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  1. Just gonna put this out there.

    Sorry for your loss!
  2. Flu bug

    I would welcome them.
  3. New to Denver! :)

    Seriously...guys get turned down, by TOB providers, for being the wrong race, look, age, height, weight, and many other reasons. SKG is mistaken. I do agree with him, that you should publish any restrictions up front. However, I think a provider has the right to turn down business, for any reason, and the guys can post reviews, and alerts, to warn others. Welcome, and good luck!
  4. Compassion in this life

    A bit of a guess...I think "Ilovewomen", "airamericavet", and "comfortseeker" believe that "sweet satine'" (or possibly another provider) is posting under multiple handles. However, none of them has come right out and stated that; just lots of hinting.
  5. Latina Providers

    I just searched the reviews (reviews -> review search -> ethnicity -> latina) and found over a dozen girls, with positive reviews in 2018. Hopefully, that helps! Good luck!
  6. What's In Your Toolbox?

    Personally, I look for recent reviews, a website, blog or twitter (or recent board posts), and advertising. I usually do a google search, and read everything I can find. If she has some good recent reviews, posts/twitter/blog that I like, and rates I can afford, I'll try to book, when I have time.
  7. Stevie, we agree twice in a month! Who would have guessed! DarkWriter , seriously, check the reviews.
  8. Newbie needs help

  9. I like getting my ass licked

    Speaking for myself, I've never asked for it, or expected it. It's not important to me. It does feel nice, but it can be a health risk. That's why I don't go there. I suspect most guys are similar to me. Clearly you have a fetish for it. Good luck!
  10. Deciding to walk.

    I honestly don't pay very close attention to superficial stuff like tats, hair color, height, or makeup. If I like her looks, I focus on interacting, both physically and conversationally. I've probably failed in being accurate regarding looks. Mea Culpa.
  11. Denver foothills

    Richard Goesinya lied. Your email address is not visible. Enjoy your stay!
  12. after lady retires

    Yes, one.