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  1. Help I need to post visiting ad for Colorado?

    I know I have to add Bitcoin etc But only shows me in Vegas I did it once before but I forgot how to do it? Help me please Hugs Hazel
  2. Alright ladies, what's with the hair extensions?

    I wear hair extensions and tons of compliments on my hair in person..I had to do cause as you get older you can't grow it out as fast and after dying it red for so long I killed my regular hair... And not every girl wants your hands on her hair ...it takes a lot of effort and time into some hair styles and just cause it looks good to touch ask first ... Just as you would ask can I stick my fingers in there You should do the same thing with hair... Hugs Hazel Hayes
  3. Kinky GFE

    Sounds like me
  4. Are my friends still around?

    Wondering if my friends are still around... wanted to come back to Denver...
  5. What is going on in city? Anything I should know?

    Wow is this board dead?
  6. Is Tryst taking over?

    I think private delights is better because reviews are right there and you can send verification too..
  7. Best BBBJ in Denver

    I want to throw my name in this list!!!
  8. What is going on in city? Anything I should know?

    Played a poker tournament yesterday was great saw bunch casinos remodel changed names etc alot changes in town..where are good Foodie places to eat (and I don't mean chain restaurants lmao) Hazel Hayes
  9. What is going on in city? Anything I should know?

    Thank you 👍
  10. It's been over 2years since I been to Denver I mean I retired then I had to unretire 😂 Well I visiting for whole week and what's new any events happening or carnivals...I luv good 4H fair or even just me out of condo for hiking trail or poker tournament? Helpful suggestions please 🙏 Also anything I should be aware of for my safety please dm me! Hugs Hazel Hayes ☺️
  11. MEET & GREET√ Date: 1/6/23-1/7/23 Time: 12pm-12pm Where: Las Vegas NV Who: She/Her/Identifying She/Her Only! (Trans ok) #AVN #CES2023 #lynx Only Providers/Sw/Cam Girls/Strippers/Porn Stars ✓Must be Verified✓ Networking/Safe Space/Food/Entertain/Rest/Relax/Chill/Pool***Don't miss this one! ***Ladies and chance at great professional photographer reasonable prices @CreativeVisua12 ($400 for 2hrs) 2 locations to shoot the house or suite on strip Photographer booking Jan 5-8*** Drone too!!! Start your New Year's Off Right√ *This open House 24hrs allowed to come and go as you please if you have work go and come back.. catering/food available come enjoy yourself For FREE!*** RSVP hazelhayesvip@protonmail.com
  12. best bbbj with cim in Colorado Springs

    Me just got to town
  13. When is it better to visit Colorado July or Aug?

    Thanks for all the help will be choosing July 💯🙏
  14. Trying to decide when I should head over again Escape the summer heat in Vegas..what's there to do in summer there? Only been in spring time... Hugs HAZEL Hayes Thanks for any information
  15. Why is it always raining here?

    Strange Ice...vegas hasn't rained in 200 plus days and we get monsoons..so yeah downpours Oh and I was speaking of Seattle..😜