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  1. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    Did someone say photo shop gone ....... well, even bad does not cover it.ღ-lets-miss-sexy-‍-‍-‍-make-‍-‍-‍-your-dreamsߒߠ-become-reality/45111202
  2. Changing seasons...

    One last shot ...... help at harvest time
  3. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    The with and without make up shots of stars slay me. Yes, most ladies featured will look much different and usually better with make up applied by a Hollywood professional make up artist and when shot with ideal lighting. That is what the artists are PAID for - making people look better to the camera. As to MOST normal ladies applying their own, my preference and my preference only is minimal to no make up, a bit more if going out on the town for an evening date. I hate looking at a lady and wondering how much of the stuff on her face is going to end up all over me and my clothes in the next hour. As to ads - what kind of advertising does NOT try to put best foot forward? (not counting half the BP ads lol). Oh, and as to the above ones - gimme the left shot on all except number four, in which case neither.
  4. Language Interpretation

    In the actual context of her website - obviously More fun with no context and rampant speculation - our collective pastime! Under that scenario I would go with if you want to dive into saddle immediately through the door and go for msog non-stop till kicked out cough up another $100. And if over hour, "sorry, I am booked" lol
  5. Spin off of game of the week

    Paul Newman for the young uns
  6. Changing seasons...

    Cuddling under covers with a special lady when she visits - without cranking air beyond all reason hehe. World Series. The high hopes stage of football. A breather from summer construction. Last gasp of open water fishing before the darkness (winter) descends. But always sad to see summer go - easily my fave.
  7. When provider's change personas

    Or send you to jail, depending.
  8. Don't need, like or read the excessively long and detailed "look at me and what a stud am I" reviews. All i care for is truthful list of acronyms (for the love of pussy STOP with meaningless bullshit terms like GFE and nothing else) pics accurate, incall not sketchy or filthy, and attitude - engaged vs remote, fun vs mechanical etc. Bottom line - would you go back? Spare me the penthouse letters that are all about the reviewer.
  9. The NERVE!

    It appears BP may be reshuffling the deck again today. For quite sometime there have been filters or groupings "top", "gallery", "video" and "date". There always were a LOT more ads under "date" but you could not see them under the other catagories. I assumed it was cheaper under "date" with the trade off being less cost for way less exposure. As of today "date" has vanished.
  10. a thanks

    Very sorry for your loss. Never easy to lose the closest and dearest in our lives. Mom, dad, and wife here. No more with any luck. Hold the memories until you meet again.
  11. Whislt getting a legit message.....

    Confused. A message brings you to ecstasy?? Must have been an amazing speech! (absolutely could not resist)
  12. This week's game

    OK I will stop after this, but how could I leave out: TYRA!
  13. Why don't providers work out?

    but that doesn't do it
  14. Why don't providers work out?

    Back to OP but hopefully changing mood
  15. This week's game

    OK, if we are doing oldies of the formative years - I dream of ............... Hopelessly in love was I. Although the lack of a navel was a little disturbing.