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  1. Can't change password

    Damnit I have the same password...
  2. Photo Switch

    Oddly enough that's what's happening on Amazon a lot now. Some chinese company will release a simple product, get a ton of good reviews, and then without changing the item number, replace the pictures, title, and description with their new product. Day 1 it has tons of 5 star reviews, and only if you read the reviews will you see that it's for a dish towel not the latest greatest ipad knockoff. Same idea here possibly. Get a seasoned provider to start a profile, get a couple good reviews, then transfer it to someone new who now will get more business right away because of previous reviews.
  3. skipthegames info

    I notice STG will change the fake ads' location to "Cleaner" or something like that, and then the ad disappears a short time later. They're actively working to keep it cleaned up which is great.
  4. Hottest unintentional movie character?

    Always had a thing for Paget Brewster in various roles. She was considering posing in Playboy but finally decided against it.
  5. skipthegames info

    In Colorado Springs, skipthegames only has about 20% fake ads, the rest are legitimate girls working in the area. The fake ones seem to be cleared out regularly also.
  6. Chicks dig scars - man I hope so!

    Been there, done that. Had to have a scar from a previous surgery surgically removed and it was at 90%. Once you're mostly done, see if you can get the blue light treatment done. Big scar reduction, plus burns off a lot of the precancerous cells. Makes your skin look like you were 25 again once you're done.
  7. late night or day time?

    Mornings are great for me. A little fun, then go out for breakfast.
  8. Sexy Slim

    Isn't that https://theotherboard.com/users/133923 then?
  9. Insomnia

    This video has been helpful for a lot of people I know with insomnia issues. It gives several different strategies. Pay attention to the one on sleep compression. It sucks to do but it works. It's a long video, but she's a psychologist who has long struggled with insomnia herself.
  10. Whatcha got cookin'

    Started a pot of bolognese sauce early this morning. It really does need to simmer for 4 hours or more for the flavors to blend right. Just had a big ol bowl of spag-bog.
  11. Insomnia

    I went 9 months several years backwith no more than 20-30 minutes total a day. I saw drs every 2-3 weeks to try something new. Nothing helped, until doing research myself I figured out what was wrong with me. For me, it was taking a diurnal cortisol test from zrtlab.com and finding out my hormone levels were in the holy horse shit batman zone. It ends up I have something that was often used on episodes of House MD as the mystery diagnosis. There are about a hundred different causes of insomnia, and there's no one size fits all. For example, taking melatonin only helps if your specific issue is a melatonin deficiency. To make it worse, taking melatonin supplements stops your body from making its own melatonin which can cause its own issues.
  12. Homeless teens

    Those wanting to donate gear like sleeping bags, backpacks, etc., you should consider going to Sierra Trading Post at Barnes and Powers. You can get new gear to donate for a great price, meaning you can get more for your bucks. You can even just directly donate gift cards I'm sure...
  13. Since some ladies still can’t access TOB

    Attn tech support: Next time you decide to change your IP addr info on the site, about a week before you want to set the TTL on the zone to something like 5 minutes. After the cutover is completely, you can change it back to something like an hour.
  14. What happened to Scarlett Jayne Dinardo in Colo Springs

    She's definitely still working, just not advertising here currently. She's active on Twitter though and is actively working.