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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Just for one day maybe?? Ask yourself what you are most thankful for ............. and smile. Just think ...... maybe someone somewhere is quietly smiling because of you
  2. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    Samantha, I hope you recognized the sarcasm font on that part of my post. What? I did not pay subscription fee again so it didn't show?? Dammit! For my part (no special fonts involved), I can't imagine a rate that low, nor actually would I be interested to be honest. If the lady has that low an opinion of the value of her time, why would I want some - let alone a whole night's worth?? As far as over nights perhaps I am weird, but I would only want one with a lady I knew very well and that I enjoy every minute of time with, not just the "main event". Right now there is only a very small number that it sounds good with and I am afraid it could be too good and make maintaining boundaries too hard. But damn it sounds good! But only with ................. The real question is how much is being stuck with a guy (client guy) a whole night while missing whatever she would have been doing worth to the lady, and that is going to vary greatly depending upon circumstances and needs. But the rate you mention - just sounds sad to me. But I get odd looks these parts at times.
  3. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    The virtually meaningless Everyday Price Index you link to does NOT include housing or purchases of appliances, furniture, cars, transportation, etc. but rather ONLY "every day purchases" A house I could buy for $150K where I live goes for around $300K in Springs and around $500K in Denver metro, higher in western burbs. Housing costs have sky rocketed, and ladies trying to have a home and a separate incall get hammered twice. Indexes that only look at one small piece of what it takes to live are dangerous because they totally misrepresent reality by minimizing inflationary costs. And thus can be used by gov to "justify" 0.2 percent increase in social security - or this year a whopping whole 2 percent!! Most of us that work for a living have the "luxury" of not having people bitch daily about our wages and trying to get us to go home with less. (Yes, I know many own their own small business guys do, but others, nope). Escorts get it every day relentlessly from both serious clients and fucktards just getting their kicks from jacking with them. I have no magic answer for what anyone's rates "should be" because everyone's needs and market and circumstances are different. But to understand how much many ladies in the biz are hurting is not rocket science. When I started lurking around these parts 10 years ago the going rates were 200-250 with out-lyers at 150 and 400. But vast majority around 225. Now what I see are rates of 250 to 300 with out-lyers at 200 and 400. That very minor increase pales in comparison to the cost of most everything else. Pretty simple.
  4. Its been too long....

    Welcome back. Don't leave again!!
  5. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    But ...................... who is really going to pay her for an overnight in the other room??? What do I miss? Same bed is the point. I think. Otherwise just give me several one hour visits
  6. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    First - could I please have contact info for whomever is offering $40/hr for 8 hours or more? Must have missed that one!!! Not counting cash and dash options on BP The cheapest I saw in very quick perusal of ads was 1500 for "overnight". So that is the equivalent of 5 to 8 one hour appointments at 250 to 300 per hour. So assuming you limit overnights to guys you have met and click with (I certainly would!!) would you rather spend 8 to 10 hours with one guy you get along with, or screen 5 to 8 guys, take 5 to 8 showers, get all dolled up 5 to 8 times, run the risk of screening 5 to 8 guys who may no show you, be pounded by 5 to 8 guys trying to pack max value into their hour (or half!) etc., etc. sure seems to me that the overnight makes tons of sense. But far be it from me to tell any lady how to run her business or price her services. I can tell you that a ten hour overnight at full 300/hour is never going to happen for me because that would wipe out 3 to 4 months available budget in one night. Yes, I know ....... for some here that is chump change. But for many it certainly is not. And HOPEFULLY the overall difference in the experience of one night with a known, good client and 5 to 8 separate encounters with random and unknown clients is a very good and desirable difference. But what do I know ........ just a horny lil ole owl - who has never worked as escort!!
  7. Fuckin Broncos...

    Clearly it was all Siemiean's fault
  8. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    Everyone should pay their legit taxes - but the filthy rich rarely do (yeah, everyone knows who). As to providers why is it deemed so essential for ladies to pay the GOVERNMENT for income that is derived from what the GOVERNMENT declares illegal and tries to arrest said ladies for? Want taxes?? Legalize!!! (Snip) The ONLY reason for ladies to pay taxes is to be able to show income for rentals, loans, etc. The rest is bullshit. Oh, and most of the worst parasites earn it the old fashioned way - they are elected to it.
  9. I agreed to pick her up

    Well done by both! Love happy endings - so the followup session ...............
  10. calling for specials for ladies and gents

    I hate discussing rates also, but too many ladies either post NO rates or post MULTIPLE rates that vary from site to site. No choice but to ask in first case. If multiple rates I simply refer to one specifically and ask "I trust the rate for an hour of your time is as posted today on XXXX" My favorite rate confusion was a lady that advertised every frickin day on EB for literally months "special today $XXX" - but expected the higher rate posted on p411. Shrug - both were probably too low lol.
  11. calling for specials for ladies and gents

    And it may be "watering" at the time
  12. I agreed to pick her up

    While I agree with the numerous comments that it would be nice if every lady had their shit together totally and could arrange transportation without being picked up, you must have heard enough good things from your "friend" to out weigh all that. You made an agreed upon deal - time, transportation, $$. Then you get her in your car and announce you don't want to take her home at the agreed upon time. You already were going to spend "multi hours" PLUS travel time with her, so what purpose does the additional 45 minutes serve other than a power play/discount/got her captive so ask for more? I don't get it any other way. Sorry, in my opinion and based solely upon your description, that was a total dickhead move and probably scared the shit out of her. Hopefully both learned some lessons, but since you asked if it was reviewable, at least one probably hasn't learned a thing so far.
  13. An excellent list, however I CAN still screw and many of the other things on list and a totally lost sense of inhibition against "forbidden" things is actually making screwing and this stage of life pretty kick ass!! A little more time and money would help, but ............
  14. Most desired toys?

    Personal favorite is an enthusiastic and nimble tongue. Soooo many applications. For ladies rumor has it favorite toy is a man's mind - only drawback it is so small it is easily lost.
  15. Farewell Malcomb

    RIP at last Malcomb Young (co-founder/guitarist AC/DC). This goodbye to rock legends thing is becoming a full time job. Big balls indeed.