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  1. Tina Turner

    Quote from Tina: “People think my life has been tough, but I think has been a wonderful journey. The older you get, the more you realize it’s not what happens, but how you deal with it.”
  2. Tell me about money

    I'm self employed. When I earn more than I need, to pay bills, I can hobby. Pretty straightforward.
  3. Offering bbfs

    I know clients ask for this, but I'm still a little shocked. Unprotected FS is just like inviting an STD. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
  4. Do you remember?

    I'm glad you had a good time! I learned to drive in one of these:
  5. " Why do hobbyist here haggle providers about their donation? " Because we're men, and we're stupid.
  6. Will the Bush ever come back

    FYI you can choose "review search", and then choose "natural" and/or "trimmed" to find ladies that have hair down there. Best of luck!
  7. Favorite Halloween Candy

    Amazon has them: Hershey's King size
  8. Chivalry: is it dead?!

    This is a motto I try to live by also. Thank you for mentioning it! Treating anyone else poorly, whether it's a provider, or a client, is just asking for bad karma. None of us want that!
  9. Anyone seen eve

    If you google search the phone number from rubratings, you'll find a few other ads, on different sites, with face pictures.
  10. Anybody miss Trump yet?

    Anybody miss Trump yet? Can't miss somebody who constantly keeps himself in the news.
  11. Sexy, Naughty, Kinky Senior Citizens

    Honestly, at 64, I'm starting to be slightly afraid of this kind of future. I'm not much of a stud!
  12. RIP Charlie Watts

    Being a drummer myself, I always admired his ability to keep a very steady and solid beat. It can be quite difficult to do! He kept the Stones rockin'! RIP