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  1. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    She that has the pussy has all the power 😀
  2. Rack or Stacks?

    As a teenage boy, mini skirts got me permanently hooked on legs. As I've gotten older, I always look at the eyes first, personality, legs, ass, then boobs. But without a great personality, none of the rest can make up for the lack of a great personality.
  3. Fun things to do in Denver?

    My Brothers Bar is a great recommendation...burgers, beer and classical music all in an eclectic atmosphere. Also try Machete on Wynkoop across from Union Station...Tacos and Tequila...great combination. I've also heard people rave about Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek...I've have not been there personally. Close to Denver, I always tell visitors to go hike Red Rocks or even better yet, take in a concert at Red Rocks. Other close places to go to is Boulder and Flagstaff Mountain and of course Estes Park and the Stanley Hotel. One thing to remember while here...drink water, drink water, drink water and when you aren't thirsty...drink more water. It will prevent headaches and cramps.
  4. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    This has to be the strangest question yet. WTF are you thinking?
  5. Dinner with client for free?

  6. What terms can be considered sex for sale?

    I forgot this one: I can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch
  7. Tech query

  8. Is it that time?

    You haven't lived until you earned your red wings...and fed the geese
  9. Tech Question.

    Check and make sure you Adobe Flash and Shockwave are up to date. Also make sure Java is up to date. I have to update those regularly in order to view videos from news wen sites and other sites.
  10. Suggestions for Kansas City?

    KC Joe's just doesn't flow off the tongue as easily as Oklahoma Joe's. Hopefully the name is the only thing that has changed. The food there used to be great.
  11. Anyone familiar with the "sukebe chair"?

    That's a lot of money for a a piece of plastic that costs $2 and is injection molded. It does look fun though.
  12. When providers are sick....

    That wasn't bitchy Lucy. It was accurate. Cancelling if you're sick should be a given. If a lady cancels at the last hour because she is sick, guys don't write a no-show review on her. Ladies, if a guy cancels at the last hour because he is sick, don't blacklist him or put him on VerifyHim. We all need to respect and understand that people can and do get sick suddenly.
  13. When providers are sick....

    Illness happens. If a lady is not feeling well, I'm sure she would cancel rather than spread the flu or whatever she has. And as guys, we should understand that illness happens and is out of everyone's control and not blame the lady for being sick.
  14. Did Amazon just launch an Echo for the hobby?

    With all the hacking that takes place now, it seems to me that someone can hack in and spy on you and watch you with the camera. What if you are walking around naked or do something else?
  15. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    Well said