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  1. The quarterly geography refresher course

    Makes me miss earlier times where the ad's location would be a bit more specific, like GoG&25, Airport, West Side, North Academy. I miss that, made it easier to plan things between work and home.
  2. Would you be offended

    I learned something today. I always kept mouthwash in the car too, but it just dawned on me its probably a good idea to make sure it's alcohol free, which I normally don't like. And knowing is half the battle...
  3. Should we give second chances.

    It's like pancakes. Yes, I said pancakes. Because I know at one point, you went to go get some pancakes, and they weren't all that good. Maybe still wet in the middle, maybe burnt. Either way, you're turned off them for a while. I'd say move on at least temporarily. There's french toast to enjoy, bacon and eggs to devour, even a quiche for a special treat. Then one day you're at the diner, you're hungry, and you see pancakes on the menu. You know someone in another booth just ordered some, and you imagine how good they'd taste. The thought of them now sounds good. It's time to take a risk and order a stack... Down the line consider trying one of those three again, you'll know when it's the right time to make the attempt. Or maybe I've just had a few too many tonight.
  4. Question About Excuses.

    Simple. When they don't show up, just record their excuse and forget about them. If they come back later trying again, then they must prove the excuse. Like a receipt from the tire place, the obituary for grandma, the arrest report, the vial holding their appendix in formaldehyde, etc.
  5. It must be me

    Been there done that!
  6. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    Amazon gift cards can now be sent as a link. So dude goes to amazon.com, spends X$ on a card. Gets the link, and simply sends it in a text message to the gal on her work number. Works great I think...
  7. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    And who doesn't love a bunch of Amazon gift cards?
  8. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    My buddy who also has hobbied on and off over the years, he knows what he's doing, but he's just not the kind that would ever participate on a forum. Just not his style.... He'd go right for the listings and make a decision in like 2 minutes. Then wouldn't come back to the website for a month or so.
  9. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    You're right when you refer to TOB gents as those that mostly frequent the forums. Remember though, in the new modern reality, this is now the go-to place for not just "us" but every guy around, from crusty old miners and cowboys up to us gentrified cattle ranch owners...
  10. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    One thing I learned though is, how they market is their business, not mine, unless they ask. My initial thought is yeah, I agree, things like having a mix of pro photos/selfies, an ad that promises the best experience for everyone! Having an ad that reaches out to all markets makes sense right? The feedback has been nope... no way. There's a target market that each reaches for, because that's what they feel comfortable with, and are best at. Hehheh, a buddy has 2 3000GTs. One is a daily driver that's plenty fast as is, the other is a sleeper but he's constantly having to fuss with it to keep it running right. But to the untrained eye, they both look pretty much the same car....
  11. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    Our Megan here made a good point some time back. Ads, pictures, styles, they all must be tailored to the wants and needs of the target audience. While many of us here are not understanding or liking the bunny ears, big eyes, new slang, etc., there is still a target market that would look at that and go "Damn, thats my shizzle" or some such and book an appt. It's all marketing for the lady. Makes me think of car marketing sometimes too. A new car comes out, is marketed towards the young, hip crowd. All the buyers however are in their 40s, 50s. Are the car marketers surprised by this, or was it just part of their plan?
  12. Just Wrong!

    Even the well-known gents occasionally can get sloppy in their habits and manners, and need correction. The actual question I guess is, does a well-known gent deserve more leeway in their transgressions than some newbie? Maybe its the opposite, that the newbie should have a little latitude until they fully are trained in how to behave, and someone who should know better gets punished for a screwup they should not have made?
  13. Best fishing spots!

    Pueblo reservoir and the Arkansas river down in Pueblo is about 45-50 minutes away. You have Deckers, and 11 mile too.
  14. Alien Luvin

    I'm just so... damn happy to see so many Farscape fans. Going to watch a few episodes tonight...
  15. Alien Luvin

    Gotta love Chiana