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  1. TOB needs a daily paid advertising section

    Thank you for the suggestion. Sorry, At this time we do not plan on adding daily advertising.
  2. Is there a way to hide ads from certain users?

    Sorry, not at this time. Happy Easter
  3. Blocking Users

    Sorry Lucy, Not at this time.
  4. reference psa and rant

    Thank you for the feedback, we are looking into this now. This appears to be a bug:(
  5. Cant Post photos

    We have sent you a pm please reply
  6. Cant Post photos

    Thanks for the help:)
  7. Profiles...

    Thank you for the suggestion

    We had a glitch last year that removed some users followers. It may have popped up again:(
  9. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    The user names lustyleah and rjb1354 have been banned for misrepresenting their Forum presence with intent to violate the rules and interests of TOB. We are confident and resolute in our findings that there is No female LustyLeah and in fact was created by the user RJB1354 who is a male. Deceptions have been in play and this is not acceptable to and for the valued TOB membership.
  10. technical issue

    This issue was resolved late Saturday. Chrome had made changes which we needed to track down. All is well:) Have a great day, thanks for all who helped us troubleshoot and your patience..
  11. Directly link to individual reviews

    At this time we do not wish to separate them. Thank you for the feedback
  12. deleting one's account

    We pm'd you
  13. Directly link to individual reviews

    The page was built to link to the entire profile and not just the reviews
  14. Paid for an ad and it's not up

    Glad to help:)