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  2. Interesting Review Statistic

    She refused to acknowledge she was Katie Cream and denied it to the admins and the board. We added that to her name to bring an end to the deception. It appears she had the reviewer had a history that went south, that's unfortunate.
  3. Reviews and References

    Thank you
  4. Reviews and References

    New reviewers must obtain a reference from an established user before submitting a review. We are requesting all reviewers obtain references whenever possible.
  5. Thank you, this should be addressed in our next update. That should happen in the next 60 days. Have a great day.
  6. We have completed adding your pictures to your gallery. You needed to click on each picture you wanted, then click the Add button... Adding Pictures to the Gallery: #1 Click to Create New Gallery. You have the option to Rename that Gallery. #2 Then click ADD TO GALLERY This will open the Media Manager window. (If you added pictures previously, they will be in there) You will then click and browse your Tablet, Phone or Computer and locate the pictures you want to upload. #3 Once you have upload the pictures, please CLICK each picture you want to appear in that gallery. #4 Once you have CLICKED all the pictures you want to appear in that gallery, click the ADD button at the bottom of the Media Manager window. You have now created a gallery. You can repeat the process for each gallery you want to create. PICTURE WON'T LOAD: Does the blue line load, but then no image appears? If so, the image is to large. A quick fix, send that image to yourself in a text message, save that and then upload that image
  7. Lexi Maserati banned??

    Normally we don't discuss this but Lexi's responses were disturbing. They are 2 different people. Alexis had over a year and half history with TOB. Somehow her profile survived the 20 and under purge. When we requested proof of age several times we received no reply. Concurrently we discovered Lexi had some of the same pix... Lexi then went off on us claiming TOB is run by a pimp and someone else and that she was going to post it all on eccie. We asked her to share the info she claimed was true, she refused...
  8. Sharing references?

    The system flags it as spamming a provider. It's best to request a reference then follow up with a pm or text.
  9. 411 on SamanthaSex-FAKE

    We have flagged this profile SamanthaSex as FAKE
  10. Stood up too many times

    Unfortunately we do not have a category for Time Waster:/
  11. Tiffany D

    We removed the images. We are speaking with the user now.
  12. Review question

    We are aware of the confusion/issue and are working on a solution:)
  13. Why Are Reviews Not Listed By State?

    We used the search feature see and found 36 for California and 12 for Los Angeles when filtering for the city.
  14. Reviews

    Obtain TOB REFERENCES, it helps us validate All users.
  15. Hooray 😃