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  1. Moves your soul.

    Thanks for this one. I've seen Joe B twice. Once years ago at the Bluebird and a few years ago at Red Rocks. Saw Dave Mason at the Taste of Colorado a number of years ago. Both are awesome players.

    A number of my family members served. A great uncle for WWI, father and uncles in WWII and cousins in Viet Nam. I was in the Navy for a short time on a guided missile cruiser but didn't serve long enough to be a genuine Vet. Thanks to all who have served.
  3. Hope you enjoy your visit to Denver. A lot of fine ladies to enjoy in our neck of the woods. Have fun !!
  4. Got a Hug Today

    Sorry you got COVID and that you are really symptomatic. I've been lucky the two times I've gotten it. Sore throat and some aches, but that is about all while testing positive. However, the first time I got it it compromised my respiratory system severely for about 6 months. Hope that is not going to happen to you.
  5. Finally on TOB

    Welcome and hope your trip to Denver goes great. Have fun and be safe.
  6. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    Depends on my mood and the mood of my partner. Sometimes finishing with a BBBJ is awesome and sometimes finishing in CFS is wonderful. For a CFS finish it cab be doggie, her riding or missionary. It really does depend on each of our moods and how things are flowing.
  7. Hot Springs & Hiking Recommendations?

    A fun place that is a reasonable drive from Denver. My ex-wife and I used to go there. Good memories.

    Thanks for what you give to those in need. I very seldom give cash but frequently buy sandwiches at the grocery store and hand them out to folks on the street, along with some conversation...to hear their stories and share a bit of mine. With my own homeless background it is something I enjoy doing.
  9. RIP Richard Roundtree

    He will be missed and was a ground breaker. From what I've read he was great to work with. RIP.
  10. What’s the best restaurant in DTC area?

    I've never been there, but their menu looks great. Love some good Italian food !!
  11. Welcome to the board and our community. Hope you have some fun and frolic. Be well !!
  12. RIP Suzanne Somers

    So very sad, but she lived a vibrant life...before cancer and after cancer. She always seemed to have a positive outlook on life. RIP.
  13. Denver / air port area

    Hope your trip to Denver goes very well. I agree with @sb1212 with regard to popular locations to consider. Enjoy, have some fun and stay safe.
  14. What? Hmm??

    Thanks for your post and sorry this is happening. As a fellow on the other side of the equation, I appreciate when ladies are friendly, professional, engaging and fun. Over the years I've done my best to be respectful when contacting ladies, especially for the first time. Most have been wonderful. A few have responded with one word questions or answers and don't seem very engaging. I would never expect someone to "be ready" in an hour and will continue to do the best I can when contacting a lady to let them know I am interested, friendly, respectful and believe in consenting adults having shared fun. Sounds like you are running into some guys with unreasonable expectations and don't have the respectful skills to increase the odds of a fine encounter. Again, so sorry this is happening.
  15. New to TOB :)

    Welcome back to TOB. Hope you have some fun and frolic !!