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  1. Eccie?

    Would you be willing to share the semi legit twitter account name? DM me.
  2. Scammer's Gender May Sometimes be Unclear

    I’m siding with JD and BIt on this as well. I’m assuming you are at least 40yo and you were corresponding with a person who you thought was 18. 18...that is creepy and sleazy. Even more so since I am under the impression you are mature person who is at least 40, if not 50 or 60. This is as bad as the other thread where the guy was concerned that he got involved in a felony but wouldn’t say what the issue was leading us all to wonder.
  3. Eccie?

    I did an IP address searchnyesterday and it came back with a Netherlands based location and IP address was reviewed on mandatory this week. That being said, we are all speculating as to what has happened and none of us really know unless we have spoken with the owner of Eccie. I have been told that the ladies had no advance warning. There are ladies that depended on Eccie. I don’t know if TOB has opened up listings for others areas besides Colorado. But I suggest that we all try to get the word out to everyone that our beloved TOB is still here, operating under the guidelines that the ownership has in place that has allowed TOB to continue being the source for Colorado.
  4. Happy Sunday

    Typical Colorado weather. Most of my customers (including the Canadians) don’t believe it when I tell how great our weather is and that I can generally play golf on New Years Day in 55-60 temps. Tis a privilege to live in Colorado!
  5. Whats wrong ...

    This is a question best answered by the mods.
  6. Eccie?

    I haven’t been able to get in Eccie since yesterday afternoon. I get a “server not found” message everytime. Anybody heat what happened? Did their server crash? I’ve tried 3 different devices to login.
  7. Happy Sunday

    Happy Sunday TOBers. It’s a beautiful day outside. Lets all go out and enjoy the sunshine and have a great day. And remember, Santa is watching. It’s okay to naughty and nice.
  8. Whats wrong ...

    The time thread was closed yesterday. Thank God. I believe this is a partial continuation of the Time thread.
  9. Christmas shopping is rougher than ever!

    Remember, Santa sees everything.
  10. Traveling Guys

    I travel on biz....A Lot. I used to hobby occasionally while traveling. However after several bad appts on the road, I decided roughly 4 years ago that my hobby dollars will stay in Denver where the best ladies are. When I have time I will peruse various sites, but if I was inclined to hobby on the road, I’d stay with P411 or Eccie.
  11. Russian Natalisssssssss

    Natali must be a very common name in Russia. Sorta like John Smith here in the US.
  12. New spam/scam phone calls

    I haven’t heard this one yet. I got the Windows department calling me telling me versions of Windows was corrupted. 😂😂😂
  13. Happy Friday

    I’m sitting in the Austin airport waiting in my flight home to Denver. Cold and windy here. Brrrr. It will be good to be home for a couple days before flying back to Austin on Sunday.
  14. Happy Friday

    I want to wish everyone here a very Happy Friday. Let's get out and do the happy dance. And of course treat each other the way we would want to be treated....Nice

    I do agree with you Mr. Owl. Same issues every year.