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  1. Would you rather? The game!

    I'll take the "sexy mom" because I have always been attracted to the "lady next door" look. Looks are nice, but attitude, enthusiasm and skills are what turn my crank and float my boat.
  2. Never have I ever... Hobby style game

    Me, too. But goofy by nature is a very good thing.
  3. Happy Birthday to the Cutest Puppy face- Wranger05!!

    Wrangler, hope you have a very happy birthday that includes lots of fun stuff with folks you care about who care about you. And may there be many more. Celebrate BIG !!!
  4. How to avoid stings?

    Yep....research and homework are our friends. I've tried to be diligent with both and things have worked out VERY well for me. That is part of the reason why I am so grateful for TOB, the people who run it and the folks who actively participate on it.
  5. What a Lovely Day!

    It is a good day today, though hot as blazes. Kali, I'm with you about the road construction. It is a pain in the tush, but I am grateful the roads are getting worked on and repaired. On days like today, I can't even imagine how they are doing what they do (well, may be I can from distant memories of construction work in SoCal many years ago during some hot, hot days).
  6. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    Callie, you took the words right out of my mouth !!
  7. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I agree. Dirty talk can be fun and encouraging while not being disrespectful. Some words are a turn on and, for me, some words are disrespectful and a turn off.
  8. Would you rather? The game!

    Wet, happy,give, hands, hmmm not sure on the last one CaliK8, love your answers....even the "not sure" on the last one.
  9. Useless reviews

    Bit, glad to know that some of us are old enough to remember those days. Talk about rolling the dice and playing a blind hand. We have it so much better today, even after the changes from last year.
  10. Women of Denver are amazing

    Though I generally don't post it, I feel the same way...but I haven't been to OKC. The ladies here have helped me with my overall health and wellness, in so many ways. Without them I would have gone completely bonkers. They've helped keep me young in spirit and have a more positive outlook on life. This may sound like shilling, but...oh well...it's true.
  11. Taking a break

    Wishing you the best. I have been the same way. When I was in a relationship or married (for many years), I was monogamous. Hope things work out for both of you.
  12. Good bye

    Take care and enjoy yourself on your future journey, wherever it leads...whether it includes TOB or not.
  13. Interesting topic. I know what I am looking for from this hobby, and it is not a romantic relationship or relationship of the heart. This is an outlet for my urges for companionship of the horizontal variety. I'm older, single and not looking for a "relationship". At the same time, I am one of those folks who enjoys some sort of connection. I have made some very friendly relationships with some folks from our community...some have become friends. Fortunately, with those friends, we've got some reasonable boundaries and so far, none have been crossed, on either side. I'm generally not looking to just get my rocks off, but have some genuine fun that includes the former. This is a business, but for me, it is also supposed to be consenting adults enjoying themselves (I know I've said this a few times), with out "strings attached" or "relationship" goals, on either side. Respect with genuine "non-romantic" caring is something I value highly.
  14. Quiet during BCD activities

    Hunter, you are so right. There are a variety of ways to communicate...and so many of them can be wonderful !!
  15. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Happy belated birthday. Hope you celebrated big and have many, many more. Including some that include a duet.