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  1. Paid for an ad and it's not up

    Glad to help:)
  2. Posting on Tob

    We sent you a pm.
  3. Ads - Search functionality

    Sorry about that. We are looking into this, thank you:)
  4. How to post a new ad

    If it's a temp card without your name, No. Pre-Paid Cards We Know Worked #1 (tested 5/10/16) The company name is Green Dot and can be purchased online and at major retail stores like Walmart. They do require your social security number. They do charge a monthly fee and there is a 3% foreign transaction fee which would apply when making payments to us. Read their FAQ #2 (tested 5/1/16) The company name is Account Now they do require you to enter your social security number and then will mail you the card in a few days. There is a Classic and Gold, we recommend the classic as there is no monthly fee I Can't Make a Payment: First, you Cannot make payment with a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card. Why? In 2012 homeland security passed legislation to counter terrorism and forbid gift cards to be used for purchases outside of the USA. We always advise at you use a straight Visa or MasterCard sometimes the debit cards work, we have provided 2 pre-paid options above. If you want to use a different pre-paid card call the number on the back of the card Before you purchase and make sure that they will allow INTERNATIONAL purchases from the UK (United Kingdom). If you tried to make the purchase and it didn't work please contact your credit card company and make sure they will allow an INTERNATIONAL charge from " Pink Lily Media". This is how it will appear when we submit an authorization to your bank. Because it is an overseas charge some banks will flag it as possible fraud to protect you. Once you have spoken to them and they say they will allow the charge, please try and make the payment again. If that does not work please email us directly at
  5. Been seeing Wendy ads

    A profile was created when a review was submitted but unfortunately not approved in 2015. She has still not claimed the profile on TOB.
  6. Member Moderation

    #1 The nature of a forum is to discuss and debate ideas #2 Because the thread creator would not be unbiased
  7. You have the wrong account type set. We have corrected that. You should now see all the information the mod posted above:)
  8. Ad notifications

    Great suggestion. Sorry, not at this time. We may consider it at a later time:)
  9. How do i link my TER to this board ??

    Click Edit Profile and enter your TER ID# in the field and Save
  10. Review notification links not working

    New notifications should work, the old ones are pulling the incorrect result
  11. Review notification links not working

    This should be resolved now, sorry about that..
  12. Ads search not working well

    We Tested using using ipad, andriod and desktop and had no error. We went to Colorado All, clicked Search, selected Natural and Searched. We had 80 pages of results. Did you something other then described above? What device are you using? Is it still occurring?
  13. Review notification links not working

    There is an error occurring between two systems and unfortunately they have not been able to resolve it. We are hoping an update might allow us a different option. Sorry about this...
  14. Trying to review a visting provider

    We sent you a pm