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  1. Rain next couple of days!!

    Love the rain, need the rain. Perhaps if one listens closely:
  2. Things I don't understand

    When you want to declare your gang affiliation in prison. 😏 At that point hopefully you are out of "good ideas".
  3. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    Same location at least but Landry's is pretty much a monstrosity aesthetically speaking compared to the Dutchman with the huge windmill facade. Playboy - yep, top of Warwick. See youtube link in post above!
  4. Ho hum days

    Laci, you are just plain extremely nice. But, he has been here for 5 years. But can't find anyone. Hmmmm. I would answer more like "Drive Woodman at 5:15 pm and you will find everyone"
  5. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    So I started thinking a little about said blonde (OK, more than a little) and did a casual google search and ran across this. Holy shit! Serious holy shit!! For many reasons lol. But perhaps of general interest also. And, yes, I believe she appears briefly. (Have to watch again to be certain) Hard (pun intended) to believe after all these years.
  6. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    Clear and happy ring or sour??
  7. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    I remember when the Dutchman was miles outside of town in the middle of nowhere (for all of you that even know what restaurant I am talking about). And Yum Yum Tree was a favorite haunt on the way to concerts. And a movie theater (Century 21 ???) at the bottom of a hill coming into town was the south boundary of development. I believe it is the one that ran "Paint your Wagon" for at least a year lol. Hell, I remember when Pueblo was bigger than Springs and Castle Rock was a wide spot in the road with a 24 hour gas station with outside door rest room that was a hell of a pit stop on the way back home from concerts in Denver. And I-25 went thunk thunk thunk all the way from Pueblo to Denver (old style concrete pavement with crappy joints) And this stunning and sweet blonde in my dorm complex at CU that worked in the Playboy Club in Denver ...... oh, wait ..... none of you would probably have a clue about her hehe. Sigh.
  8. KISSES to you All....last few days in Colorado

    Congratulations and best wishes for great success and happiness going forward! Glad I got to meet you .
  9. Worst Movie

    Ishtar Water World Unforgiven Any Woody Allen movie
  10. All good responses, but: What ..... no comment about the "framing" lol? And no one has thoughts on outdoor appointment - hiking, camping, fishing, quiet corner of park, ........ hey - drive-in!!
  11. Fucking National Geographic

    And sooooo you wanted us to be haunted for years by this post?? Surely there is a deep point I am missing lol.
  12. Outdoor appointments anyone? Well. There is always sunset over the lake hehe
  13. Fantasy in the flesh!

    21 is legal age and not everyone is an old fart like you (and me). If early 20's floats his boat no need to try and shame him just cause it does not fit YOUR preferences. Rock on Mustang87 .... wish I had useful info for you on this one.
  14. Fantasy in the flesh!

    I would respectfully (cause pretty sure it was meant as constructive advice) note the following: Since p411 is not accepting new members and not all signed up before they shut down new members, it can come across a little cold to some to be saying "stick to p411" Those ladies who have good reputations here started somewhere with no reputations. Good thing someone was willing to take a chance, post reviews, and help them establish a reputation. Ladies constantly move on. Without new ladies coming in it would get pretty bleak. For those down south, no there may be "dozens" of choices (two dozen) but if one has a certain type - say tall and slender - in mind, the number can spiral down in a hurry. Playing safe I fully understand and it works best for many, but 411 section is for the unknown ladies and the adventurous guys Rock on all.
  15. Happy Mothers Day

    May it be the best ever and may those close show true appreciation. There are some amazing ladies/mothers here. Bless you all.