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  1. Football season is here

    And I would like to give a shout out to CSU for being a dirty football team and trying intentionally to injure CU players with cheap late hits and what ten personal fouls, but only one ejection. And succeeding in putting one of the best players in college football out for several weeks with an intentional cheap shot. But hey they did not wear sunglasses at least lol. Rooting for "little guy?" - BOTH have an enrollment of about 33,000 students and CU was 1-11 last year. How does CSU qualify as the "little guy" again? BTW next year's game is in Fort Collins. Most games in recent history in the series were held at Mile High because of the larger capacity and therefore higher revenue for BOTH schools. Play clean and prosper CSU till next year. Go Buffs!!
  2. hello everyone

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy it here and prosper.
  3. As they often said in one of my favorite shows - Winter is coming. Pikes Peak today So get those farm fresh roasted chiles before the first hard frost and they are gone! Got mine, first batch green chili today. Mmmmm And stuffed freezer hehe. Yes, fish but stay off the sandy/gravely parts of river - browns spawning. Check battery, if its six years old for cryin' out loud replace it. Get laid now. Well OK, good idea anytime of year. Get some of those sunglasses for your next Buffs game. Oh wait, all sold out. No, I don't know when to flush a sprinkler system What am I forgetting? 😁
  4. Football season is here

    Now about the Broncos. Anyone convinced Wilson gets it done this year? And what is up with refs not calling blatant false start penalties on Chiefs? I know they are ratings gold, but really?
  5. Football season is here

    If only Colorado had a major league team. Fortunately my favorite team as long as I can remember - the Orioles - are killing it in first and the Yankees are in last place. Life is good.
  6. Football season is here

    I think the naysayers who want Sanders and CU to fail were already exposed. On the road, 20 point underdogs against team with 5 bowl wins since joining Big 12 10 years ago but TCU was "over rated". It is a long season and a brutal schedule but keeping in mind the players on the team (including some truly outstanding talents) have only played one game together so far I suspect by end of year CU will be a team no one wants to play. Subject as usual to injuries, etc. Go Buffs! Enough nitpicking, enjoy the huge change for the better.
  7. Moves your soul.

    OK, one more random stop along the way. Latest Ana would be good.
  8. Moves your soul.

    Or totally unrelated - I said random - how about some Ghost Hounds just for grins.
  9. Moves your soul.

    Some random music thoughts on a Friday night. Still cannot get enough Sophie. Definite weakness, but some of the things she does with that Kiesel have to watch more than once just to go huh, wow.
  11. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    I thought I did, but then I forgot where I put it and what it looked like.
  12. Vanessa on Eros

    While at Eros top upper left of screen click "Home". On home page scroll down to bottom left. Click on "Eros Verified" and it pulls up a description of what Eros Verified means.
  13. Welcome. Hope you enjoy and prosper
  14. Hey All of You!

    Unfortunately there will always be trolls and always be those folks who cannot feel good about themselves without putting someone else down. When it rises to the level of literally harassing specific members for no real apparent reason, that is a problem. One I have complained about both publicly and via pm. Being called White Knight - shrug, I would say grey at best, consider the source, laugh. But what is so hard to understand about just being respectful to a lady one wants intimacy from? Who raised these people? Of course it is a two way street, and neither side is free from bad behavior, but it is truly sad the level of crap some put the ladies through.
  15. Moves your soul.

    Anyone like Sershen and Zaritskaya, now known as NOAPOLOGY? I am not usually that into cover bands but make exception talent like this. Sergey Sershen is an excellent guitar player and Daria Zaritskaya - wow, her voice and her presence. They were just getting to original tunes when the shit in Ukraine started - they are from Kiev. Hopefully that gets resolved soon and when it does I hope they commence again making music. Anyway, a couple classics well done.