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  1. Intelligence level....

    Just because she was posting after she told she was unavailable at a specific doesn't mean that she really wasn't available at the time you wanted. She is running a business and in order to keep in business, she needs to advertise constantly. It would be a real pain in the ass to start in her ads "I'm available at this time, this time, this time and this time. It is a hell of a lot easier to say availability from X time to X time.
  2. Anyone think it's LE bait?

    Chinese is always good....And FUN😁
  3. Aubergine Sign

    Damn....that sound so painful. I wouldn't wish that on anyone...well except maybe a couple of trolls
  4. Questions from a newbie

    First, search for newbie friendly providers. Then when you find one that you want to see, be respectful. Introduce yourself, describe yourself and let her know that you are a newbie and don't have references. Then ask her what her screening requirements. If you don't like her requirements or are uncomfortable with her requirements, politely let her know and then move on. Respect and politeness goes a long way in the community. Never try to skirt her screening requirements and never try to bargain with her on her rates.
  5. The Pen vs Viagra…

    I am definitely going to have to try the shot
  6. I'll just leave this right here...

    Damn that is funny🤣😄😋
  7. Pickle Ball

    Okay, you got me...I have to agree. But then again, there are some masochists out there that might like these activities done naked 😄
  8. Quick etiquette question

  9. Pickle Ball

    Any activity done naked is good
  10. Happy St Patricks Day!

    Don't forget to tip your Uber or Lyft driver
  11. Own a We-Vibe?

    Reminds me of the Beach Boys song Good, Good, Good Vibrations
  12. Favorite gambling town hotel for hobbying

    We need scratch and sniffs that pussy
  13. Tough to get a response

  14. Adult bookstore/theater/peep show recommendations?

    This could be a lot of fun with the right person in the booth with you😁
  15. No matter how bad things may seem, there are people who have it worse