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  1. READ!

    Feels like I'm missing something, you're talking about the tags Escort, FBSM, BDSM, etc right? Half playing dumb half serious. FBSM and TS seem straightforward enough but the rest have a lot of gray area. If I were looking for a provider to dress up as the pink power ranger and sing me happy birthday (not a real request no pms please) what labels help determine that? Alternative = ? Boardgame date maybe 😅 just want to highlight that there can be a lot more to unpack in most of those and neither party wants to be disappointed or offended when meeting.
  2. Under the Radar

    As much as the next guy I would say. I am only worried about that .1 which is underestimated for effect. Just staying the majority of my activities are benign and would be humdrum to most. Thus not would about that data being collected. VMs, proxies, containers, VPNs, TOR, etc all have their place.
  3. Under the Radar

    99.9% of my browsing I'm not worried about cookies, using a VPN or my traffic going to my ISP. I rarely use TOR, was just a curiosity. I try to avoid flaky sites, plenty of those everywhere but a sure thing on TOR.
  4. Independent is the way to go in CO. Get familiar with the search feature here and you'll do fine.
  5. Under the Radar

    I don't go to the same lengths but would like to add one step I do take. Google maps and perhaps others track your location throughout the day by default settings. Look for "Timeline". You can clear parts or all of the history, to me that appears like an effort of trying to hide something. I disabled it completely, reason? Google doesn't need to know my habits. Now I'm a paranoid crackpot not a boyfriend/husband/public official trying to cover something up. On that note read up on Brave browser vs chrome/edge/duckduckgo/firefox. Deeper down the rabbit hole, does TOB have a .onion address?
  6. Bizarre Saturday at the office

    Sadly, I also do not have any Penthouse worthy stories. Any of you lovely ladies have a lustful tale to tell?
  7. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    This feels like being asked beer I like... 1. free 2. cold 3. something new.... Providers with appropriate menu restrictions and price with a welcoming disposition is a good start. As for the physical god did a great job on you ladies and I can admire nearly every form. I might lean towards long hair or short with a big butt and modest bust but in no way is that a hard set limit for me. I think the extremes of both slim and thick can be bad, healthy-ish is my favorite body type.
  8. Bizarre Saturday at the office

    She was alone, the door wide open. I would have knocked or just kept on going if it was closed. She really shouldn't have had music playing for her photo shoot! I'm not sure ignoring it will be completely possible in the short term. I'm expecting her to avoid me or I might even try to avoid her for the next few weeks all of which just makes things uncomfortable. Especially after I awkwardly rushed out of there
  9. Bizarre Saturday at the office

    My company is closed to the public on weekends and the offices are usually empty. I had a few time sensitive tasks to complete so I went in. I heard music playing from the office of a cute younger co-worker who's very friendly and a bit flirtatious. I went to say hi and engage in some typical small talk, she didn't hear me coming. I entered the doorway to see her with significantly less clothing than normal taking some lewd selfies (cell was propped up pointing at her). Unfortunately for both of us, I am not the intended recipient of them. However, I would like to see the picture when I walked in lol. I apologized for surprising her and quickly excited as she covered up. She scrambled after me, worried I would report the behavior. I played dumb to asure her it would stay between us. Grabbed a coffee cup from my desk, said "there it is" wished her a good weekend and left. This just occurred so I'm not sure how to proceed. I don't want an awkward work dynamic going forward. Also not interested in a workplace romance and the drama that comes with it, doubtful that's an option any way. Any advice or experiences to share?
  10. Provider asking for a picture?

    I wouldn't retire based on this alone, just move on if you don't agree with the terms. Risk appetite is very subjective on both sides of the table. TOB offers its users the ability to build a reputation and I think is part of what makes it so special. If I were an established hobbyist I would expect my references & forum presence to be enough for most providers, I might even feel offended if it wasn't. That's neither here nor there for me as I'm more newbie than veteran.
  11. Helping A Fella Out

    Not my flavor but I think go for it, just have a Get out of Jail Free Card. A signed document giving you permission to perform the activity you were caught doing. Maybe require a medical professional to be on standby?
  12. I was having a discussion with a friend about hedonism and it made me think of the hobby-verse. As many of us place value on pleasure I am curious how many of us would get into the Experience Machine. I'll briefly explain or you can look it up. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Experience_machine Very simply it is a fail-proof machine that would stimulate the most pleasurable life possible for its user. It can be mapped out for the rest of your life or to unplug periodically to make changes or exit permanently. This life would be indistinguishable from life outside the machine, you wouldn't be aware of being in it. Once inside you will experience more pleasure than ever possible outside. To clarify pleasure doesn't just extend to the animalistic type. If you get pleasure from hiking or completing a crossword. Having a family and friends. What ever your specific thing/s are they would be maximized by the machine. Of course these experiences are all artificial, yet you cannot tell the difference. I'm not a hedonist however I would get in the machine, would you?
  13. Can't say I've noticed anyone being unkind to a newbie post unless it was off the wall inappropriate, which I think is usually established members using a new profile to shit post. However I will say I feel somewhat intimidated by posting in the forums and don't really know why that is. Trying to shake that feeling now and post more. As for my wish, an optional newbie pre-screening method. Give ladies some reassurance but not bypass their methods.
  14. Rising asset prices

    Economics 101 Economic supply and demand curve at the top of the price range we have more providers willing than we have hobbyists are willing to buy (Surplus). At the bottom of the price range we have almost no providers willing to offer their services even though hobbyists would be lining up around the corner (Shortage). The mid point is the equilibrium, where the number of providers willing to offer services matches hobbyist demand at a particular price point. This being a luxury service price is greatly impacted by the affluence of the geographic location and changing demand. So if the price goes up and demand dropped off the prices would go back down, if they don't we have a new equilibrium point. To make a living I don't think any of us want our favorite providers to be overworked. Bless the free market system and our fine business women!