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  1. Want a better retirement?

    If you feel the need to state your net worth, IT IS BRAGGING. And none of us could care less what your net worth is today, tomorrow or 10 years from now. What we care about is your personality. So far it sucks. As far as saying you are “calling a union supporter what they are”…it just goes to show what your personality really is and a complete and total lack of respect for your fellow human being. There is absolutely no need to call someone a name just because they believe in something different than what you believe in. That’s what an insecure child or bully does.
  2. Want a better retirement?

    Bragging about you supposed net worth and future net worth? BFD. You’re not impressing anyone. While I don’t care to be in a union (I became management), you are out of line degrading someone who strongly believes in unions.
  3. OH YEAH!

    Great post Sparky! Here’s hoping everybody has a fantastic weekend.
  4. I have reread what the OP wrote and I believe he is specifically looking for street walkers as he makes a distinction between SW’s and providers (incall/outcall). I don’t know where he can find street walkers these days. East Colfax used to have that rep but I haven’t heard about this in years and when I drive Colfax at night for Uber I don’t notice anybody I would classify as a street walker.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope everyone has a great day and eats lots of turkey or what ever you prefer to eat today.
  6. Want a better retirement?

    I soured on unions in 1974. I was a member of Local 435 Delivery, Warehousman, Drivers. Left the company I worked for to go to Coors where I had better pay and benefits. I do believe that if a company takes care of its employees, then a union may not be needed. That said, it’s great to hear how good you’ll have it when you retire. That is the way it should be.
  7. The End of Escorting?

    OP, stay away for cam girls…you will never meet. Stay away from STG if you can. There are some legit ladies on theee, but the majority are 3G’s or scammers. Try to find a local board or maybe try Tryst.
  8. Assholes threatening providers

    I would ignore them if I was you. If the assholes persist, let them know in no uncertain terms it won’t be tolerated and then report them to the ladies through back channels and provider blacklist sites.
  9. Keeping rescheduling

    Yeah, 25-30 no shows a day seems strange to me.
  10. OP, I have had a few and I will use the term “slightly wacko” in my lifetime. I have always been able to walk away without issues by just ignoring their continued advances. If I was you, I would just block her and ignore her. If she continues, report her to the police. She is harassing you. You have not committed a crime. Document everything she says and does. Another option would be to Google her and find out everything you can about her and then when/if she contacts you again, go scorched earth on her and let her know that you know everything about her and her continued advances or by someone in her behalf will result in you contacting the police and an attorney. In fact an attorney can advise you on what course of action to take. FYI, she would have never shown up for a face to face meeting. Good Luck.
  11. New UFO aka UAP update - full hearing

    I had a passenger that hopped in my Uber yesterday and immediately started talking about he believes in UFO’s and that we got all of our technology from the aliens in Roswell. The more he talked, the more I was convinced he might be just a brick short of a full load.
  12. There are no Latina agencies in Denver that I’m aware of. I have seen an ad for an AMP that supposedly has a Latina. Do some googling for erotic massage Denver and then peruse the ads and you’ll find it.
  13. You cancelled 1 week in advance and she requested and you paid a travel fee….why did you pay? If she is local to you she did not have any out of pocket expenses since you cancelled 1 week in advance. She didn’t travel. If she arranged for a hotel room she more than enough time to cancel the room. If she isn’t local to you and had to fly to you…specifically only you, then she is out the cost to cancel plane tickets. But if she was touring in your area, then she would have still had the hotel and plane expenses. I’m curious what there is about this that you aren’t telling us. A lawyer can’t help until something else happens like blackmail, etc. The police can’t do anything until she does something and even then depending on what she does it may not be criminal. You have to have a good reason for a protective order like she is harassing you on the phone, email or in person. And then you will have to go into court and tell them the entire circumstances of why you want a protective order. You say she is still coming after you. How is she coming after you?
  14. Gas War

    The gas wars always happen when QT (QuikTrip) first opens up in a new neighborhood. They open and start selling gas at or below cost (IF there is a competing gas station nearby). This continues until they are established and have taken away business on a semi-permanent basis from the competitors and then they will raise the prices back up to the standard going rate. I’m not trying to say anything bad about QT as I have stopped at their stations occasionally during my travels around Denver and the other parts of the U.S. and they have clean restrooms and a clean store. The low prices won’t last so take advantage of them now if you live in the area.