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  1. Freaky, Fetish, Fun

    Providers are not going to advertise specific acts, in the era of F osta and S esta. They will probably not answer questions about them either. Try searching the reviews for your acronyms, maybe you'll have some answers there. Good Luck!
  2. Most Romantic place to stay in Springs

    If you use escorts...that may mean you, and me too!
  3. Happy Valentines Day Denver❣

    Made me Laugh Out Loud!
  4. Which one?

    Not true! When I started doing this (from ads in the Rocky Mountain Oyster), that's all I did. I felt more comfortable if she came to me...
  5. Patience

    The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
  6. I love Men!

    All I can say're the one who seems to be afraid of "a bunch of militant feminists out there with zero tolerance for anyone who doesn't support their ideological agenda. " I'm glad you've been successful, but that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
  7. Self-driving cars

    While a computer can "think" faster than a human brain, that doesn't mean the mechanical process of braking, steering, and avoiding a car, or human, will operate as well as a live person. I'll take Dale Earnhardt over a self-driving car, for now.
  8. I love Men!

    Good Lord! Melissa posts some praise for the type of man she likes and some whiny scaredy cat feels the need to warn her about women who frighten him. Melissa, you feel free to praise whoever you like. Easytimes, maybe you need to move out of mom's basement, and grow a pair!
  9. Manscaping

    I trim the hair, on any part of my body, that a mouth might go near.
  10. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    Life happens. Condoms are not 100% perfect. Chill out dude. I'll bet you you're creating the " my dick burns a little" in your paranoid mind.
  11. Self-driving cars

    I'm having great difficulty believing we'll ever have a self driving auto, on the roads of today. There are way too many unpredictable possibilities, both pedestrian and vehicular. Just recall the last time you had to hit your brakes quickly, because someone pulled in front of you with no notice.
  12. Proper etiquette?

    If she doesn't have rates listed on a website, P411, or an ad somewhere...I'm not going to contact her. This is her business, whether part time or full time. IMHO it's up to her to let us know pricing for her time.
  13. Denver options?

    Specifically, you can search the reviews here: Try searching on terms like "kiss" "squirt" etc. Good luck!
  14. Snow Day

    Yes! ^^^ If you normally work outdoors (construction, exterior painting, grounds maintenance, etc), the cold could be the reason work is cancelled.