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  1. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Emil Lenes is closed...dammit. I hear Blue Bonnet is good. Definitely have to eat at Pete’s of the best in Denver
  2. Best Local Denver restaurants

    I haven’t thought of the Bucksnort Saloon in years. Used to go there when I lived up in the Pine Junction area. Is it even still around? I love the Buckhorn Exchange. The food and service has always been great.
  3. TOB for male providers

    Are you asking about Men for Women providers or Men for Men providers?
  4. BS

    It could be we believe more BS is occurring and is more blatant because we are older and we can recognize it easier. Or maybe it’s that we don’t have that sense of entitlement that some people have. Or maybe as being aloof a mature age, we have more respect for people.
  5. Don't be that guy.....

    I read what you wrote about the guy leaving a used condom on the bed and I took that statement in that you don’t remove the comdom and then clean up the guy. I took it that you leave up to the guy to remove and then do his own cleanup. Thats why I commented. But as I said, the readers perception is in all how things are written.
  6. BS

    I find that as I get older, I’m less tolerant of BS that I hear or read or what I perceive as BS. Anyine else feeling the same way?
  7. Don't be that guy.....

    It’s all in how you approach things and write your responses
  8. A little Help in the Highlands

    Most Uber drivers don’t care....happens to me all the time. I once picked up a young couple at a hotel in DTC, drove them to a hotel near downtown. They asked me if I could wait while she went in and saw his friend and then take them back to DTC. I said no problem. We got there and 3 of Denver’s finest was sitting in the lot and the couple got super nervous. We sat for 10 minutes and I asked if they just wanted to head back to DTC and they said yes. On the way back, I asked her if she was in the hobby and without hesitation she said NO. Neither of them asked what the hobby was. I don’t think they told me the truth. 🤣 Be sure to leave a nice tip for your driver.
  9. A little Help in the Highlands

    Minimum fare for an Uber is $6.75 unless you have a discount you can use.
  10. Bar flirt game

    Just take her to Mon Chaletmor Scarlett Ranch and be done with it.
  11. This reminded me of you...

    I’m working on doing push-ups with my tongue to strengthen it 😅
  12. Urban clubs

    You can get to almost anyplace in Metro Denver in about 20-30 minutes from downtown Denver. Platinum84 from downtown is roughly 15-20 minutes depending on traffic. Dandy Dan's is roughly 20 minutes from downtown depending on traffic. Shotgun Willies is 15-20 minutes from downtown depending on traffic. Boulder is approximately 30 minutes from downtown. DIA is basically 30-35 minutes from downtown.
  13. P411 Service Unavailable....?

    It's back and running. I logged in 10 minutes ago.
  14. Stood up twice in one day

    As I wrote the other day on a thread where the guy was asking if a no show review was warranted when 2 ladies had cancelled on him within a 30 minute of a scheduled appointment and I said no because the had let him know they needed to cancel. In this case, since neither lady had contacted you and left hanging high and dry (and I'm assuming you still have not heard from either lady), this definitely constitutes a no show and a no show review should be written for both ladies. Respect is a 2 way street and here it is very important. Failure to communicate with you is a lack of respect towards you and your time. Just like Fish N Dude, I hate to write a no show review or a bad review, but sometimes it becomes necessary. Take some time, think about it and how you felt and how you feel today, then write an honest review.
  15. Really crazy!

    Kali, Borrow someone’s phone and call your phone and maybe someone will answer it. Its possible you may have left it someplace or someone mistakenly picked it up. its worth a shot.