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  1. IMO, you've already been here too long. As I asked earlier, why don't you start a board, instead of whining like a child.
  2. I just wear a tinfoil hat, as Laci suggested in another thread.
  3. What we need is...

    You're delusional. The "hobby" has been going on in Colorado since the 1800s. The online community has been going since the 1990s. No lack of interest, or business, here. You really should start your own board, (ECCIE jr?) since you know everything about online prostitution.
  4. RubMaps No More

    You guys seem to think it's "us" against "them". IMHO, it is "us" against "us". Again, the "global elite" have power because we freely gave it to them, via elections, and by giving them money (purchases, donations). It is a choice on our part. We can always take the power back.
  5. Sure seems like lot of gossip in this thread...
  6. I've never seen any "cool kids" on here. I've seen pretty much everybody ridiculed, on this board, at some time. No one is above ridicule, or inherently unworthy of respect. We all earn those (ridicule and respect), IMHO. There is a difference between "having a different opinion", and insisting this board change to suit someones wants and needs. I would call that disrespectful. This board belongs to those who own it. They decide what goes on. Not me, you, or any other member. All the best!
  7. I strongly disagree with this! People who try to cheat others, people who threaten others, people who write false reviews, people who use false references, people who use others' pics, and lastly, people who attempt to demean others (see 2bigs post in this thread) deserve NO respect. They certainly won't get any from me
  8. RubMaps No More

    You do realize, don't you, that nobody has power over you, or anyone else, unless you (we) allow them to. Politicians need our votes, and business people need our money. This "global elite" has no inherent, built-in power. They get power because we give it to them. Many people want to complain about their leaders. Few are willing to do something to get rid of them.
  9. RubMaps No More

    Really!?! Bit of an exaggeration IMO. While I don't like the recent legislation, regarding trafficking, we still have: Freedom of the press Freedom of speech Freedom of association Freedom of religion Right to bear arms Right to due process Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment Freedom from slavery Right to vote You also have the right to try and change laws, and amend the constitution. Could be useful in this case! If you believe there is a better nation, you have the freedom to move there!
  10. Why even review now

    Why would you want to? Every meeting is different. You might say " It was like being with my girlfriend!" or "She seemed distracted, distant, and wanted me gone ASAP". For me, those are pretty informative!
  11. Happy Birthday Raine

  12. Contacting CaseyKK

    I think Juan has the right idea! Sorry, I have no info!
  13. Clearly, it wasn't inadvertent. Would you be happy if you were asked to take less pay for the same work?
  14. Assholes are taunting and celebrating

    We can take comfort in this... Anyone who uses their time, and effort, to communicate (text, email, or phone) taunts and rude comments is a HUGE LOSER. I'm pretty certain they have no life, no love, and no empathy. Pity them.