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  1. Are in this hobby for a good romp or a fantasy humper?

    The answer is "both". Sometimes I am looking for a fun romp and sometimes I am looking more in the fantasy realm. Depends on my moods and my budget. The great thing is that either are fully enjoyable.
  2. A newbie for how long?

    You get the top secret TOB decoder ring during the Secret Desert Sex Society initiation. I'm also still waiting for both !! Luckily, I have met some TOB ladies who have helped with the pre-initiation training. The training has been rigorous, but I've been willing to continue to find practice partners so when the time comes, I'll be fully prepared.
  3. Hello all new here

    Welcome back K2. This hobby can be a lot of fun and you can meet some fine ladies. For me, the keys are research...being able to read between the lines on some reviews )and some of the forum posts) and participating on the board to become a known presence. Being respectful in all forms of communications is also critical. I need to remember that we are all real people who are trying to find some ways to have mutual fun. I hope you find some fun times with some fun ladies. I think TOB is a great community to be a part of. It helps me scratch an itch in the best of ways.
  4. can someone please...

    I thought this one reminded me of sky rose. But not sure because the phone number was different.
  5. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    I try to use names, but sometimes use "Sweetie". Depends on the situation. Sometimes some other monikers slip out of my mouth....something like "Oh darlin', that feels fantastic !!"
  6. Homeless teens

    Urban Peak is a non-profit that does a lot of good things for youth and young adults who are homeless and have other life challenges. It is a very worthwhile organization.
  7. Thank you!

    A special, special lady who actively participates and genuinely cares about people. It is nice to know that people appreciate her, and I hope she knows how much she is appreciated.
  8. Remembering 911

    When I think of 911 it both makes me sad and reminds me of our resilience. Sadness comes first, then I remember that we are still here, and still doing the best we can. 911 affected me deeply in so many ways, yet I didn't personally know anyone who died. For me, it is the Pearl Harbor of my generation and is ingrained into my psyche to the core.
  9. Disappointment

    I remember those days. Should have known I was hooked on this hobby when I knew where certain pay phones were located in a certain part of (a different) city. So when asked to call from the pay phone on the corner of "x" and "y", I would say, "Oh, you mean the phone near the parking lot at "Z" store."
  10. Friendships

    I am fortunate to have developed some friendships in the hobby. I am very clear on separating the business side from the friendship side. So far there have been no negative issues and it can make the encounters a ton of fun because we know each other. Being very mindful of boundaries is important on both sides. It also helps that I am very clear about being an unattached guy who has no intention or desire to get attached in certain ways. And I communicate that to people. I don't ever want there to be crossed signals. I've said this many times, but I get the business nature of this thing, but also want it to be about 2 (or more) consenting adults having a good time. When there are common interests (outside of BCD) sometimes friendships can develop and, for me, it has been great when it happens.
  11. Burt Reynolds

    Sasha Gabor really did look like Burt, down to the mustache. I also remember him from Gunsmoke. He always seemed to have fun and never seemed to take himself too seriously. Also, for some trivia, he also would wear a "Florida Gators" shirt or had somewhere in all of his movies. I just read that he had that stipulation written into all of his movie contracts. Never got to meet Burt, but did get to meet Amanda Blake (Miss Kitty) after her Gunsmoke days, and she was a truly nice lady who was friendly and personable.
  12. 3s Company?

    Boink, I'm out of rep points for the day, but your response is perfect !!
  13. Truth in Advertising

    Kali and Hunter make me want...well....something. Not sure it is cupcakes, but maybe some hot muffins.
  14. The Picture Issue

    Nope....not kidding. One year in college I lived with 5 ladies. Was a fun year...in so many ways.
  15. Post Your Funnies

    I laughed my butt off at your post. And I am still laughing while typing this. Great and thanks, I needed a good laugh. It's been a tough week at work.