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  1. What If...

    What if you did leave Hotel California
  2. P411

    I would hope that the ladies use due diligence in giving an invite to a gentleman. I am sure there are plenty of guys with good intentions and a lot of guys with not so good intentions (read LE or guys with bad reputations, etc) who want access to P411.
  3. Accepted age difference?

    All I can say is OUCH! I don't even want to think about that happening.
  4. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    Ladies, you should always share references with each other. Good or bad. This is how you keep each other safe from unsavory clients and LE.
  5. Happy Easter Everyone!

    Happy Easter to all! Hope everyone has a great day, wherever you are.
  6. What If...

    What if the price isn’t right WKRP is in Cleveland and not Cincinnati
  7. Out of Action

    So sorry to hear about your stroke. Take care and get well soon. Even though there is no hobbying in the near future, maybe you can talk one of the lovely ladies here into giving you a massage.
  8. What If...

    What if David Allen Coe was called by his name
  9. What If...

    What happens if Bob Dylan stops Blowing in the Wind Or the banana isn’t electrical
  10. What If...

    What if the Little Old Lady wasn’t from Pasadena What if Willie Nelson never went on The Road Again What is there wasn’t Norwegian Wood
  11. To all the ladies here, I am sorry that you are subjected to the fuckery that is prevalent in this hobby. Some people just don’t respect you. They look at you as a piece of meat that doesn’t deserve respect because of the work you do. They are wrong. The best thing you can is ignore them, hang up on them and block them if they persist. And think of what brings you to your happy place. I know thats easier said than done, but give it a try.
  12. I think I skipped a heart beat…

    Laci French, Starbucks and watching Ms. Yote....perfect way to start the day
  13. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Who remembers Ginger Lynn?
  14. Happy Birthday Raine7379

    Happy Birthday Raine. Hope you have a blast today 🎂
  15. Strip clubs

    I remember Sid King’s. His spiel while the dancers were on stage was non-stop. One of his dancers was in a couple of engineering classes with me. She got pregnant and he fired her. Wouldn’t let her wait tables or work the bar either. There were several other strip clubs along East Colfax too. All fairly tame compared to other clubs around the country or Canada. I haven’t been in a strip club anywhere since the late 90’s.