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  1. OJ Simpson

    Hey at least OJ can rest in peace knowing that his wife's killer is dead.
  2. Buc-Ees

    The wind today is pissing me off. I wanted to get some things done, and the wind is just giving me a headache.
  3. cloudy head light lens

    If you've never watched this channel before, he does hardcore testing and comparison of tons of different products, and here he's covered the headlight kits!
  4. Want a better retirement?

    All those many years ago I used to work for Vanguard. They're a good choice.. The hardest part to start investing money for the future is the high minimums on starting an account. There's still some places you can start with 100 bucks.
  5. Late Night With The Devil

    I've been meaning to see this one! Please let me know what you thought of it.
  6. cloudy head light lens

    Unless you have glass headlights, they will deteriorate due to UV from the sun, which is why there is a coating on the plastic lenses from the factory. It works like a sacrificial anode in your hot water tank, it takes the UV damage so the plastic doesn't. So you either replace your whole headlamp assembly, or clean and reapply the UV coating.
  7. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    Saw an interesting analysis today. The economy should actually be in much worse shape than it already is. You know how bad the job market is for people looking for work in general? It should be much worse than it is, since unemployment is artificially low. I'm not talking the BS U3 vs workforce participation rate manipulation, or how the asshole politicians release "Oh there were 500 thousand new jobs! Look how wonderful we are!" then 2 months later the real numbers come out, almost always half of the bullshit they say, and most of those end up being just finally rehiring for jobs lost years ago. This one was that that when Covid hit, so many folks closer to retirement said fuck it and retired. Mostly skilled labor like plumbers, electricians, machinists, and the like. The major issue is that lets say 5 million people extra retired "too soon" and only like 1 million people got hired to replace them. That's bad enough but that's one million people that wouldn't have been hired otherwise, meaning unemployment should be higher by that many people.
  8. If Sick Cancel And Stay Home

    A week from now? Hmmm... I'd keep the appt and just be careful and creative with the play. After I broke my ankle a few years back I went like 10 days before an appt.
  9. cloudy head light lens

    If not replacing the lens, then it's a two part fix. The first is to remove the oxidized UV coating on the plastic. That's what the sandpaper does. Then since it's scratched up the plastic, it looks terrible, even after going down to really fine sandpaper. That's OK though... the second part is what makes it look brand new. The new UV coating goes on fills all the microscopic scratches so now the light passes through straight, and it looks clear as new again. I've had the best luck with the Cerakote headlight kit. Any of the good rated ones work well though. No matter what though, it needs redone every few years because the UV will always damage any coating as it ages. The fix takes what 15 bucks and 30 minutes every 4-5 years. It takes longer for me to do the oil change on my truck. The home remedies mostly do the first part: abrade off the old UV coating. That doesn't replace it, which is only from the kits.
  10. Law enforcement

    I don't find it funny, I find it sad honestly. Makes me think of archaeological digs where they find a ward against evil at the entrance to a home. Scientifically useless, but people are willing to try anything against the bad things that can happen to them. You know that family thousands of years ago had horrible things happen. Same thing with the whole "No LE" thing... they know how making that kind of contact with the police will be potentially devastating and are willing to try any anything just in case there's the slightest chance of it working.
  11. Moves your soul.

    Be brave and listen to this one!
  12. Moves your soul.

    One of my all time favorite songs.
  13. QV Session

    The only time I can see less is for when it's a lunchtime escapade when that's the only option. Even then for me it'd only be for someone I've seen before...
  14. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    Just a couple weeks ago, all the news commentary was "The economy is doing great, why is everyone so pessimistic?" Basically trying to raise enthusiasm for Bidenomics. Then it got really quiet with that line of commentary. Then the last couple days the actual numbers are coming out and things are worse. CPI is still too high, inflation is still too high. When you figure in just how much more expensive everything is in reality not government propaganda numbers, tied in with no real increases in income, it's not surprising that things are rough in the hobby front, which really sucks. I know we all wish we had a lot more disposable income to get out and play with. It's just a sucky situation all over.
  15. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    I guess I'm pretty lucky. My one special friend that retired several years back, I still see her when we can get together. She'll let me know she wants a booty call... and I, being that good friend, and more than willing to help her out!

    "I'm not sure if it's my place to say this, but you really need to go talk to your eye doctor. I think something is really wrong..." "Why?" "Well, you have worse aim than a blind hunter..."
  17. Meanwhile what a show in Arctic

    That's really darn cool. We need things like that around here more.
  18. Happy Hollidays!

    I always liked making shortbread as gifts!
  19. Happy Hollidays!

    Surely just one won't hurt...
  20. Sprinkler Start Up

    On that full leg, do you get a couple that are normal, then it suddenly loses pressure after that? Or is the whole leg low pressure? That should help you figure out where the issue is. In the first case check it between the last full pressure and the first low pressure. If it's the entire leg, then between the solenoid and the first head.
  21. Sprinkler Start Up

    Unfortunately when that happened to me, it was because there was a break in the line. Ran it long enough to find "the wet spot" in the ground. Then just started digging...
  22. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Watching "3rd Rock From the Sun" right now!
  23. Historical in the Springs?

    Check out the Old Colorado City Historical Society. https://occhs.org/ They can show you which side of the street had all the bars and brothels, and where the tunnels are that connected them to the "proper" side of the street!