary risks. Use the internet to do research. Stay away from unknowns, until you develop some skills, and a spidey-sense for fakes. Lastly, if you have too much to lose, to give the girl some basic information about yourself, find other hobbies. Strippers and porn, for example!
  3. Retirement

    Best of luck! Live long and prosper!
  4. Trim your trees

    What!? This?!!
  5. CIalis vs. flowmax

    Gotta agree with gr8owl on this!
  6. Advice Please.

    Here is my opinion (worth what you pay for it). The guy is willing to pay for dinner, but not pay you. He claims it's because you wont do some act(s) in a session. He's lying to you (and maybe himself) about something. Why date you, if your activities are less than he usually pays for? Why not befriend one of the ladies he does see? It just doesn't add up.
  7. Loving the cooler weather....

    Go up to Red Rocks and explore. Visit Buffalo Bill's grave. Take a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Go to Chatfield or Cherry Creek people fish, boat, water ski, or do it yourself! Walk around Washington Park, or City Park, and people watch.
  8. Dog Bless You…

    I've been playing music, in bands, since I was 13. I expect to do it until my body won't cooperate. It's my avocation. I love farming, although I don't own one. I have some relatives with land, and I love visiting! The outdoor physical labor is a great change! I've owned cats and dogs. Both can bring me joy, but cats are definitely easier. I'm a tradesman with a small (just me) business, and so I relate to the the ladies here. Dealing with potential customers can be quite the headache. Still, I'd rather do it on my own, than work for someone else. I used to read a lot, but that disappeared when I started the business. I love movies though! Netflix and Amazon Prime are wonderful!
  9. Creating an Account

    What is this unintelligible gibberish you write? Is english your second language? I had no problem understanding Sabrina. I also agree, with her, that guys who lie, about references and profiles, don't deserve to meet the ladies who post here.
  10. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    I think they both got the judgement they deserved. Hopefully she doesn't have to wait 10 years for the payout.
  11. Loving life.....and moving on....

    This is really true. Expecting the people who post here, to give an intelligent, well researched answer, is not gonna work. We're just a bunch of misfits trying to have some fun. Whenever I read a thread here, asking for opinions, I generally think "you're asking people like me?!? You need to ask someone smarter!"
  12. Discrection in coming to incall....

    I love it! Rather than keep quiet, and let people wonder who the idiot was, you speak up, and remove all doubt!
  13. ID Rant

    Yeah! Rather than make a valid argument counter to the original argument, let's drag up something, not pertinent, from 4 years ago, point a finger, and call her a witch! Yeah! You guys would flunk high school debate!
  14. ID Rant

    If you can show me info about an escort (other than Aileen Wuornos, one in several million) who murdered multiple clients, maybe you would have a point. However, every time a female escort meets a new male client, she's at risk of death, enslavement, torture, robbery, and, of course, arrest. Not quite comparable to "being outed". In my opinion your argument is specious, at best.