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  1. Tis the season for giving.

    https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=4509 CEO makes $496k. Supposedly they spend about 80% on "program expenses" which research and such falls under, and about 20% on overhead. So better than it used to be. However, there are several others that do much better.
  2. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    I'd go straight to the gift card for a masseuse... I'd hate to permanently injure someone!!
  3. Tis the season for giving.

    I wish this charity had a Colorado chapter. https://www.comfortcases.org/ I've been involved with the foster care system in CO and these poor kids have such poor lives. It's true just how much having some real personal luggage can help them transition from home to home instead of living out of a damn garbage bag. That leads into Adoptex https://www.adoptex.org/get-involved/donate/online-donations/ They're the organization that connects potential adoptive parents with the kids in the foster care system here and in a few neighboring states. I think they do more to get kids into permanent stable homes than just about anyone else around.
  4. RIP: August Ames

    Lucy got my definition of mob correct. I'm from Jersey. If I meant the Mafia, it'd be "The Mob" not the mob... I meant the bands of ... well, I can't think of a word bad enough. Subhumans? The ones that go around attacking people for wrong-think.
  5. RIP: August Ames

    I've seen a few bits of this story. It's pretty damn sad what the mob did to her. Everyone is all about "Respect your personal boundaries, etc" but as soon as she tried to, the mob decided it wasn't allowed since it was against a protected group. Then one of them told her to take cyanide and die. Identity politics of all types is one of the most evil things in the world today. I interact someone they start off as an individual with all the wonderful unique traits an individual has. As soon as they start identifying as a member of a group rather than a person, they lose all distinctiveness to me, I simply treat them as a member of a group and not a person anymore. That's the choice they make. Because identity politics is what killed this person. Kills people every damn day.
  6. West Denver, Lakewood, Golden

    Exactly... there's plenty. Be careful of the hotels, but there's lots of private incalls that are perfectly safe.
  7. "Embellishing" Providers?

    I've seen numerous comments concerning what to do. Yes, you're free to simply say "I'm sorry, you're not who I expected" and turn around and leave. I think the ones that would use very misleading pics know this can happen to them. Read the reviews thoroughly for clues to the deceptions. Also, one thing you must consider, you may end up potentially having a great time. So there's no hard and fast rule...
  8. From the hoses mouth

    Oh no! Sending my best wishes and hopes for fast, pain free healing! And let me say, it takes a lot of guts to come out and say what you did publicly like this. Sucks that you seem to have been forced into it though.
  9. Review Bullying

    This does rather suck, and I know it happens more than it should. Reviews can be a great part of this system we have here... I've found writing reviews are a lot of fun, both for being able to re-live what happened, and also because it seems that most of the gals love reading their own reviews to see what we thought of the experience. What we really loved and what we didn't. How we felt about the whole experience. I admit it makes me happy when I've been contacted later by someone saying they loved how I wrote the review. A simple "I had a great time, will repeat" is rather a sorry review I think, but you don't have to go into all the details like are required by TER and Eccie. I can even see the gal being able to maybe control what kind of reviews can be written for her. Such as no reviews, "Ratings only", and full written review options. Rating only would have the basic "Clean? Prompt? Value? Will Repeat?" kind of yes/nos. Full reviews are like the best of what we have now. Us guys would be able to give more weight to those that allow the full reviews if we want to. Anyway, back more on topic. Reviews are overall a great thing, but can be abused. Here it's a little more balanced than other sites with the rebuttal system and all. But unwarranted bad reviews can definitely hurt business.
  10. The Friday after Thanksgiving needs a new name

    Now that's what today is for... and yes, it must have the cranberry sauce on the sandwich.
  11. Oops I drank *** before ***

  12. I'm Not an Axe Murderer.

    Ah, the Al Franken excuse....
  13. I'm Not an Axe Murderer.

    I have to ask though. The vast majority of the men here are willing to share enough personal information to make the providers feel safe. There are doctors, lawyers, police, government officials, pastors, etc., who do so every day. I have to wonder what special circumstance you experience that requires your need for anonymity.
  14. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    I'd prefer a "spend the day with me" option... meet for breakfast, go somewhere, do stuff, go back to the room for a bit, do something else, fun lunch, etc.
  15. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    I think it really needs to have the rules set up ahead of time though. I'd hate to think you'd get some guy who practices with a death grip twice a day try to go a full 8 hours of plowing away till there's nothing left but an imprint in the mattress. I'd actually feel better myself when I read the guidelines saying things like there will be X numbers of hours of sleep, meal expectations, all that. There's some really good examples of the rules I've seen done.