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  1. I've been a Colorado Springs girl never been too Fort Collins area . I've been here for 3days and it's been alright but I've been hearing some bad reviews about this town . From customers and friends ! Been told extra too screen carefully 😳
  2. Omg I went to Denver for a couple of days and I will not be going back . More luck in the springs for me Denver too slow for me assuming not to many blacks go there.
  3. Freezing

    I had the longest lay over in Denver I was pissed a whole 7hrs . Windy my ass more like tornado wind
  4. Right I want to send guys home safe no running to the doctor bcuz they were curious . Safety first !!!
  5. I always get guys who want BB for GFE services and I don't offer bare or Greek and I feel pressured because a lot of providers aren't as safe. I'm afraid to catch what I can't get rid of so I'll pass on the GFE services. Doesn't mean ur experience with me will be any less without it.
  6. Freezing

    Y is it so cold 😩❄️🌬
  7. What's everyone doing ?

    Thank you 💋 Happy Valentine's Day
  8. What's everyone doing ?

    Thank you babes 😘
  9. What is everyone doing for baeDay ? [snip]
  10. sunshine

    I know I need too go back 😩
  11. sunshine

    yes im back im sure they will
  12. sunshine

    omg this weather is so awesome , wish my friends could enjoy it .
  13. sunshine

    this weather has me wanting to throw on my shorts and flip flops like its california weather right when i step outside i bet itll get cold out of nowhere like get ya @$& back inside its not your time yet
  14. why is it so nice ?

    yikes , maybe i spoke too soon maybe i should stick to what i know and go back to cali