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  1. 411 - Corey FBSM

    The difference between decriminalization and legalization. Legalization not only carries with it taxation, but also special interest groups that protect their own interests, like LMT schools that lobby for certifications in order to practice, who then get laws passed to make them not nice to haves but requirements to practice the craft.
  2. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    A couple hundred inbred idiots calling themselves Nazis and doing jackass salutes does not make them real Nazis. Ask people who survived concentration camps if these are the same type of people who managed to murder up to twenty million people. Its frankly insulting. And yes, I want them to speak. There's no better way to discredit them than let them speak. I've seen KKK and neoNazi rallies before, they've always been pathetic. Do you realize what is actually happening instead? People who wouldn't have given them a second thought are now reacting in exactly the opposite way, they're seeing what happened, where and becoming sympathetic. Will they convert to their ideals? Oh no. But they're seeing people saying they have no right to speak, that they don't have basic human rights because of their ideas. Normal people are seeing how dangerous the thought police are being and it's revolting to them. Be very careful with wanting to strip rights from a group of people based on their ideas, because when the political winds change, that power will be used against y our groups.
  3. We Vibe

    Read this article... https://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2017/03/14/wevibe-fined-2-million-cad-shipping-insecure-smart-vibrators/#.tnw_QZACXgj3
  4. Those that just say "It was slavery and that's it!" are simply so incomplete as to just be wrong. There are thousands of books covering the many reasons for the civil war. This goes back hundreds of years, issues like Jeffersonians, economic destruction in northern factories vs southern plantations, all sorts of issues. Jo you're right, there were multiple reasons. And why it's treated as an afterthought is simple reactionary politics. If you ask a thoughtful person the causes of the Civil War, he might say something like 50% slavery, 25% this, 20% that, 5% something else. Then as that person gets attacked by people saying "No it's 100% slavery", simple human nature is going to make them emphasize the other parts more and more until slavery angle is minimized. 1/4 my family fought for the north, 1/4 for the south. One of my ancestors was in a northern POW camp and barely survived. None of the southern part of the family had slaves, they were way too poor.
  5. New to three board

    Hey welcome to TOB, Veronica! Hope you have a great time...
  6. Check Mate

    What kind of fraud though? Just insufficient funds but on a proper account? Stolen checks? Forged checks?
  7. Advice Please.

    I actually agree with what Lucy and Sam just posted. First time should be as an escort, even though it's just to dinner. You can negotiate a reduced rate, etc if you'd like. After that, then you can decide. If this were my situation as the guy, I'd have no problem playing by the rules the first time as part of the cost of risk for what I'd be looking for, because I would understand the reluctance.
  8. For the love of...

    Wooo hooo... it might not last, but there is this big yellow thing in the sky that feels warm. And the sky is blue today! Another good start to my morning...
  9. Loving the cooler weather....

    Camping!!! Oh yeah, the Botanical Gardens in Denver... that's your destination for this weekend! You two will have a great time there!
  10. Dog Bless You…

    I have yet to meet anyone that didn't like the book "Freehold" by Michael Z Williamson when I recommended it to them. Very strong woman lead character, so full of kick ass. One of the major characters is an escort, and ... well, it's a must read for scifi fans. It's usually free on Kindle so you get hooked and buy the rest of the series. I'm on my third border collie. The first, we got back in '99, was a pure bred, and so damn smart. After he died, we picked up a border collie corgi mix from the Colorado cell dog program- https://www.coloradoci.com/serviceproviders/puppy/index.html. That program does more for dogs and folks in jail than anything. If you're considering getting a dog, please see if you can support the program. It's a lifesaver for so many folks that are incarcerated. Unfortunately he died after we only had him a few years, and we just got our latest, a jack russel/border collie mix, as a young rescue pup last year. Should have named him Spring, because he can certainly bounce...
  11. For the love of...

    I find I use my hot tub more to warm the hell up then to just go out and enjoy it!
  12. Nasty, disgusting, sexist jokes - got any?OK

    "I'm sorry miss, participating in gang bangs isn't what we meant when we asked if you were a team player..."
  13. Saying Hello

    Yeah, get to post #10 then you' can piss people off with impunity! Hehheh But seriously... welcome, hopefully you have a great time here!
  14. Have you ever regretted not writing a review

    Could a provider write a review on another provider that they were brought together as a two girl show? So I could write a review on girl 1 and 2, and they can both write reviews on each other!
  15. Gramps

    Ok SexieLexy, if I ever get a chance to see you, I want naughty prom queen fantasy...