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  1. Stood up twice in one day

    That would depend on her rebuttal part of the review I think.
  2. Stood up twice in one day

    There's a big difference between a cancellation where you're called, even a half hour before, to cancel, and a no call no show. A NCNS is pretty much unforgivable on either side of the equation... That's just rude and inconsiderate. Two legitimate cancels in one day? That's just bad luck, but it happens. Maybe they'll make it up to you.
  3. Computer vs Cell

    Well you've got quite a large laptop! I use my laptop as much as possible, and lately have been needing to zoom in on that.
  4. Contributions

    I like the: Outcall - Guy puts donation in the bathroom. She arrives, is greeted, and shown to the bathroom to freshen up/get ready and confirm donation is legit. Incall - Guy arrives, is greeted, is shown to the bathroom to freshen up. He leaves the donation in the bathroom, when done, she goes in to the bathroom to get ready and confirm. No awkwardness, its simple, and would make a nice standard way of handling things.
  5. Friendly reminder for newbies...please read

    I'd consider this. Send a message today. If no response, send one more tomorrow following up. If no response, that's all I'd send. Unless they came back like a week later saying "in the hospital/family emergency/finally out of lockup"...
  6. Introduction and Backpage question

    Think of backpage as the Wild Wild West. The vast majority of the ads on there are legit, probably 80% or more. A small set use fake pics/outdated pics. And a handful are ripoffs. Review sites like here merely give you better odds.
  7. What's In Your Toolbox?

    Selfies can be done well, or done badly. The just have to look like you care about how it looks and put effort into it. For most it is get a good photographer, for a few the selfie works pretty good too.
  8. What's In Your Toolbox?

    You know what's funny: At the bottom of my previous comment, I wrote a whole paragraph on "As a provider I want to see you be kind to everyone I see you interact with." Clients, other providers, everyone. If I see cruelty to lets say another provider, a newbie, anyone, that's something that can't be recovered from. The whole if you can't say something nice then STFU rule applies. Yes, everyone needs to blow off steam in private, but you go and write it online, it's out there forever, and that makes a huge impression on me as to who someone really is. I shouldn't have deleted what I wrote before, but I just couldn't make it sound right.
  9. What's In Your Toolbox?

    Almost a "point system". Everything adds up. Website that looks good and well maintained? 5 points. Website that's out of date? 2 or 3 points. Twitter that's active? 5 points. Fairly inactive? 1 point. Good interaction on forums? Good reviews? Donation amounts that are pretty consistent across all sources? All those good points add up. If there's a bad review, is there a well written rebuttal I want to see photos that look like you're a professional who cares about your brand, not selfies that make me think you decided to escort 20 minutes before. And definitely not selfies that make me think you're trying to attract 17 year old boy band members.
  10. New here

    You're going to have a great time. Some real lovely ladies down here in the Springs.
  11. Someone I Used To Know

    There is a provider that reminds me of an old friend of mine from a long time ago. Not an old girlfriend or anything, but I can see the attraction in a way. I don't see anything wrong with that per se, as long as the guy doesn't like freak out or break down.
  12. Songs by the dead

    This has been one hell of a playlist...
  13. Songs by the dead

    OK, here's the game. Post a song you like, but the performer has to be deceased.
  14. Physical vs. Verbal

    Doesn't even matter. Enough people either don't pay attention or can't/won't believe the it when the truth comes out, they still blame. Your example abounds when an accused rapist shows text messages for example clearly showing everything was consensual, but you still get the SJWs trying to crucify him. Even my mental tally of hate crimes show that most hate crimes are committed by the so called victim rather than roving bands of white supremacists/nazis/whatevers by about 2 to 1. Especially on college campuses and the like.
  15. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    Not a lot of responses yet, I think folks aren't quite sure what to respond with. Let me try with my experience. My thoughts is that I enjoy the companionship time as much as the pure play time. That's what I mentally look forward to, the smile when the door opens, the chatting, the catching up on a return visit, that feeling of being comfortable. Sure, in the middle of the night, the thoughts of play time enter my head. But in the hours before, it's the whole person I'm looking forward to seeing, if that makes sense. It's been tough for me to get out for the last few months though due to some things going on in my life. That's OK though. It's the people I miss and want to cross paths with again. You know, for something that might help, try being a little more spontaneous. Some don't have a problem with meeting quickly. You might have the idea of "Yeah, Tuesday afternoon I'm going to go see someone..." but don't make firm plans. See who is available quickly so you don't have time to overthink things. Just go and live in the moment for a bit...