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  1. It is against TOB rules to post anlisting that refers to ANY sexual acts and rates and that includes doubles (2 women together), massage, oral, FS, FSBM, etc. Boink speaks the truth in his reply.
  2. Black mail & Being Outted

    Admiral has a very good suggestion. What that person is doing is illegal. Stevie is more than likely right as well. One thing I thought of, if this person is a TOB member, contact the mods and provide them with the persons handle. Nobody should be subjected to threats or shaming.
  3. Black mail & Being Outted

    Tell him if he continues to threaten you, you’ll make sure his family knows he is seeing ladies from this site. Turn the tables back on him. I am assuming it is a guy.
  4. Escort Babylon???

    He asked about adultfriendfinder and then stopped his question. He then said “no one here returns messages”. He didn’t say where “here” was. THAT CAN BE TAKEN AS SAYING NO ONE FROM TOB RETURNS MESSAGES.
  5. Those type of ads should be flagged immediately and removed from TOB.
  6. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    Ok, I’m probably going to get teamed for at least the first part of my post. You said that he contacted you and you told him what time you were available and he replied that works. That right there is an appointment with a time with you has been agreed upon by both of you. You then go on to say you are continually texting him asking if he is coming and what his ETA was. His ETA was the agreed upon time you said you were available. He probably didn’t return your texts because he was driving. Then while he is supposed to be in his way to you, you cancel on him because he hadn’t responded to your texts while he was driving to you. The start of this mix up is on you. I’m apologize for saying this, but it is how I feel. Now in your support, I truly believe you dodged a major bullet by the way he responded to you. His responses were way out of line and I’m glad you back channeled the ladies to let them know who he was and his responses. He then had the nerve to contact you again, with a major attitude. The guy is an asswipe with his attitude. As far as his threats to write a negative review, if he does, the mods will contact you first before posting to give you a chance for a rebuttal. If you explain the whole situation to them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they refuse to post his negative review. I’m sorry you had to deal with this asswipe. Be assured, a large majority of us guys on here are a hell of lot more respectful to the ladies than that asswipe.
  7. Escort Babylon???

    Are you asking if the profiles here on TOB are fake? If so, you might as well leave TOB and never come back. The majority of the ladies that are on TOB are legitimate, real ladies. There a few here now that used to be in BP. Depending on who you are contacting and your approach, you may or may not get a response. Be a gentleman and be polite. Contact the established ladies and you should do okay as long as you are willing to follow her screening.
  8. Real men of the forum...

    You know can and has happened. That is what a true friend is. It is a 2 way street.
  9. Anyone know of any providers offering nuru?

    And there is a couple ladies that posts on TOB that offer Nuru. You just have to do some leg work and you’ll find what you’re looking for.
  10. Real men of the forum...

    There is a difference between a true friend and someone who occasionally needs you for money or other things and uses you. We know who our true friends are.
  11. Real men of the forum...

    A true friend will do what they can do to help a friend. Sometimes that help is in the form of cash, maybe running an errand, helping move, repairing a vehicle, chores around the house, or maybe it is something intangible. It could be something just as simple as listening to your friend talk about issues or problems they are experiencing. But whatever you do help your friend, a true friend will do it without the expectation of anything in return. You do it because you are friends.
  12. How Old is too Old?

    Never to old
  13. Dress Code for Men

    I can just imagine the looks a guy will get walking through a hotel lobby with only a fig leaf on 😂😂
  14. It all spends the same!

    I have seen quite a few hand written signs at establishments lately that they will not accept any bills larger than $20 due to high counterfeiting.
  15. Thank you!

    Everyone who has met Laci has been blessed. She will brighten anyone’s day and do anything she can to help everyone.