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    When it gets old enough hardly anyone remembers it becomes new again. Everything under the sun .....
  2. Or is everyone old enough to remember '80's already asleep lol. When Dick was young And Annie too Anything else to add?

    When I say live I mean in person. No cams involved. Act 2 to follow.

    Now here is a live pay per view I might actually be interested in! A whole new market opens up!
  5. Since it has only been used once in the history of TOB per a search - it doesn't mean shit. But a few replies that come to mind: An activity usually performed at Christmas - cum in poinsettias Cast iron pipe or capital improvement plan - wielding a pipe, she made sure she got her capital perhaps? oh, i dunno - maybe pm the reviewer and ask. He has also used tip before, usually meaning "tip only" (as in penis not extra money!) so a possible typo Cheap business lunch special - cum in polyester OK enough. Highlights the futility of using terms that are not so widely used that everyone knows what is meant. Pretty much just bragging. But as far as avoiding a provider if it means what everyone wants it to mean - cum in pussy, no cover aka cream pie - why exactly does that mean avoid provider? Does not mean you have to also engage in bbfs just cause he may have. Does anyone actually believe the lady you are seeing never bare backs anyone - boyfriend, husband, SO or that "they" are any better bet to be disease free that general john?? If you don't believe condom protects you then maybe you should ........... yeah, never mind.
  6. 411 on Sinn Goddess

    Angelica Andrews in London. The commute must be a bitch
  7. 411 Angie COS

    a review here
  8. Anyone seen Kylie in COS?

    She has been advertising for at least a couple weeks. Trouble is so has "Jody" in Modesto with the same pics and different phone. 213-545-6386 Pretty sure anyone answering ad in either location will not see lady in pics. And for what it is worth, when they say 19 and look younger - game over for me, has trouble written all over it. I would suggest looking elsewhere.
  9. When a person writes a review THAT NEVER SAW YOU😡

    No. Not how or why. FWIW she has not logged in since she gave it.
  10. When a person writes a review THAT NEVER SAW YOU😡

    Had I seen this first I would never have tried to propose a harmless explanation. I think we were typing at the time! Bella, I am so sorry you and other ladies have to put up with this kind of crap. Best wishes and do whatever you need to to stay safe ...... always.
  11. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    If your dick falls off, you had too much. Otherwise ..........................
  12. Fall in love with client♀️

    As to the red - has nothing to do with how you meet, only the quality of character of the guy you meet. There are both really great guys and flaming, dangerous assholes in the world including in and outside the "hobby". Ripped off by someone you love - been there, doesn't get much crappier, My sincere sympathy. But don't let it make you miss a great guy if one happens by.
  13. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    As to high or low volume and how many guys a lady sees I really don't care what-so-ever. For some ladies it is a full time gig and only source of income. For some it is almost a hobby or fetish - an occassional adventure. Either way or anything in between it is none of my damn business unless she chooses to tell me. What does matter is that when I see her she has had sufficient time since the last encounter to remove all discernible traces of him (or her!!) before she sees me. If she can do that and see 20 guys a day, bless her! If she can't manage that while only seeing 2 a week, I won't return. Nothing kills the mood like smell of another guys aftershave and/or sweat or worse heading downtown for a snack and being greeted with taste of the lovely mix of latex and lube. (Could be even worse lol, but not going there,) It is the quality of service that counts, not how many times it is rendered. JMHO
  14. When a person writes a review THAT NEVER SAW YOU😡

    Having recently posted a thread about having a reference pop up on my profile from someone I have never heard of and certainly never seen, I understand the queasy feeling and concern. But may I suggest as a possibility a much more harmless explanation? Given the guy has been doing reviews for many years it is unlikely he is trying to "establish" himself etc. He may have simply picked the wrong "Bella" from the pull down that would pop up when entering "Bella" into the review form. There are after all 20 some "Bellas" without even getting into the "Isabellas" . You are of course wise and correct to question it and be cautious.
  15. Did anyone take part in Disco Moons farewell party?

    You were invited, know who attended, and i am guessing no "hobby"activities took place. So not at all comparable.