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  1. Not sure why its blocked

    Sending multiple requests to the same provider will get you blocked.
  2. Not allowed to give Reputations?

    Thank you for the feedback. At this time the Reps will remain capped. There are times where a glitch occurs, we are unable to correct that, at this time. We are looking at making a change at the end of this year. We will add your comments to that list. Thank you again:)
  3. Requesting references

    We have sent you pm please reply
  4. Exclude ads/providers

    Sorry, that feature is not available at this time.
  5. Cheyenne Wy

  6. Cheyenne Wy

    Are you trying to post an Ad or participate here in the forum?
  7. ID Rant

    For the record, This is Not true. We do not appreciate you making that statement MrReindeer.
  8. Only good reviews going through???

    This has been corrected:)
  9. Only good reviews going through???

    There appears to be an issue with the sort, we are working to correct it:)
  10. Only good reviews going through???

    Thank you for all your feedback. Reviews are now being displayed in order of Date Approved and not by date submitted.
  11. Help! A site won't take down fraudulent reviews (2 now)

    Do not use the forum to post rebuttals.
  12. Can I change the content of my review?

    We sent you a pm...
  13. Only good reviews going through???

    Reviews can take up to 8 days to publish. We have had incidents where it has taken longer. The majority of reviews are published much quicker then that. With negative reviews, we have an additional step. Reviews are displayed based on the date submitted and not the date published. At this time there is no way to sort/search for reviews that were just published. NO reviewer has ever had their review denied because it was negative until they resubmitted it as a positive one. That's just ridiculous... Generally, reviews are denied because the form is not filled out correctly. The Consenting Adults Activities area is left blank, the Alternative Website link is left blank or does not link correctly, "Services" and or "Would you Recommend" fields are not selected. Once it's denied the reviewer can resubmit. We encourage all reviewers to give a detailed account of their experiences good, bad or indifferent. We thank you for all your feedback and support.
  14. posting ads ? how often ?

    We have sent you a pm. You can post an ad as often as you like.
  15. No show

    There are other sites more in line with what you want to do. Other providers may want to post that info here.