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  1. What's in Your Glass?

    Water...can't live without it!
  2. Nothing in particulars

    I truly laughed out loud!
  3. Thank you. I'm on a roll

    Glad things are going well for you! I hope it continues!
  4. Hello

    Traffic here has the same effect on me!
  5. Mans Dinner Menu

    Personally, whenever I have the option, I choose childhood favorites. Things I rarely got unless mom, or my sister, made them. Hamburgers, potato salad, potatos au gratin, corn on the cobb, dinner rolls, freshly made salad, home-made cookies, cherry pie, and on and on. Family foods from childhood have always made me feel "home". Regardless of what you cook, I'm sure the gathering will be fun, warm, and joyful. You, and your family, will be there, right!
  6. Thanks to you

    That's kind of you to say! In return, thank you for tolerating us oldsters, youngsters, stinkers, and slinkers! Luv ya!
  7. just takes a second ...

    I think the world would be a better place, if every person said something kind, to another human, everyday. (I admire you...You're sweet...etc.) "I'm better than everyone else." is just delusional, and a lie.
  8. 411 om Misscorrinemarie?

    It seems pretty reckless and cruel, to me, to post something like this, which could negatively affect a provider. No evidence of anything, just "I got a bad feeling." I've probably done a couple dozen incalls, and outcalls, at laquintas over the last 15 years. She has several positive, believable reviews here. I think you're being paranoid, and kind of silly. You can certainly choose not to see her, but it's fucked up to post this publicly.
  9. I see Mr Pink is, once again, trying to add to the unhappiness in the world. Good job!
  10. Posted without comment

    Will that make your penis grow?
  11. Reviews

    As long as the provider had a current ad posted somewhere, or a website (with a phone and email), I haven't had any problem.
  12. No towels!

    Probably aren't familiar with hand towels and washcloths (sarcasm off).
  13. want a large women

    Just in case anybody doesn't know, 2Big is a long term troll here. Responding to posts like this ^ with indignation, or arguments, just makes him happy. Have a nice day!