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  1. NEW to TOB

    Nice? Don't tell ladies you are nice! They fall 90 percent for the bad guy! Just a clean, considerate, prompt, tipping bad guy.
  2. 411 on Lillian LaRue?

    Until someone brags about the secret menu. Or an off duty goes in for legit massage and .............
  3. To Marvel at his Accomplishments

    Farewell to a legend, one of a kind, who brought countless hours of entertainment pleasure to so many. 95 seems too short for him.
  4. NEW to TOB

    remember there is a whole different world on the south side of Palmer Ridge If any of your reviews can be linked to, I believe it is kosher to do so in the review section of your profile watch out for guys with a number in their handle - they just want to get in your pants, or so I hear. put your feet up and stay a spell. (I meant to relax .... what did you think I meant?) Welcome. Hope you enjoy and prosper here.
  5. Since some ladies still can’t access TOB

    Only "entitled" I feel is the freedom to stay or go. And while I am here speak my mind while I still have it.
  6. Are relationships overrated? Fell hard for a married woman.

    Bit, a week's worth of rep. I know exactly what you mean. I enjoy being single for freedom. For the ability to meet new ladies and make new friends. I enjoy the company of a couple atf's in total 2 or 3 times per month, and holy shit is that nice. They are ....... stop, no shilling. For an hour or two per week. The other 166 hours of the week can get pretty lonely. Especially the night time ones. Guess it is a balancing act. Unfortunately for success in obtaining a partner it is getting less and less possible to attract even the "age appropriate" ones in tandem with enjoying the younger lady (younger than me covers a bit of ground!) so damn much and not just for the sex. (enough reason in itself) but the energy and optimism of youth. But realistic enough to know that is cash only, understandably.
  7. Hazel

    I would note that one who has been banned three times in two weeks has a pretty nice and convincing website. And no one has fessed up to seeing her yet (except for the two reviews that got deleted) What is the saying about well behaved women ? The skeptic in me may say "yikes" but the optimist in me says she is just one who does not follow rules well but otherwise legit. Or hey .... banned three times, must be bad! Don't you like a bad lady sometimes? Kidding ..... sort of ..... not really.
  8. Enough "honeybee's"

    But ..... is that good or bad? Sounds like a pretty intense fetish! I too remember Lash!
  9. Since some ladies still can’t access TOB

    I try to rise often hehe.
  10. Searched high and low for any indication of wtf was going on and whether it was permanent, temporary, etc. And reached out with "hey, can you log on?" to people I had contact info for. Oh, and repeated the suggested fruitless resetting tabs, clearing cache, had shutting down, rebooting, and trying different browsers. Big fun. I should have known better, and actually did, but tried anyway. Oh well, phone is working better with all the extraneous bullshit and clutter deleted and wiped.
  11. Since some ladies still can’t access TOB

    THIS!! Thank you weasel, finally nail hit upon head! For clarity, this is the best available site of its kind, and I do appreciate the work of all the mods and the efforts to keep this ship afloat. Also major kudos to Laci who was indeed trying to keep people informed and help. Also appreciated. Now as for the entity that "planned" this cluster f**k of a server move and that responded to me suggesting it was all my isp's fault and that I should change isp's with NO indication of how long it was expected to take - and yes, it was specified that it was a mobile issue, so I would have had to kill a phone plan, probably buy a new phone, etc. While at the same time stating on line that all would be good by late morning (it wasn't). Well a few minutes ago I was finally able to access after being blacked out by main internet for several hours and via mobile for over 24 hours. Fortunately I recognized the suggestion for what it was - pure bullshit stall and failure to acknowledge that it was just piss poor planning by whoever orchestrated the fiasco. All that said I suppose the place is still worth what I pay for it. Not so sure about ladies that pay for advertising and then have a majority of clients that like to access via their phone who are left hanging without warning. So, in conclusion, Dear Mr/Ms./Mrs Whisperer: Please plan shit better next time and please, please dispense with bullshit answers if/when poor planning leads to extended blackouts. Again, thanks all for keeping the place up and running, the mods for well, moderating, and most of the denizens for being worth communicating and sharing with. Yes, a bit grumpy but after a good vent feeling better. Have a good night all.
  12. Enough "honeybee's"

    Always good to check urban dictionary before jumping all in. 😎 more than one definition. Ditto snow bunny.
  13. Her p411 profile is still active, and recently logged into, so i would say the answer to your question is "nothing has happened to her" Try contacting her via whatever method her profile here gives you. No listing here does not mean much.
  14. Please be careful driving in this mess

    Flipped over .... big rig ..... waiting for you in the grass. Hmmmmm 😻
  15. Please be careful driving in this mess

    Ahhh, but unless one has a live in, some one has to get out! And is that rums or bums? 😎