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  1. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    Just a couple weeks ago, all the news commentary was "The economy is doing great, why is everyone so pessimistic?" Basically trying to raise enthusiasm for Bidenomics. Then it got really quiet with that line of commentary. Then the last couple days the actual numbers are coming out and things are worse. CPI is still too high, inflation is still too high. When you figure in just how much more expensive everything is in reality not government propaganda numbers, tied in with no real increases in income, it's not surprising that things are rough in the hobby front, which really sucks. I know we all wish we had a lot more disposable income to get out and play with. It's just a sucky situation all over.
  2. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    I guess I'm pretty lucky. My one special friend that retired several years back, I still see her when we can get together. She'll let me know she wants a booty call... and I, being that good friend, and more than willing to help her out!

    "I'm not sure if it's my place to say this, but you really need to go talk to your eye doctor. I think something is really wrong..." "Why?" "Well, you have worse aim than a blind hunter..."
  4. Meanwhile what a show in Arctic

    That's really darn cool. We need things like that around here more.
  5. Happy Hollidays!

    I always liked making shortbread as gifts!
  6. Happy Hollidays!

    Surely just one won't hurt...
  7. Sprinkler Start Up

    On that full leg, do you get a couple that are normal, then it suddenly loses pressure after that? Or is the whole leg low pressure? That should help you figure out where the issue is. In the first case check it between the last full pressure and the first low pressure. If it's the entire leg, then between the solenoid and the first head.
  8. Sprinkler Start Up

    Unfortunately when that happened to me, it was because there was a break in the line. Ran it long enough to find "the wet spot" in the ground. Then just started digging...
  9. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Watching "3rd Rock From the Sun" right now!
  10. Historical in the Springs?

    Check out the Old Colorado City Historical Society. https://occhs.org/ They can show you which side of the street had all the bars and brothels, and where the tunnels are that connected them to the "proper" side of the street!
  11. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    I kinda see the resemblance... its a facial structure thing! Me... I always got Radar O'Reilly before I started shaving my head.
  12. Colorado Springs

    It's a shame that's the case, but it's pretty much true. Some good guys down here, but overall a bunch of no talent ass clowns that screw it up for everyone else.
  13. Make up or natural?

    Not sure you'll get a good answer. Some guys will want makeup, others don't. For me, doesn't matter it's more about you feeling more comfortable. That's what I'm going to notice.