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  1. "TOB client profiles shared with you"

    We pmd you... Reviewers are giving you access to see their references, which you can't see unless they do so. Click the user names link, which will bring up their profile, scroll down to References.
  2. References on TOB

    Thank you:)
  3. Aaarrghhhh Reference Request

    Great, awesome, sorry about the difficulty
  4. Aaarrghhhh Reference Request

    There is one pending, you may be pulling a cached page, try refreshing. We sent you a pm.. Pending Reference Requests from TOB Clients
  5. Harassment and threatening on this site

    Correct, contact the staff, do not out someone..
  6. Reviews

    Sorry about that, If they are not in the database the system will prompt you to enter info so it can create a profile for them and once completed it will take you to the page to submit the review. We are looking at updating this process in the next version.
  7. Reviews

    Steve you'll need to provide us with that info so we can look into what occured.
  8. Photos... Is it just me??

    The photo upload routine does not change the picture orientation, but that's not to say a glitch can't occur. Here is a work around. First, delete the picture from your gallery and the media center. Then just send the picture to yourself in a text message and save that picture. Next, upload that saved picture.
  9. Photos... Is it just me??

    The only organization you can make is selecting which photo will appear as the thumbnail for the ad. You do that by clicking the star. We are looking at incorporating a more customizable order when we do our next major upgrade sometime next year.
  10. What does "Caught Self-Reviewing" really mean?

    Time to end this please. The OP brought up an interesting topic. Let's get back to that and off Sabrina or this thread will need to be closed. (And that is not to be interpreted as supporting her drama) Let's move on...
  11. Renewing References

    This will need to be part of a new system update and that is at least 6 months away
  12. Renewing References

    No there is not. The previous posters suggestion can work around this, however, the system may flag and disable your references should you do that more then a couple times.
  13. Not sure why its blocked

    Sending multiple requests to the same provider will get you blocked.
  14. Not allowed to give Reputations?

    Thank you for the feedback. At this time the Reps will remain capped. There are times where a glitch occurs, we are unable to correct that, at this time. We are looking at making a change at the end of this year. We will add your comments to that list. Thank you again:)
  15. Requesting references

    We have sent you pm please reply