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  1. Zombie or Alien?

    At least Vampires and Wizards are out for the next few years...
  2. The problem would be half of us would say "He asked for X, what's the big deal?" and the other half would be all "X? No frickin' wonder she didn't contact him back! He deserves to be shunned, shunned I say!"
  3. Fabulouz

    I don't mind posing with a gun pics at all, done right they can be really intriguing. These unfortunately come close but not close enough.
  4. Fabulouz

    I have a problem with the trigger discipline in the second picture...
  5. Legit massage etiquette.

    Wait... that's not lotion! AHHHHH!
  6. To the younger folks( 21-31)on tob.

    There's one or two way older that skew the average for the rest of us...
  7. Legit massage etiquette.

    The wonderful young lady who is my LMT says that falling asleep is actually a compliment. Problem is, we end up chatting so much about everything. Last night it was about her adventures playing AD&D...
  8. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    Great list! I'm looking at https://www.metv.com/schedule/ and seeing Buck Rogers, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel and Lost in Space playing the next couple hours.
  9. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    Right now watching all the WWII Looney Tunes cartoons. They really didn't like that Hitler guy...
  10. RIP Luke Perry

    I just read a story that showed he was good people, not just an actor. Paraphrasing, but there were two young kids on a flight who were recreating Wrestlemania and no one could get them to settle down, even though the parents were trying. After about 10 minutes a gent comes out of first class, goes up to the kids, and gives them a couple blown up balloons. The guy had a hat, dark glasses, etc. Sure enough it was Luke Perry. The writer of the story ended up being in line to disembark next to him and thanked him for helping calm down the kids. Luke Perry said he always travelled with balloons and stuff like that to help everyone flying have a nicer time.
  11. RIP Luke Perry

    I liked him as the sketch artist in the beginning of Fifth Element!
  12. Patriots owner Robert Kraft busted

    For reference good or bad, attached are the FBI statistics on actual confirmed trafficking cases. Remember, some NGO recently gave out numbers so inflated that it basically said half the girls under 18 in the entire country were trafficked within 5 years. I'm not saying the rescue groups are lying in order to get funding... oh wait, actually I am saying that they are blatantly lying about the numbers.
  13. Movies on a Snow Day...

    So what's everyone watching while stuck in the house today? Kelly's Heroes for me.
  14. Which way do you face when you shower?

    Back to the water for me. Also, I know some people are active the entire time while showering, but I spend at least half the time just zoning out trying to get my brain sorted in the morning. Note: This applies only to the normal morning process, not the super happy fun type of shower.
  15. I Love You So Much!!!!

    Anyone down near the Springs that hasn't tried Slice420 pizza yet... you need to.