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  1. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Great line. Made me laugh out loud. Thanks.
  2. Just the Little Things in Life...

    A hug is a great way to start, and means a lot to some of us. I try to do a couple of small things that may be corny to some people. I bring a "Thank You" card because I really appreciate the ladies I see. I also offer to bring a beverage or dessert. Doing those little things allows me to feel anticipated appreciation toward the ladies I meet. And the "Thank You" is genuine.
  3. 411 on Xena Paige

    Yep, and I'm having trouble seeing her as a blonde. But I am old and my eyesight is not what it used to be.
  4. Stood up too many times

    Sorry this happened to you. It may just be a dry spell, which can happen to any of us, gentleman or lady. Though my little head thinks this is a sprint, my big head reminds me this is a marathon. Rough patches happen for a variety of reasons. You've had some fine encounters, so I hope you don't let it be the reason to quit. Hope you soon meet with a fine lady who rocks your world.
  5. Hose and Heels?

    I'm so fickle. Sometimes hose and heels are awesome. Sometimes jeans and a sleeveless T is sexy. Sometimes a sensual negligee hits the spot. Sometimes a summer dress is adorable. Sometimes a bra and a thong are irresistible. Sometimes a LBD makes me hot. Sometimes just plain naked is just what the doctor ordered. Though I enjoy each of those outfits, what I enjoy more is the lady wearing them....and then not wearing them !
  6. 411 on Rose Gardner?

    I don't have any info, but love her handle (especially if she is the flower and not the thorn), and the statement in her listing of "a sexy librarian gone bad" is intriguing. Hope someone else can help.
  7. 411 on SamanthaSex

    Like etu55, I have met a number of ladies in Lakewood. However, they were all established and reviewed. Research is our friend, and I realize It must be tough for the new ladies with no reviews who have just joined our TOB community. Safety is important to me, and believe it is very important to the ladies.
  8. 411 on Winnie

    I found Winnie to be a fun lady to spend time and talk with.
  9. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Megan Marie, it is true that the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach, but you can get there by being a bit below his stomach !!
  10. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Cherry, for us older guys, sometimes those might be a good idea. Fortunately, we have some of you wonderful ladies to keep us young at heart. For real, I have had ladies ask that I bring "supplies" and have no trouble with that. It hasn't happened very often. I've also had a couple of ladies who wanted to go to either Fascinations or Romantix to pick up some items. Those shopping trips have been fun and what followed was outstanding. I try to be open to suggestions !!
  11. Alien Luvin

    Kenya was one fine lady. Defiance was a treat to watch...for a variety of reasons.
  12. Saying hi!

    Welcome back. Yep, there have been some changes, but we seem to be weathering them pretty well. Some in our community have gotten more active on the board (including me). We've circled the wagons and are finding ways to still have some fun around the campfire. And the fun has been outstanding.
  13. Lower back sexy holes

    Francesca, I will say that the ladies I have seen that have these sexy dimples have been a treat to share pleasure with. Hmmmm...now you have me thinking, in the best of ways.
  14. Alien Luvin

    Jaime Murray as Stahma was one hot lady. She exuded an exquisite sensuality. And she was also fine in Dexter. WOW !!
  15. Which path are you on

    Grace Potter and the Nocturnals make some fine music. Thanks for posting this one.