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  1. recommendations

    Chrissy, go to any of the porn video web sites and search for milking. If you didn’t already know that milking and edging was, you will get an education 😂😂
  2. Useless reviews

    I stand by what I said. If you’re not a contributor to the community, don’t bitch about the way things are done.
  3. No show

    You are so right. Respect goes a long ways. This is a 2 way street. A NCNS by either party is unacceptable.
  4. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I’m learning how to talk dirty. It is a lot of fun to hear and speak.
  5. Useless reviews

    So the OP has been a TOB member 17 months, has posted 2 reviews almost a year ago and his first post is a rant about the lack of details and acronyms in reviews. What is irritating are the Johnny Come Latelys ranting on their first ever post about something when they have not been a contributing member of TOB. Be grateful for what we have. Whisperer could have decided to shut down TOB with the passing of Fosta/Sesta. TheWhisperer is doing what is necessary to keep TOB viable for our community. Thank you Whisperer, Kaduk and Boink for all your hard work.
  6. Long reach of Mark Zuckerberg

    Just think about Microsoft and how they embed code into their software. If Bill Gates wanted to, he could flip a switch and all of our devices and computers would shut down 😱
  7. Shy guy

    I love Trappers Lake. Also the Arkansas down around Howard and Cotopaxi. Not real sure of any good places near Denver outside of going up into Waterton Canyon.
  8. No show

    I agree. I don’t count it unless I stay overnight in the state
  9. Would you rather? The game!

  10. No show

    I’ve been to Greybull, WY which +/- 30 mins from the Montana border. Just didn’t drive across the state line. I do have to go there as well as Alaska and Hawaii before I kick the bucket.
  11. No show

    I’ve traveled to every state in the U.S. except for Hawaii, Alaska & Montana. I’ve been all over Canada, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile , Amsterdam & Spain. I quit hobbying outside of Colorado roughly 7 years ago. I can definitely state that ghosting/ncns is not unique to Denver and is not limited to clients/providers. Poor manners and fuckery is no excuse. If you can’t make an appointment, contact the person you were going to see as soon as possible...preferably several hours before the agreed upon time.
  12. Entertainment

  13. Long reach of Mark Zuckerberg

    I have a FB account that I visit about every 8 weeks or so. I got a message from FB roughly 4 weeks ago that someone had been trying to hack my account and they locked it. I went online and manually entered in FB’s web site and recovered my account. I never click any links provided. They definitely have privacy issues.
  14. Human Trafficking text

    I’d bet anything you’ve been hacked. The police would not send you anything like this.
  15. Twitter down😳

    With twitter down, how are we supposed to get in trouble😂😂