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  1. References...

    Well I'm confused. In your first post you say you are going to require a 2 visit policy befor you'll give a reference. In your second post you say you'll give a P411 OK after the first visit or a TOB reference after the first visit if he PM's you. Isn't that contradictory, or am I reading that wrong? Some guys prefer to see as many different ladies as possible. Sometimes you 2 may not click. If he passes your screening and everything goes ok in the first visit, I can see where he will request a reference so he can see a different lady. However, you should do what you are comfortable with no matter what I or anyone else thinks. And if that means a 2 visit policy before you'll give a reference, then so be it.
  2. Who Watches LivePD

    My next question is, who all here on TOB watches LivePD?
  3. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Not everyone has to enjoy watching TV or even have a TV. Diversity is what makes our society great.
  4. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    I'm also a big fan of The Walking Dead, Madam Secretary, Designated Survivor, Blue Bloods, NCIS & NCIS LA
  5. What is your must see televison show or shows? I'll start...I have to see Live PD on the A&E channel. I love watching the officers in live action across the country.
  6. Earning in the sex industry

    Become a professional cuddler. There is currently a company here in Denver that specializes in cuddling only.
  7. good area to host in Denver?

    It's hard to add anything to what has already been said.
  8. I am Curious Yellow…

    When I first started playing, the internet didn't exist. I had to rely on jackshacks, newspapers and the such and driving past an AMP for here in Denver and when on the road. Eventually the internet came around and I discovered SOWET. And from SOWET I quickly discovered TOB, TER and P411. Eventually I used the internet to look for boards that were local to the area I was going to be in. I did discover ECCIE from such research. I finally discovered ECCIE while in Texas on a biz trip. In Texas, ECCIE is the board to use. However outside of Texas, the presence is minimal in places so I always look for the local boards. I don't use ECCIE for Denver or Colorado. I am a member and have posted reviews in the past just so I could reviews. While there are a few ladies that are on TOB that are also on ECCIE, there are way more ladies on TOB. I feel for the Texas (or other states) visiting men who post ISO's on ECCIE here in Denver. They may or may not get a reply from one of the ladies that post there. The same goes for the ladies that are visiting and only know about ECCIE. They may or may get a reply from one of the guys here in Denver. TOB is definitely the most used board here in Denver and I would guess the preferred board. So after a long rambling reply, I rely on TOB in Denver. ECCIE just doesn't have the presence in Denver to be the "go to" place.
  9. Check out This Sick Truck I Saw Today…

    I've seen pics of this truck over the years. I believe he also makes the annual trek to Sturgis.
  10. Favorite sexiest accents

    I'm a sucker for a Texan drawl
  11. Orally speaking

    Melissa, hopefully by now you've had the root canal done and it was painless. I've had one done and it had to be by a specialist at $1500. Well worth the cost... no pain during or after the procedure. And I mean NO PAIN...except in the wallet😄🤣
  12. First Ladies of Rock

    I'm going to show my age a little, but how about Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips? And of course Janis Joplin! I don't know if she would be ranked among the best, but I love her style.
  13. Any Transgender

    I can definitely recommend Taryn
  14. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    Grey Goose & tonic with an orange slice, Patron Anejo with orange slice dredged in cinnamon sugar, sake, champagne, scotch neat/rocks, I missing anything? Probably🤣
  15. Nasty, disgusting, sexist jokes - got any?OK

    I heard this one in the radio the this morning: A young lady goes into see her doctor and says she has some mysterious green spots in the inside of her thighs. Her doctor looks at the spots, says he no clue what could cause but that he will run some tests and tells her to.come back next week after the results are in. He tells her that I the meantime, maybe the spots will go away in their own. She comes back in the following week very scared and tells the doctor the spots won't go away. The doctor sits her her down and tells her that the tests all come back negative and that there is nothing medically wrong. She asks him what be causing the green spots. He stops and thinks for a moment and then asks her if her boyfriend wears earrings. She replies yes. The doctor then says "Tell him his earrings are not made of gold".