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  1. Going dark

    Welcome back. Sounds like quite a trip. Sorry you got sick, but glad you're feeling better. Post a review.
  2. Sprinkler Start Up

    I ran them again today.
  3. Sprinkler Start Up

    I'm running my sprinklers right now. I think it's important to get some water on the lawn when possible throughout the winter. Not all the zones. Just the ones that get the most sun. I'll probably run them again tomorrow, then drain them again before the cold comes back in Friday.
  4. Sex Ed teacher outed as escort

    Well, I do drive a Ford so there is a good chance MORE than one of them have worked on it. (Laughing emojis added to clarify this as yet another of my lame attempts at humor.)
  5. Sounds like you did nothing wrong here, and he going after you like that is bullshit. Hopefully she has gone away by now. I'd just ignore her at this point and she will move on to another mark. Don't give up on this site. And you don't have to travel to Asia to find company. Try Vegas, or even Colorado. You have a lot of life to lead. Might as well enjoy it.
  6. Want a better retirement?

    No union benefits for me. I do get my healthcare through the VA. Just no dental. I also get VA disability. All it costs me was 10 years (and a knee and a shoulder). So I think I'm ahead of the game.
  7. Sex Ed teacher outed as escort

    Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Sounds like she did both.
  8. This One Is Going To Sting

    Come on now. You're on these forums all the time. Are you saying you thought the ladies would be appreciative of someone coming on here and offering them all, across the board, advise on how to run their business? You knew the response you'd get. At most, that kind of advise should be in private and only if asked. I actually had a lady I'd seen reach out to me about a year ago and asked what I thought of her rates. I gave her my opinion, in private. For what it's worth, I do believe you did have the best interest of the community in mind. Now my two cents, I don't think rates are what is causing the increase in NCNSs that ladies appear to be seeing. I think there is another reason. Finding and booking a lady is different now than it was when I started in this hobby 20 years ago or so. At least it was for me, and I'm only talking about my experiences. Back then, when I had the desire to see a YL, I'd log onto a site like craigslist or backpage and see who was making recent posts. There were always plenty, even here in Colorado Springs. I'd find one that caught my fancy, reach out with a call or text, if she responded, I was in the car, hitting the ATM and knocking on her door, often within 30 minutes of seeing her ad. I can't tell you how many of those encounters I had back in the day. I rarely got stood up, and I never NCNS'd them. For a variety of reasons, those types of encounters rarely happen these days. Pre-booking, days or weeks out, is the norm now. I'm fine with that, but I think it leads to less hobby activity in general and more NCNSs. To be blunt, guys schedule with a lady when they are feeling randy. When the appt is 30 minutes out, there is nothing but excitement the whole way there. However, when the appt in later this week, next week, or even later, there is a really good chance something will occur that will make the guy less randy. I'll let you guess what that might be. At that point the guy is less excited about the appointment, the motivation is gone. The right thing to do is go ahead with the appointment, which I usually do, or cancel. But, as we know, cancelling can come with it's owe set of issues. And going to an appt that you aren't that excited about, why are we even doing this them? To be clear, I have never NCNSd a lady and think it is a terrible thing to do. I have, of course, been stood up many times. AND TO BE CLEAR, NOTHING I'M SAYING HERE, HAVE SAID IN THE PAST, OR WILL PROBABLY SAY IN THE FUTURE, SHOULD BE CONSTRUED AS ADVICE TO ANYONE, IN ANY WAY. With at said, I believe the increase in NCNSs that ladies have reported can, in part, be blamed on the increase in long-tern pre-booking. The longer time between the booking and the actual appt, the more chance the excitement will wain, and the greater chance he will not make the appt. That doesn't justify the NCNS, and I certainly understand why ladies require a prebooking. Just my opinion.
  9. Massage Table at ARC

    I was in there a week or so ago and didn't see it. Must be a black Friday thing?
  10. Keeping rescheduling

    Maybe the OP will weigh in and clarify everything for us. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Review Comment Option

    Yep. Bud it became a popularity contest and they did away with it. Black dots are the standard now.
  12. Review Comment Option

    Yeah, I agree. So few people review as it is, this would likely lead to fewer. I get the inclination, especially if you have a different opinion of a provider. Reach out to the reviewer if you want to clarify or have a question. Don't call someone out in public. We all have different standards, and have a right to our opinions. One of my worst experiences was from a recommendation from someone I respect very much on this board. We discussed it offline, where I think these conversations should remain.
  13. Keeping rescheduling

    I guess I understood this post differently than some. I think she is saying that it is her that keeps cancelling and rescheduling with people, and that she is starting to feel bad about it. I've known ladies that would frequently do that. I think that would start to bother me too. Not cool to waste other people's time.
  14. Good places to eat in DTC

    I don't personally know of any, but this seems to be a pretty good list.

    Apparently, this question does not apply to me.
  16. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    Since you asked, I'm a big fan of the CIM finish if it is uncovered. Otherwise, I'm just fine with the FS finish. You didn't ask, but if the finish is FS, I prefer cowgirl.

    I like to think I keep my finger on the pulse of the hobby here in the Springs, but realize in recent years that is likely far from the reality.

    That's just a normal Tuesday here in The Springs, Pal. And guess what, we like it just fine. No ladies ever come here, but other than that, we like it just fine. I'll tell you what.
  19. Useless reviews

    Well, all of this may be true, but for now, I'm going to keep reading them, and I'm going to keep writing them. Feel free to disregard them as you see fit.
  20. Missing Hunter Van Dyke

    I noticed she took down her Twitter account a while back. I wish her nothing but the best, and an sure she is off to bigger and better things.
  21. I get that, but I'm a planner. Don't like leaving things to chance, and risk being disappointed.
  22. Football season is here

    I wouldn't start football until October. Why play in such warm weather? Besides, everyone knows it's still baseball season.
  23. Hoosiers

    Yep. That was a good one.

    There is no real incentive for guys to write reviews these days. Maybe if there was, guys would write more reviews. Here's an idea. We get these dots below out profile name that corresponds to how many post we've made on these forums. Members used to brag about getting their 7th, 8th, or 9th dot. Maybe if they added to the dot total for reviews as well? One new dot for every 10 reviews or 100 reviews? Would it make more guys write reviews? Just an idea.
  25. Kik

    I don't think he is talking about deposits here. I think he is talking about giving a lady some money up front, online, so she will agree to interact with you, and that might lead to a booking. Kind of like paying at the door to get into the strip club. Not clear if that money would be applied to the total total charged later or not, my guess is not. If that is what he is talking about, I personally would not do it. But I do see this as a tactic some ladies might use to cut through all the static and see who out there is worthy of her engaging with.