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  1. Posting area...

    I fail to see any value in the above reply. All negative. The OP was looking for positive information.
  2. Tipping or gift giving

    If you know her well enough to want to get her a gift, you will know what to get her. If you don't know her well enough, talk to her and get to know her and her personality. Then you will know. And as always, a gift should be given as a special thing with no strings attached.
  3. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    $50 an hour for a coffee date to make sure the lady is on the up and up? You have got to be kidding me.
  4. Backpage escort section gone

    With whip cream
  5. PSA and apologies, clarification

    There was a post by fishndude57 titled "What i learned along the way". That should be recommended reading by all newbies here.
  6. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    For me, 45 minutes seem like the clock would be watched constantly which takes away from what otherwise might be a very fantastic time. Granted us gentlemen need to be aware of time. I myself prefer a more leisurely encounter where we both enjoy ourselves.
  7. PSA and apologies, clarification

    Very well put Melissa. It is sad that when ladies vented on TOB last week about receiving 2 am phone calls, dick pics, rude emails and derogatory comments calling them whores, sluts, cunts, etc. that they were called out and put down by a vocal, righteous minority here on TOB. I am angry that ANY lady has had to put up with men who do not respect women, regardless of where they advertise. I offer my apologizes to every lady who has been on the receiving end of the middle of the night phone calls, rude emails, derogatory comments and unwanted dick pics.
  8. Overflowed with bullshit

    Lucy, please explain to me how I insulted you. You say you presented legitimate arguments which I ignored...You are ignoring everyone else's arguments which disagree with you.
  9. Overflowed with bullshit

    Lucy, I do believe in treating a lady like a lady. I have not twisted your words. I merely responded to what you have stated. Since BP shutdown, the disrespect to the ladies has increased significantly here on TOB. Can you or will you deny that? Earlier you stated that you never got dick pics from BP guys. Now you are saying you have and that you just choose to ignore them. Well you know what, I find it offensive that the ladies (you included) are being subjected to this. You say you don't have sympathy because it is something hat has always happened. Well that therein lies the problem...You don't have sympathy.
  10. Sorry, but Water Sex Is Wildly Overrated

    Hot tub...been there, done that, had a hell of lot of fun. Shower...been there, done that, with water jetting into the eyes, not a lot of fun...but then again with the right lady who knows.
  11. Can we visit....

    Let me add my +1 to this thread. The ladies need a place to communicate with each other to vent, laugh, and talk separate from the rest of the community.
  12. Overflowed with bullshit

    Lucy, Get off your high horse and quit trying to twist words. The problem is the DISRESPECT that is being shown to all the ladies here from the "gentlemen" (and I use that term very loosely) who used BP exclusively. Not just one individual lady. You have been disrespectful to many people here on many different posts...ladies and men alike. I read your posts and replies and you come across as a very angry person who has an axe to grind with TOB on many different threads. If you read my reply, you will see that I said I used to use BP years ago. I quit when I found Sowet and TOB. These forums were safe havens from the scam artists that used BP. Yes I call the BP guys (guys who used BP exclusively) refugees. They were kicked out of BP when BP shut down and are now looking for a place to go. That is one of what the definition of a refugee is. Maybe I should call them "gentlemen"? Will that make you happy? The guys who used BP exclusively are now here and they are disrespecting ALL the ladies here with name calling. All the ladies are being affected. Would you like to be called up at 2 am (Melissa said that happeneed to her) and then cussed at because you won't respond...I don't think so. Would you like to be called a skank, whore, cunt...I don't think so. I think you want respect as much as the next person. But that is what is happened on BP and is happening here now. You accuse TOB members as being elitist. You are just as elitist as those your are accusing with your attitude towards us. You don't like being called out...but you know what, life is tough. Sometimes in life you fail and sometimes you are wrong...and there is a whole generation out there that have never been told that. Open your eyes and try to see the other side of what is happening to the TOB ladies and stand up for your community. It doesn't matter who it happens to, it is unacceptable no matter what. And before you say it, I will say it...there are a few established men of TOB that do disrespect the ladies and they are no better than the refugees of BP. And don't try to play semantics with is very tiring when you do that with others on the board.
  13. Overflowed with bullshit

    For those ladies (and gents...don't want to leave anyone out) who compain or feel slighted that they haven't received a dick you go!
  14. Overflowed with bullshit

    I CALL BULLSHIT ON THE ABOVE REPLY. LE used Backpage as a tool to bust trafficking of minors. They specifically have stated that in every bust. I used to use BP yeas ago and I had to put up with scams, bait and switch ladies, and I even felt lucky to escape with my life one time. Most (not all but most) of the ladies that used BP used it because they could rip off the men. There is a reason that those who advertised on BP and those who patronized have such a bad rep...and it's not because TOB members are elitist as you are saying. For someone who doesn't like TOB, you do like posting here telling us how bad and self centered we are. I have seen the BULLSHIT that the BP refugees are putting on the ladies of TOB. Sending unwanted dick pics, calling at all hours of the night, low balling donations and then calling the ladies skanks because they refuse to accept lower prices, they require references, they won't do bareback or anal. There are too many TOB ladies stating what is happening right now (dick pics, name calling, calls in the middle of the night, etc.) for you to be saying that we are being turds and showing classism. The BP refugees need to learn respect. And for those that don't like TOB or the members, maybe they should go somewhere else and post.
  15. Overflowed with bullshit

    A paid membership may be the way to cut down on the BS the ladies are putting up with since BP shut down. Maybe TOB can issue warnings to all the new guys and tell them what proper ettiqutte is.