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  1. ID Rant

    And i generally agree with most of your posts. This one included. She could attack less regardless of who starts the shit and it is by no means always her. What i referred to as over the line was stating old allegations as fact (not you) with no personal knowledge and several gleefully piling on just cause they dont like her. I think she derives pleasure in jacking with some people and some people derive even more from jacking with her and wish both sides would dial it back a couple clicks, and especially when it derails perfectly good threads. And sidetracks the point of board - sharing helpful information to keep everyone safer while enjoying adult activities with like minded fun people.
  2. "The Maids have been Watching us"

    So you went through with appointment but did not see anyone?? What are you talking about??? Did you get to hotel chicken out and no show her and this is cover for her rant or bl??? But in answer to question even if you did see someone if le did not stop you before you got off the premises you are golden. And of course the maids etc know what is going on. Hopefully she treats them well. 😎
  3. ID Rant

    So why is it certain juvenile members of the I Love Lucy (not!) club feel the need to dredge up allegations related to years old events that they have zero personal knowledge of. A new low - congrats. She has strong opinions (that I do not always agree with but do often) and presents them in a very clear fashion. I know many in the clique would prefer airheaded thinly veiled advertising sprinkled with how great you are and cant argue with her in a logical manner without insults but this is over the line. Especially toward someone with 50 great reviews including some from members of the clique. Grow the f**k up.
  4. I'm not sure what to do these days...

    Question with a purpose for not just the OP but all the ladies that are saying the bullshit is at all time high. Does it help/have you tried only advertising on sites that have some form of private messaging - such as here and p411 - AND then not showing your phone number in any of the remaining ads?? Only way to get number would be through the private message system - members only, not random jerks. If calls are still over the frickin' line you at least know who they are and can complain to site mods, etc. If your number is on BP and in all your ads any total troll jerk can look it up and mess with you. Any fool can see your ads here too - member or not. And if you link to your p411 and your p411 page has your phone displayed even non members get your contact info. Seems like would slow the bullshit. Your phone may ring a lot less, but the percentage of jerks should go down. But what do I know? I could never do the job, but I sure am thankful you ladies do and I try to act like it when I see you. And not trying to tell anyone how to run business - just throwing out a thought. Hopefully more helpful than "do something else for living".
  5. Mya BP Aurora

    After a proper search on computer (much better!) I would have to say not the same lady at all. And since this one you asked about has also been Alana in Phoenix 347-394-7157 and Naomi in Boston 617-440-4469 In just the last couple weeks alone and only a quick search of one pic. I would probably pass. But now if the one I was thinking of returns ......................
  6. What's something that's unique to Colorado?

    Each to their own. I prefer lures myself. A rare treat is a float tube on Blue Mesa, getting into a monster laker and getting drug around the lake - hopefully not farther out than I can paddle back lol. But the best way to fish of course is with the right fishin' buddy
  7. What's something that's unique to Colorado?

    Top of the list in my opinion are several strains of trout. On the Gunnison and Black Canyon rainbow and brown trout. In Blue Mesa Reservoir upstream of the canyon, those two plus lake trout and cutthroat plus Kokanee salmon. But in lower elevations and warmer water (Pueblo Reservoir for instance) Colorado also has wiper, bass, pike, tiger muskie, crappie, perch and catfish. White fish on the western slope. Probably forgetting something, but ....... lots. Oh, yeah, not to forget brook trout in the mountain streams and lakes.
  8. Retirement – rhetorical

    Does she have to ride a unicorn to interview or will you provide one? Sounds like mail order bride material to me. 😎 But maybe i am just being an asshole - happens sometimes. Good luck regardless - sincerely.
  9. Mya BP Aurora

    On my not so smart phone right now and limited search ability, but pics resemble (hard to be certain with no face pics) a tiny little lady that was visiting Springs last year under name Mya Ray (or Rae ?) She had a review or two here and was legit if this is same lady. Best i got till on computer. That mya number was 510-431-9295. Hope helps.
  10. What's something that's unique to Colorado?

    Royal Gorge (adventurous ride zip line across), Black Canyon of the Gunnison (boat tours and fishing in the bottom on crystal and morrow point reservoirs), Dinosaur Monument, petrified forest and fossile beds national monument near Florissant, Grand Mesa and its dozens of lakes and ........... Never a lack of things to do and see
  11. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Shameless, Ray Donovan, Banshee (ok over now sob) GoT. And discovered and got hooked on the Carmichael Show just in time for Carmichael to announce he is moving on. 😞 You Me Her
  12. I’m Even More Stoopid than I Thought…

    Nope. Not from Pueblo. Conduct "business" there often, but do not live there and have no dog in fight. Just know the Pueblo strain tastes waaaaaay better than Hatch. Oh, l and EITHER spelling is correct.
  13. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    Does a permission slip from parole officer help??
  14. Who worries about this problem...

    OK, clearly he could not be charged with having sex in exchange for money because everyone knows you can't get sex out of the wife, paid or not.
  15. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    Hey!! Are you slamming old owls?? I resemble that remark. Only life advice I am offering is fuck as passionately and as often as you can for as long as you can and do so with someone you genuinely like.