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  1. or Please be safe out there ladies.
  2. Black mail & Being Outted

    I would suggest obtaining the name of a good attorney sympathetic to the needs of ladies here (surely some of the ladies here know of one) and having said attorney after a consult to identify options, contact the jackass and "explain" to him the potential legal ramifications of being an extortionist. And keep every fricking message of any kind he is stupid enough to threaten you in. If that fails to lose him, giving in to his demands is really not an option because it never ends. Stevie is right (hey, when he is, he is). If he outs you those who love you will get past it eventually. Those who don't love you really don't matter. Best I got without a bunch of detail that I don't know and is none of my business.
  3. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    There is never an excuse to curse at or threaten anyone, least of all a lady. Not to say a last minute cancellation was good, and many would be a bit erked at it. But what you describe sounds like a potentially dangerous fuck that reacted completely out of proportion. The first cussing at me, the first threat would be permanent block and certainly share the info with other ladies. Some of the language you report sounds ..... familiar. Very sorry this happened to you, be safe as a priority.
  4. Homeless teens

    Awesome!! Thank you for posting this. Sounds like an excellent operation to donate to.
  5. Early Morning Providers?

    Although I do not think it is searchable in the listings (maybe some day??) each listing if you click on the "i" in addition to listing the lady's measurements, age, etc. allows her to list days and times she is available. I would not take the info there as an absolute, and always, but it is a good indication if she says 2 pm to 11:00 pm that a morning person she is not and look elsewhere. All else fails, call and ask. Sometimes flexibility of time comes and goes.
  6. Musings of an old man

    So tell me. Which is more kind? Telling you "oh, you poor thing, yeah its hard at first, just keep trying, .... etc." (when you say you have seen many before) or my telling you point blank what I honestly think may be creating problems for you. And again suggesting another way. As to calling someone you presumably have not met and that does not know you at 7 a.m. and getting a reply before noon is pretty good. So if you are complaining about that you do realize most ladies do not have an answering service and maybe, just maybe someone else was interested in her ad and beat you to it? When she did get back to you, what did you say? Bad answer: "too damn late now!" good answers "yes, absolutely" or " Thank you for getting back to me. I really want to meet you but unfortunately it has to be early morning for me. How about tomorrow at 7:00?" But in order to be kind - "No!! 4 hours to get back to you!! You poor thing!! What was she thinking??" Is that better?
  7. Musings of an old man

    Awww geez, again? First you come on here with first post acting like newbie but wanting people to give you information on "under the radar" ladies even though no one knows anything about you. Then when you are given good constructive info on how to identify and contact well known ladies you proceed to say you have seen many in Pueblo previously that were all not good and claim none in Springs will get back to you or make an appointment blah, blah Basically insulted every regular south of Monument. And then claim a helpful (imho naive) dude supposedly gives you a bunch of leads you wanted. Now you come on with a litany of how you are just sweet old guy following all the ladies' screening requests and nothing. If every lady in the south half of state (many who do extremely light screening imho) is reluctant to see you, the odds are high it is you not them! But continuing with the woe is me, I am just new to all this, somebody help me schtick gets quite tiring given the prior posts. Search the listings for "newbie friendly", contact one politely with no bs, don't act shady, give her the info she asks for and move on. Or if you want NO screening then do a search on lesser and less reputable boards and roll the dice and work your way up. Not rocket surgery.
  8. 411 on Nikki_Nichole

    Sooooooo you think the bird is real too??? I will hazard no to both.
  9. Real men of the forum...

    Very nicely said. But, hmmmm, it would seem from responses in thread that some folks attract a higher quality of friends than others hehe. True friends are life's greatest treasure. I will help a true friend anyway I can, which may vary a lot from time to time. what she does for income or in her spare time is not relevant.
  10. Disappointment

    I do not know if there is a "norm". Whatever works for you is your ideal! I was just relating what I am used to, and that I always confirm the morning of. Works well for me.
  11. its been ages since ive been back in Colorado springs..

    Just a thought and far be it from me to tell you how to operate - but you might want to get mods to help you link to all the reviews you had that are still here. May just be matter of "claiming" the profile they are linked to. Those of us that remember you may not need them, but the newer guys would be interested I am guessing!
  12. How Old is too Old?

    Are you over this lady's age? Guess you are not too old then.
  13. Disappointment

    Late to the thread here, but with most of the ladies I have contacted ahead of time (I prefer at least a day or two out) I have NO appointment unless and until I confirm the morning of and she responds to similarly confirm. In other words, no appointment, no NCNS, no review. Now if she confirms and gives a general location and then ghosts you before giving address ..... yep, review. JMHO
  14. Favorite Hiking trails

    very good point. One is best off getting decent maps of forest service, USGS etc.
  15. Favorite Hiking trails

    beat me to it ..... decent free site at least to find trails I am quite fond of the Rainbow Trail and its extensions along the north face of the Sange de Cristo range. I believe the part from Twin Lakes to roughly Poncha Springs got re-named but this link shows the part from Poncha south. There are many, many side trails to numerous lakes with fair to great fishing. You can actually go all the way to Music Pass southwest of Westcliffe and from there my all time fave (better hurry before first snow!!) the trails up to Upper and Lower Sand Lakes. If you are a beast from Music Pass trailhead to Upper Sand, spend some time fishing and hike back down can be done in a day. If you are getting a touch older, ahem, best to plan to camp overnight at the lake. Come to think of it why would you not camp overnight? Take someone with to keep you warm - even July nights are crisp!