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  1. Sharing references?

    This was answered earlier in this thread. Login to you your account, then scroll down below your galleries and locate "Pending Reference Requests from TOB Clients" The field should be open and you will see a Approve and Deny button. If the field is collasped just click to the right of the reviewers name and it will open like the reviews.
  2. Sharing references?

    It means the provider does not wish the public to know exactly how many references they have given.
  3. DO negative reviews have an expiration date??

    Providers cannot have a review removed by asking, complaining, or demanding. Providers are allowed to submit a Rebuttal. In some cases we have found the review should not have been submitted and was removed by the admin. In general, previous reviews were removed as the reviewer deleted their account.
  4. Fresh Start !

    TOB users, there was a glitch with Daniellexxrose's first account. This was not her fault. While resetting the account it became corrupted and we had to Delete it. At our request she created this new account. Sorry about that Daniellexxrose
  5. Sharing references?

    Sending or requesting multiple references from the same provider will result in your references being blocked.
  6. Delete Reviews?

    The most likely reason is the client removed it or deleted his profile.
  7. References on TOB

    We pmd you.
  8. References on TOB Look on Laci's profile page, below her profile picture, the 4th button is the "Request Reference" button .. Send Message, Forum Stats, Write Review, Request Reference, Share Reference
  9. This has been updated to a provider
  10. deleting one's account

    We sent you a pm
  11. deleting one's account

    We sent you a pm
  12. Change Display Name?

    Thank you Kaduk, we sent him a pm:)
  13. "TOB client profiles shared with you"

    We pmd you... Reviewers are giving you access to see their references, which you can't see unless they do so. Click the user names link, which will bring up their profile, scroll down to References.
  14. References on TOB

    Thank you:)
  15. Aaarrghhhh Reference Request

    Great, awesome, sorry about the difficulty