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  1. Gentlemen post your Fantasy listings

    Mature gentleman here. Always have a smile on my face and will do my best to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. I am available for whatever your needs are. Services include but are not limited to: Being your +1 at business or family function Dinner companion Driving you around town as needed Accompanying you to cultural and sporting events Overnight companion Mucking stalls Housework (I do windows) Cooking a down home meal for you Bartender/server at your personal functions Yard work All services cherrfully performed fully clothed, fully nude, or anywhere in between You may request specific outfits Rates depend on service provided and are negotiable Preferred method of contact is by pm or email
  2. Singing in the Shower

    I’ve never tried a golden shower, but with the right person, I would definitely give it a try. Could be interesting.
  3. This just in: Pussies are all different

    I’m in charge of the research. Everyone else can analyze my notes
  4. What does it mean when a provider has a banned profile?

    Ho Timeout 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. New Game

    Caution Erection in Progress Stand Clear
  6. Cabo

    Ask the local cab drivers
  7. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Don’t forget food for the lady
  8. 2 profiles?

    One possibility that hasn’t been brought up...the pics could be stolen. If that’s the case, then it is the case of fake pics which is verboten as well. Contact the ladies in question and let them know. If they respond negatively or don’t respond at all, contact the mods and let them do their thing.
  9. New Game

    That’s a start.
  10. Connecting

    What eatu55 said needed to be said. The OP appeared to blame the board for pm’s taking a long time to be answered. As well as he asked how the ladies preferred to be contacted, sort of inferring that all ladies will prefer the same contact method...which is not the case. Each lady has a preferred contact method and they will usually state their preferred method. Sometimes they will only post one piece of contact information. That is how you contact them then. If they don’t state a preferred method, then use whatever you prefer. Simple enough.
  11. New Again!?!

    You say that your original join date is early 2000’s, if that is the case then this isn’t your first rodeo and you know how this works. Not much has changed on how to find a friend for an hour normal. Do a search in the listings formladies in COS and once you find someone that appeals to you, contact her by her preferred method and follow her screening instructions. And above all, be respectful. Do not expect the men in this board to do your footwork for you. And as Laci said above, do not expect the golden pussy to fall out of the sky to you.
  12. Mexican food

    Fish, send the recipie please
  13. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    That is the best thing to do since they aren’t allowed. BP style advertising only cheapens a quality site like TOB.
  14. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    I have seen these photos posted here on TOB after the shutdown of BP