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  1. Just got it I'm gradually switching
  2. Hello Seeking in depth information about advanced skills such as client-relationship building and management, poise, flirtation and persona. What the hell am I talking about in English, please? I want to learn about the art of building meaningful, memorable client-provider relationships, how to manage difficult client behaviors (though I think I'm pretty good at this), and developing my persona and poise as a skilled provider. I have questions like: How do you make them feel special while still keeping things professional? How much do you share about yourself and how? How do you gauge how much the person is curious and where to go with what you share? How do you be-friend clients without offering more of your time or energy than you have? I'm interested in all thoughtful articles and information on these and other advanced sex work skills. I've got a great handle on (FBSM) skills but am looking to enrich my character and skills in the relational department. Please share anything of use! Feel free to PM me if you want to trade experiences/knowledge
  3. How to improve your FBSM service

    This is a great post!! However if this is as complex and advanced as providers go, they are missing a WHOLE lot of skills, erotic knowledge and play. Is this kind of basic knowledge not common place??
  4. What do you like to wear in a session?

    I often wear stockings and garters. I love hosiery of all kinds
  5. Looking For Excellent FBSM in Chicago

    Thanks everyone
  6. How many times do you see a provider

    To the good ones who quit... It's probably bc they are sensitive and genuine people that the hazards of this work wears on. A provider must know how to handle the down sides of this work... The pushy clients and the mean ones or the cheating ones. Don't be like any of them and you are helping this industry improve and the quality of providers improve as well
  7. FBSM- THE 411

    Hey guys, I'm still here. I'll be here for quite a while. I don't check TOB very often and sometimes emails get missed due to volume and life. [snip] My schedule is very full so if I'm not always available when you ask, just let me know you still want to be screened.
  8. I'm looking for a classy, calm and highly skilled FBSM provider in Chicago. Please post your recommendations. Also, what sites are used? Thanks