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  1. Bodyrub

    Lots of great reviews, and she's very nice to chat with. I don't think you can go wrong!
  2. What should I wear?

    I'd say this is the difference between the PSE and the more relaxed, comfortable experiences. Some like the PSE primarily or once in a while, so dressing up can be part of the fantasy experience. I usually want a kind smile to greet me, the outfit could be a track suit, a robe, or a naughty nurse outfit, whatever works.
  3. What should I wear?

    Down here in the Springs, there's a company that delivers cookies to your home or office. Delicious, delicious cookies! Their name is Sasquatch cookies. For a couple bucks extra, the delivery person will actually dress up in a Sasquatch costume when coming up to your door... Maybe the more outlandish the costume, the less likely someone is to notice and care!
  4. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    Always liked xhamster.com over pornhub...
  5. A Screening Conundrum

    Have them come to a forum such as here, and just read for a while. Spend a week or two. They'll learn more about everything, get viewpoints on things, learn lingo, all that. Then tell them to not be afraid to ask a few questions. Have them PM some of us to ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking. People get comfortable with things through education. Coming to a site like this and learning is a good education. Many of us here are in the same role in life as they are, and we've learned.
  6. A Screening Conundrum

    One thing to remember about the police is, they're not going to put more effort than is needed. They're not going to go through a ton of work to forge emails/social media history, when they could just put an ad out with some hot girls pictures on it and get 20 guys. Or just act like a client and call 15 girls to see if they can get a no-screen outcall to a hotel room by the airport. It's relatively not much work and then they get to say to the media: "Woo hoo we got 35 arrests in a sex trafficking sting." <lots of fluff in a press release then way down at the bottom:> "None of those arrested are actual traffickers or victims." Anyway, yeah, work email works well. The guy just needs to send something from jim@abc-company.com to you saying something innocuous. When you get the email to your gmail for example, it will do spam checks to make sure the mail did originate on the abc-company.com mail servers and aren't forged.
  7. A Screening Conundrum

    You'll have to look into newbie friendly providers. They will most likely want to talk on the phone with you for a bit, or something like that. All in all, its a matter of risk. Your risk and theirs. By refusing to give out personal info, you are pushing all the risk on her. Here's the thing to think about though: CEOs, lawyers, politicians, clergy, they all agree to screening at some point. So how do you manage your side of the risk? If you agree to screening, make it with someone well reviewed and respected. They get that way by their discretion. When they get your screening info, for example LinkedIn, they're not going to be your buddy on it. They check to make sure that you have a profile with history, that isn't brand new (like a cop sting would be). Other screening might be just sending an email from your work email address. All they care about is making sure you're not LEO or someone who might have been featured on Unsolved Murders.
  8. Ultra-high-end

    This makes me thing about this from the other direction. If I were CEO of UltraMegaCorp, how would I approach getting an escort? Would I make the call and handle screening myself? Or would I have my lawyer/personal assistant come up with a list of acceptable options, have them approach, handle NDAs, payments, hotels/apartments, all that fun stuff, and I'd never even know the cost?
  9. Ultra-high-end

    I can't say personally I'd ever be interested in ultra-high end like as described. I'm not saying out of my league, it's that I'd have nothing in common. And I don't know, its weird to say and all, but they don't need me.
  10. Quick Car Date

    Yeah, i didn't have all the seams but it was pretty much that, only with the same color carpet, and even the same leather color on the roof.
  11. Quick Car Date

    Mine was the opposite direction in size. I drove a pimp red 70's Cadillac, with pimp red leather and pimp red carpet interior. I could lay out straight in the back seat and be comfortable... We could just about fit an entire orgy in that ride.
  12. Favorite Time to Hobby

    Mornings for me. And apparently guys most like mornings too from what I've seen in surveys and such. It's funny though, when I see so many gals that are obviously up all night long, posting ads at 2, 3am. And then if someone were to message them at like 6 or 7 am, no response until late afternoon.
  13. Looking for provider recommendations

    The problem I have when going between cities on my motorcycle is it takes so much longer to get there because I have to take the scenic curvy routes. Luckily I shave my noggin' so the hair thing isn't an issue!
  14. Be thankful!!!

    You just moved a little faster than your stellar reputation. It will catch up!
  15. Best pool party

    My pup likes to lay on the cover of the hot tub. It's a good spot for him, good visibility to watch everything, warm too. So one day I'm in the hot tub, and for some reason it didn't click in his head that the cover was off and he jumped up and I suddenly feel this huge splash behind me. He wasn't happy about it at all!!! It was about a month before he climbed up on the cover again and even then you see him check the cover first to make sure it's there...