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  1. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    It was the best 30 seconds of his life...
  2. Orally speaking

    Why not ask the dentist (with a wink!) I'll say like most everyone else has that its probably 3-4 days off. Advil helps to keep any swelling down of course. The dentist I see is up near you, and does something called biomimetic dentistry, where instead of one big blob of cap put on, they do layers upon layers like a natural tooth which was neat.
  3. Cancelation epidemic

    I've woken up with one, after certain dreams... that's about as close as it gets.
  4. Cancelation epidemic

    Four? That's pretty crazy. That's a right shame that there's so many that would waste a provider's time like that. Honestly they're probably doing that to three or four at a time you'd think? BTW, I love your new pics!
  5. Bat shit crazy!

    You know some times, you just have to step back, have a big ol' steak, and just think about what you're doing.
  6. Cancelation epidemic

    I have to wonder what kind of guy cancels regularly. Newbie too scared to show up? Or old hand that just don't care that much anymore. For me, I won't schedule anything on weeks I'm on call or very busy with work. I know occasionally emergencies happen I'm still trying to figure out the mindset?
  7. People that waste your time!

    I will also add that by participating here, you also expose parts of what you are like. The more you post here, the more we can get a feel for who you are and if you are someone that each individual will like to see.
  8. Provider In Search of Denver Rental

    It would probably have to be one of those perfect right place at the right time with a private landlord. But with the market going insane like it has been, you'd end up paying a premium I'm sure.
  9. Recommended doubles?

    Hey, that was my review on you and Bella! Now that's true, Bella and Kali, a great combo of girls who really enjoy working together...
  10. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    I've always liked a glass of Bushmills on the rocks. Keeps me drinking it slower which I like. Other whiskeys too. For some reason never been a big fan of Scotch though... I like Vodka Collins. Non frozen margaritas and daiquiris. Sailor Jerry rum on the rocks too...
  11. Toftt

    A consideration might be how long has the advertisement been going on? A couple days? Nah. 2-3 months? That's a plus. Next, do the ads change in a manner that makes it seem like it's someone trying to get real business? Or just the same ad constantly the entire time. Consider the area. Is it a town where they're known to run stings? Or one that is having a big problem not having enough police officers to even staff the gang unit for the last few years? If you're thinking about seeing who I'm thinking of, she would pass my own set of tests of being legit, and it would merely be does her personality seem to jive with what I'd look for?
  12. Favorite coming item

    Fire extinguisher...
  13. I was talking to one girl who dates black men only, she's white. She will not see AA men professionally because she believes there's a damn good chance she'd be personally attracted to one and that would count as cheating on her boyfriend. However, she's obviously "racist" according to some people posting on this thread. Because heaven forbid people have their own personal reasons for making a choice. Nope, they have to be all lumped together and branded using meaningless but politically correct terms.
  14. New to TOB

    Hey, welcome, glad to have you hang around with us!
  15. New to the board and the hobby