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  1. California Hepatitis A Outbreak

    And the Hep A vaccine is easy to get!
  2. Denver Night Entertainment

    Remember I'm under "House Arrest" until probably after New Years...
  3. Thank you

    It's like 10 a day...
  4. Denver Night Entertainment

    That looks so cool! Wish I could make it before they're gone.
  5. Mans Dinner Menu

    Who could possibly hate American food? Don't forget to order a pizza! Recently had some Aussie friends come for a visit for a bit over a week. All they wanted was Mexican, burgers, pizza, just everything local! They even loved going to Black Eyed Pea and were amazed at free refills, baskets of rolls and cornbread, everything. I understand though about not knowing what the newcomers might want to do. Hopefully they want to experience all the great food and sights we offer. And probably put on 10 lbs...I mean, 4.5 kilos. England does Chinese and Indian food really well. And other foods from the former British Empire. They even say that English makes better Indian food than India in most cases.
  6. Mans Dinner Menu

    In most areas they might have bbq, mexican, etc., but they're pale imitations. Tacos in Euroland tend to be the blandest things you've ever had, for example. Do the best burgers you can pull off, get a few lbs of various bbq meats from a local shop, go with the potato salad, all that. Go all American picnic.
  7. Colorado Winters..

    I think we had one of those cold snaps a couple years ago, where it was 0 degrees F for like a month. That being said, I would be out on the front porch chatting with neighbors, with nothing more than a fleece jacket. As long as the humidity is crazy low and there's no wind, it doesn't feel as cold as it shows on the dial.
  8. Cause every good drama has one

    No one song of course.. things change.
  9. Ready for winter?

    Makes me think of a Criminal Minds episode...
  10. New Game of the Week

    Dixie Normous Although it does remind me of a guy I used to work with. His real name given by his parents: Dick Wiggler.
  11. No towels!

    Eh, I'm a professional, and damn good at my job. And still occasionally fuck up. I wouldn't think twice about asking for a towel, I guess if I saw it was a trend I'd be worried.
  12. New Game of the Week

    There is a Luke Thighwalker out there stealing my reviews.
  13. Ready for winter?

    I think the only question is, will it be a wet or relatively dry winter! Right now it's leaning wet I think...
  14. Haha!

    Let him know the only person good enough for him is himself...