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  1. JoeyB

    Aaaah if only I had a dollar for every review that calls stolen pics or grossly out of date and inaccurate pics "accurate". I will assume that in this case to the reviewer's eyes who he met with does indeed resemble the pics in her ads. But they are nonetheless stolen pics - either "Chloe" stealing Ms. Sampedro's or Ms. Sampedro stealing "Chloe's" - you make the call.
  2. Donation

    Not so fast. They do have to make an arrest. However the gustapo and the courts (who would not recognize the constitution if it bit them in the ass these days) have created a bunch of loop holes that allow them to keep whatever is confiscated during an arrest even if no charges are filed and/or even if the rightful owner of the property is found NOT GUILTY. The loop holes are biggest in cases where the gustapo alleges that drugs are involved. There are state laws that appear to preclude that, however the federal laws created by Congress allow the locals to "partner" with the feds and get around the state requirements to return. The feds of course get a cut of the loot. It is patently and obviously unconstitutional, but numerous loopholes around it have been created by corrupt legislature and courts and all of the major "law enforcement" agencies vigorously lobby against any changes to the law that might make them follow the constitution. They even hire lobbyists with the confiscated loot, and buy all sorts of neat toys, annual balls, equipment, etc. It wreaks to high heaven, but our "hero first responders" love this means of legal theft - and make no mistake, it IS THEFT. But they do at least have to make an arrest, although lately they have even ignored that requirement when it comes to "adult arcades" where the gustapo just show up and take the machines. When the very last of our freedoms are taken no one will notice because they are all worried about who won Survivor, got picked on the Bachelor, or which artist Kanye does not approve of won a Grammy or what color some fucking dress is on line.
  3. A Little Friday Fish - the good kind

    So there were three suggested routes for this to take. Favorite places to fall - what are yours? Reasons you came here (popcorn required) Bands/songs connected to fish. (Or fourth - ask WTF??? and move on) So for safe route, say for instance
  4. Everybody needs one - a place to fall. Explains a lot around here.
  5. Low Volume Girls

    And therein lies the important part - no trace of evidence in her incall or anywhere on or in her person to indicate another guy has ever been there. To the point where you (I) can pretend that is reality. So .... however long it takes the lady to remove all traces, whether she does, and whether she allots herself enough time to do so are all that matters to me in terms of "volume". But, yeah, the ones that make you FEEL like the only guy they see are my favorites
  6. JoeyB

    Several (all??) of the photos are Cuban Model Claudia Sampedro . Probably not who will knock on your door, and even it is her, her boyfriend could be an issue lol (Julius Peppers)
  7. TOB for male providers

    Too Old For Taking Time Two Orgasms For Twenty Twenties Tango Or Fox Trot, Trixie? Taking Our Fucking Time Tonight Talking Or Fucking, Tell Truth Trump Only Fucking Tweets Trash Am I close?
  8. Anyone seen Naomi in COS?

    New link No info I can find, however claims 19 looks 16 would be red flag to me. BTW welcome back.
  9. Any info on this hottie?

    Well, the photos come from sites such as Extremely unlikely you will find any of them posting to backpage in Denver.
  10. BS

    the older you get and the more real the concept of eventual demise gets because it is too close to want to think about ..... the more you realize time is far too precious to spend it wading in bullshit! I am out to enjoy every remaining minute and bullshit and aggravation had best get the hell out of the way! If you lie down under the back of an elephant for the shade and get shit on, how long before you catch on that more patience in the shade will just get you shit on again? Time to move and try different approach.
  11. More strange hooker math...

    Hey, maybe the difference is that you actually get to cum in the last 30 minutes. Either that or "hell no, I don't want to spend more than an hour with you!"
  12. Bar flirt game

    And I always wait breathlessly, anxiously for your approval.
  13. Don't be that guy.....

    Despite all the over the edge criticism this sounds pretty relevant to the OP and perfectly reasonable to me. Guys remove condom all the time - for oral ending, Russian gambit, goal achieved and waiting for her to come back with warm towel, ..... lots of reasons. In that case should not be pig and just leave it on/in her bed. BtW I did not visit her to have her clean me up, I visited her for her to help in making a royal mess all over us both I don't care who cleans it up! Each to their own!
  14. Bar flirt game

    So dude goes to bar/lounge, sees hot babe, thinks she is flirting back, buys her drinks, and nonetheless despite his best efforts she leaves with someone else. Oh, horror of horrors ............ this never happens .............. such abuse!!! <sarcasm font off> Common guys, practically story of my young life. Hardly a hanging offense by the gamer couple. As to why this couple wants to play this game .... do any of you want whatever it is that turns you on fires up your fantasy urge etc. to be bashed? Asked to explain why? Can anyone really explain why what turns them on, turns them on? This seems pretty harmless to me. Hell, if the stood up guy plays his cards right her ditching him, if obvious, may garner him the sympathy score hehe.
  15. A little Help in the Highlands

    Are you looking for place to live, or for a side pad for out calls, or as a pimp, or for a provider, ot to house a mistress, or ?? Not intended to be difficult, but not real clear what you are looking for. Oh, but in the Highlands I would go with