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  1. Best fishing spots!

    Places where there are NOT many people around are my favorite. But you are getting here about 30 years too late to find many very easily. Way too f'ing many people here anymore. And a quiet place within hour of Springs ..... not likely. Since they started charging a daily fee for Twin Lakes (between Buena Vista and Leadville off Independence Pass road) the lakes can be almost deserted during the week, You can drive your little car up to parking spots near DOW restrooms on the north side. Or you can drive on the south side almost to the trail head that takes you after a good hike to the historic Interlaken Hotel - built in 1800's. See link. Fishing is for rainbow, brown and lake trout. You have to release all lake trout between 22 and 34 inches. (Yes, there are some over 34 inches) State record for brook trout came from these lakes and still stands. Plus it is just damn gorgeous, and if fishing is slow it is a five minute drive up to the forebay (bay, not play!!! ..... but, why not both) and a short drive to Turquoise or Clear Creek Reservoirs. Or fish the Arkansas River. Campground by west lake, shoe box rentals in town of Twin Lakes. If you REALLY want to get away from people take atv ride above Westcliffe to Hermit Lake, Horseshoe Lake, keep going to top of ridge and hike over to Eureka. Rarely anyone there. Go very early before thunderstorms roll in - not good to be on the ridge when one crops up. As to favorite spots, I don't tell - I only show a select few hehe.
  2. Best fishing spots!

    A very nice and scenic two mile hike in to trail end, but not until the second mile before it is not more of a climb down than I care for anymore. Also be aware that you have to trespass on railroad property and tracks to get to the river or to continue up past trail end. They have been known to call le and press charges. Some nice fish though. Oh, yeah, watch for falling rocks - the big horns seem to enjoy knocking them lose from way above lol.
  3. Just Wrong!

    Unless your target market/ideal client is "cheap ass narcissist" you did the smart and correct thing. Doubly so that you chose professional over ripping him a new one - deservedly.
  4. Your First.....

    A long time ago in a Springs that seems like another galaxy now, there was a seedy little go-go joint (if you know what that is you are f'ing old too) named the Honey Bucket. I was rather taken by one of the dancers as the night wore on and the beer stacked up. She must have noticed my drooling attention, and when closing time arrived she asked if I'd like to walk her home. I of course thought "hell yeah!" and off we went. After we arrived at her apartment a few blocks away she invited me in. Thought I was quite the stud and pretty proud of myself to be picked for this honor - ahhh, the naivete of youth!! Once inside off to the races and she treated me to things I had no idea existed! Lying spent in the bed I watched as she bent over the side, picked up my pants, pulled out my wallet and removed most but not all of the money (don't remember how much any more) and announced "Just right! Thanks, babe!" I was speechless as the realization hit that this was my first experience with a pro lol. She tossed me my clothes and made it clear it was time to leave. I left with all traces of innocence gone and a grin on my face. There you have it - on my first I did not know it was my first till it was all over.
  5. Alien Luvin

    I am all in. Or a trip on Voyager with the aforementioned 7 of 9 and, how did I forget, Kess
  6. Alien Luvin

  7. Alien Luvin

  8. Your First.....

    + one month allotment of rep
  9. I think that was rude

    Cliques here? Why no, what gives you that idea? <sarcasm drips from the letters> He/she who owns the board makes the rules, as it should be. Best to question why, reasons, motives, etc. by directing private message to a mod rather than in a thread. Delay or difficulty getting review to post is pretty common and can take a while. As to thread deletion - ask a mod directly because a mod is the only one that can answer the question. Lastly if you have violated a rule you will generally see a note to the effect of warning given and date, etc. on your profile page where only you can see. Or so I hear, hehe.
  10. Lower back sexy holes

    But has anyone encountered this, and if so your thoughts? Turn on or off? By which of course I mean pierced dimples.
  11. Ummm, Mom in the other room....

    Sad? Yes, for many reasons. But maybe just me missing something. Sad that if one assumes the review is true, why spot light her situation in the forum and embarrass her further? The described situation would obviously not be any lady's first choice. Equally sad that she has 8 glowing reviews in a row, many from well known reviewers, but everyone jumps into believing a bizarre bad review from a guy who is 3 out of 5 bad to good. And describes'the main complaint as not that her mom was there because she was there the LAST time also and he went back , but rather the problem was she was trying her best to hide their activity and not giving him her full attention. Something smells or says something about him more than her. But, yes, something very sad is going on, even if it is a revenge work of fiction and doubly sad if accurate. This is a cold fucking "hobby" regardless of how many sunshine and rainbows need-to-be-positive posts are seen. Rant over, back to whatever it is, hope whatever the truth is that it becomes clear before long.
  12. HAPPY 7/11 Everyone!

    If I hear a lady is running a slurpy special that will get my interest!! 😜
  13. Which path are you on

    But if going south might as well take the train