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  1. Review tech suggestion.

    Thank you. We are working on some things and hope to have them completed in the next 30 days.
  2. May I introduce myself & ask a question?

    Dawn your Profile must be based in Colorado to post a Listing. To pay for a listing click Billing and make the payment, once completed click Post New Listing, fill out the form and post. You can post and repost as often as you like.
  3. "Fake"?

    Those users have been banned and blacklisted!
  4. I wanted to apologize for giving youn a hard time I realize you are just trying to keep us safe

  5. Becky The head dr

    Please let us know if you come across a user using stolen photos. In the Listing click the (i) and report the Listing. Please provide us with the Instagram, Twitter or other social media where the photo was stolen from. Since BP shut down we have removed dozens of profiles. We have ZERO respect for those users attempting to defraud others... Thank you all for your help and support!:)
  6. Becky The head dr

  7. Can't upload profile photo?

    Sorry about that... PICTURE WON'T LOAD: Does the blue line load, but then no image appears? If so, the image is to large. A quick fix, send that image to yourself in a text message, save that and then upload that image.
  8. How to change Display Name

    We sent you a pm
  9. Review help

    Are you using a different device from the last review you submitted? Are you on a computer or mobile phone? Try logging out, closing the browser window and restarting. Sometimes a glitch will happen with the browser and or your device...
  10. Rebuttal still there

    Thank you
  11. Ads Gone?? No, update Bug:/(FIXED)

    Ok, the bug has been fixed. There will be some minor text fixes over the next week, but that's it. Users are responsible for what they put in their post, some pre defined fields have been removed.
  12. Ads Gone?? No, update Bug:/(FIXED)

    We pushed an update last night and something seems to have glitched with the navigation menu on "desktop". However, once you login, click your name, the navigation menu should be there. We are working to resolve this, hopefully by this evening. Sorry about that:(
  13. Review not showing

    We have answered this in many threads before and will provide clarification here. When a reviewer logs in, scroll down the page, all reviews, pending and active are there. In general, reviews are denied because the form has not been filled out correctly. Reviews can take up to 8 days, however in most cases it's a lot less, though there are rare instances it can take longer. If you're asked for clarification, please provide it promptly and if you lie, expect your account to be suspended.
  14. Sharing references?

    This was answered earlier in this thread. Login to you your account, then scroll down below your galleries and locate "Pending Reference Requests from TOB Clients" The field should be open and you will see a Approve and Deny button. If the field is collasped just click to the right of the reviewers name and it will open like the reviews.
  15. Sharing references?

    It means the provider does not wish the public to know exactly how many references they have given.