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  1. Advice

    There are certain subjects that are forbidden on TOB. One of those is about what is happening downtown today.
  2. I think I've found my new coffee house.

    When I was in high school, Hooker street was 1 block behind me
  3. Good advice

    Sometimes a kiss and a hug is all you need to brighten your day
  4. Have you started to Encrypt your Communications yet?

    Big brother is always matter how much we think we are encrypted. BTW, there was a movie where one of the characters always wore a metal colander on his head to stop big brother. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the movie. it was a mindless movie where nobody had to think.
  5. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    Just confirmed what I suspected since April 9th.
  6. I think I've found my new coffee house.

    This gives me an idea for a new coffee shop
  7. On the lighter side of things

    LOL. Goes to prove, we are all little dysfunctional, maybe some more than others.
  8. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    From the description of how the OP described his first few minutes as his face went beet red and he was sweating, there was definitely some effect on his system. More than likely, his blood pressure was affected significantly. Other over the counter ED medications state that your blood pressure will be affected, you may experience flushness, sweating, headaches, etc.
  9. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    I speak for myself. When you join a board like this and one of your first posts says to change TOB to make more user friendly for Texas guys, that was definitely a wrong approach. It sounded like you really didn't like how OB was formatted and it should be changed just for you. You came across as very arrogant. That is what is wrong on TOB. There was a core group of guys on ECCIE that bashed TOB and the ladies here every chance they could get. They loved the visiting Texas ladies and would promote them amongst themselves every chance they got, all the while bashing the Denver ladies as being priced to high and not providing any services and stating how TOB reviews were worthless because they didn't provide any DETAILS like ECCIE. By the way, the bashing of the Denver ladies and TOB was out in the open on the ECCIE forums. After ECCIE shut down, there was in influx of guys joining TOB to complain about the review system and the navigation around TOB and how there were cliques on TOB. The constant whining about the review system is really getting tiring. Have a nice day Y'all.
  10. FBSM Recommendations

    With the new review system, it is either a yes recommendation or a no recommendation. Contact a lady with yes recommendations, pass her screening and then go see her. You're not going to get any more information than that. A yes or no recommendation is all you need anyways.
  11. Therapy and Mobility

    Never too old
  12. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    In doing some googling on this, it appears that Peptide141 works on the brain receptors and not the vascular system. Kinda makes me nervous that my brain might get altered to stimulate an erection. My mind is always wiling, but sometimes the body is not. Such is the life a male who is getting older.
  13. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    Oh wahhhh. Do you have something else you want to cry about that we are doing wrong here in Denver?
  14. Strength in numbers

    The spinner kept his clothes on all evening...something he hates to do. Naked is best.
  15. Therapy and Mobility

    I better start stretching so I can play naked Twister.