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  1. It always strikes me...

    I always ask and if it was a good time, and someone I could recommend to someone else. If she wants a review I write an honest one. If she says no, then no review. If NOT a good experience I would not ask and write a review anyway. Last time I did a not-so-good one my phone exploded and I learned all manner of new insults lol. But it was only from the lady I reviewed. I eventually relented and asked it be taken down. But whereas she had been passing through regularly (traveling lady) I do not believe she ever darkened Springs doorstep again, so mission accomplished I guess. But I have never gotten or experienced backlash from other members. I have heard stories though. I must say on an unrelated note that whenever I hear "strikes me" this comes to mind:
  2. This is apt to get me in Trouble maybe...

    The "wanna play a game" thread.
  3. 411 on Luscious - Colorado Springs

    I meant either she saw an ad she liked, copied and pasted into hers without realizing she did not remove the ts reference. OR an "agent" got confused as to whose ad he was doing and cut and pasted a ts stable member of his into her ad by mistake. Some agents are not sharpest tool in the tool box. 😎
  4. She Barely Cleaned It

    There used to be a semi legit service in Springs for nude or near nude maid service. But it was no touch like Denver Ladies, but at least your house got clean. Then you needed to hire a real full service lol.
  5. Patience

    Those eyes. Still.
  6. Not responding to texts

  7. Another day on TOB...

    besides well done, all I gotta say is:
  8. Another day on TOB...

    Just before they invented fishing and guitars
  9. Not responding to texts

    To the OP. Let me get this straight. You only joined in December and in a one month span see at least three ladies, all in Springs, a number bigger than zero of which do screen and know what they are doing yet as a newbie you get to see them, all three are well known in town so references should be golden, yet suddenly you can't get anyone in town to return texts and you just don't know why - it wasn't till you got to Springs it was a problem Hmmmm. And mention blacklist twice. Hmmmmm And make some veiled insulting comments toward the ladies, especially in Springs. Am I the only one that doesn't buy this whole line of whatever? I find myself wondering: what is your other handle? who black listed you under what name? why did she? why is anyone falling for whatever the game is? Do little people live on the bayou? But maybe I am just being an asshole.
  10. In the neighborhood I grew up in most of the boys breathed, played and dreamed baseball. Almost every summer day saw a pick up game ..... or as the great Ernie Banks said "It's a beautiful day for baseball, let's play two!" The Orioles were my favorite team along with the Giants. Still in school, I was floating on air when the Robinson led Orioles took out the favored Dodgers in the 66 series. Swept them! It was rare in these parts then to see them on tv until the all star game and world series. A different and much simpler time (OK, except for the nuclear war safety drills, etc. hehe) but an all out, dedicated, courageous man of character and great skill who insisted on everyone's best, stood out then just as he would now ..... if there were any quite like him now. I could rant on but probably too much already.
  11. Frank Robinson. A fond farewell to truly one of the very best who ever played the game, and an even more amazing man who opened doors for others. Quite an example for those that believe in always living life full throttle, and did he ever!
  12. 411 on Luscious - Colorado Springs

    Fair enough! Interesting. I just did not want a bunch of otherwise potential clients to get the wrong idea, after all these 411's are supposed to be about accurate info so folks can make up their mind based on fact. A couple seemed to take it that she was TS, thanks for clarifying. Now about the ad ......................... ??? Perhaps careless cut and paste lol!!
  13. 411 on Luscious - Colorado Springs

    Do you have a link or even a site? In fairness to her if you are throwing that out there, and I did not see any such. I could have missed, but .... For lot more info, try her website And some of her reviews speak of DATY, so ..............
  14. Ah the memories

    The Twilight Zone, Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Star Trek, Laredo, Laugh-in, the Smothers Brothers, Bardot, Ann Margret, Goldie Hahn, the Hill in Boulder, and way too many concerts/live bands to remember. Fishing favorite holes in solitude before everybody and his brother moved here. Dairy Queen when it was ice cream only and outdoor seating only. Ditto McDonalds on the no indoor seating and somehow it even seemed to taste good. Oh, and the 25 cent per serving (size of a full lunch sack) of killer fries to go with the $ 0.99 pitchers of cold beer at Round the Corner. The dancers - couple anyway - at the Honey Bucket. First time meeting two ladies (one at a time) that I still see years later. Sorry .... too long.
  15. Should I stick to one provider?

    Should you stick to one provider? Yes, unless it is a threesome, then you should stick to two at the end if you all did it right. Sticky, sticky.