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  1. Nasty, disgusting, sexist jokes - got any?OK

    I heard this one in the radio the this morning: A young lady goes into see her doctor and says she has some mysterious green spots in the inside of her thighs. Her doctor looks at the spots, says he no clue what could cause but that he will run some tests and tells her to.come back next week after the results are in. He tells her that I the meantime, maybe the spots will go away in their own. She comes back in the following week very scared and tells the doctor the spots won't go away. The doctor sits her her down and tells her that the tests all come back negative and that there is nothing medically wrong. She asks him what be causing the green spots. He stops and thinks for a moment and then asks her if her boyfriend wears earrings. She replies yes. The doctor then says "Tell him his earrings are not made of gold".
  2. Weiner - The Documentary

    It's amazing how his last name describes him perfectly
  3. Something Different

    Funny and so accurate regarding the wife
  4. off the clock time and extended dates

    The original thread was about what people would like to do besides just having sex in a session. You originally contributed with a positive post about things you like to do outside of the bedroom. Then you went off on a diatribe condemning providers who have made friends with some of the guys they see and saying they like to do things off the clock, in public with these friends. This was not keeping the original on topic. You commented several times condemning providers and saying they are wrong for doing that and that your product has been devalued. PRODUCT...who the fuck looks at this as a product? The original thread was progressing in a positive note until you went off on your multiple comments "trying to salvage the thread" as you call it. Your intent was not to salvage the original was to condemn and ostracize Laci, Melissa and any other lady that has made friends with the guys they see and enjoy doing things off the clock with them. You don't have to like the guys you see, you don't have to make friends with them or do things off the clock with them. That is your perogative. Just like it is other ladies perogative to enjoy doing things with the guys they see. You just don't have to keep commenting about it multiple times. Saying it once was enough. You managed to spew venom in the original thread and this thread with anyone who has disagreed with your opinion..just like you do in every other thread you comment in. I know you will write another thesis commenting on my post here stating that I am completely wrong and that everyone is piling on poor, poor Lucy. And that will only serve to prove my point and everyone else points about your negative comments.
  5. off the clock time and extended dates

    It was not Boink that split this thread, it was another admin
  6. off the clock time and extended dates

    I'm pretty sure you know why this is now a separate thread. The mod that moved my post into this thread gave me a plain and some explanation.
  7. Why is twerking a thing?

    While I love women's bodies and a nice ass, twerking is lost on me. I always look at a woman's eyes first and then get to know her personality. A personality can make or break a person.
  8. off the clock time and extended dates

    When Laci started that thread, it was supposed to be a fun thread about fun things to do instead of just a standard bedroom encounter. If a lady chooses to spend time off the clock with a guy, it is her business, and should be able to do so without being ostracized by those who don't.
  9. Not enough African-American providers

    I am not saying anything about AA ladies or any other ladies. If you read everything she wrote on this thread, she says that all AA women have pimps, are drugged out, in jail, etc etc etc. I am offended by her stereotyping AA women like that.
  10. Not enough African-American providers

    This is an incredibly racist thing to say..and I'm a white male conservative Republican. Why are you stereoptyping?
  11. Laci French got me thinking

    At least the cops weren't called🤣🤣
  12. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    You know I'm always up for anything...this sounds like fun
  13. I think I can say this ...

    The time is going to come when you are grateful for one. In the meantime, multiple means 2 or more