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Found 13 results

  1. Looking for mature providers

    Good morning All, Anyone out there experience or interested in role play? Mommy/stepson? Mother in law? Best friends wife? Please PM replies Thanks N4U2
  2. Mature business traveler seeking... a unicorn? I hope that I'm posting this in the correct forum. I'm about to make my third business trip to the Denver area and am looking for: Mature (preferably over 40); Caucasian; Female provider; Who is VERY health conscious and truly LOW VOLUME (see about me, below); Reasonably H/W/P; Is truly "senior friendly"; Truly enjoys giving AND RECEIVING PSE / kink; Photo / video friendly a big plus (if you require a signed non disclosure release, no problem) About me: P411 with 26 OK's TER member since before the internet (can't remember how long)! Genuine senior citizen, non smoker, non drinker, non recreational drug user; At high risk for COVID-19, so if there's any doubt, I'd defer on the side of safety; Majority of what I prefer has been in Montreal and the EEU; My few ATF's in the USA were born and raised in the EEU; Get complete blood workup every 3 months / STD free for years; Educated; 2 post-graduate degrees with High Honors; 3rd generation Asian American; very Asian features; 5'9", 165 lbs, slender / athletic build. Please PM me here with recommendations / suggestions! Thanks to all who contribute to this board!
  3. Trina 719-493-7873 Colorado Companion Hoping this may be one of the hidden gems. Local telephone number (Colorado Springs area) and no hits on Google image search. Anyone see any red flags?
  4. hobbyist Colorado Springs Intro

    Greetings. I am a mature, experienced hobbyist living in Colorado Springs. Look forward to meeting discrete and sensual female playmates.
  5. So grateful, late in my life, to find such wonderful women to show me such incredible beauty. Thank you so much, J79
  6. Iowa Companion I found a provider a few times that traveled through Des Moines. She was an older lady that offered a younger gal if you wanted a 2 woman experience. She always used Craigslist and Backpage for advertising which as we all know, is no longer there. She put TANTRA in all her ads. She was tall and slender and had redish brown hair. She used hair and leather and whatnot on the massage and it was awesome. I'm trying to find her again and have no idea where to look. I want to say she was in her 40s, maybe MAYBE 50's. Her body was nice though her face reminded me of a teacher I had when I was young. I want to say she might have been based out of Texas? Her rates were definitely reasonable as well.
  7. FBSM Only

    FBSM only and have a difficult time fighting off the "escort" menu. Are there still a few mature gents out there that like to just lay back and be soothed?
  8. Hiawasee Ga

    Hello everyone
  9. Hi everyone! I'm figuring this site out. Thanks for the invite. Zoe Zane The Older Woman in San Jose/Southbay
  10. Charlie 720-339-1123 Colorado Escort Just seeing if anyone has seen Charlie!/denver/photos/7203391123/18954181 She sent a few x pics which seemed to match up tattoo wise but on the fence still since I didn't find any reviews for her and she said she was newer
  11. Looking for providers 50+ or 60+. Seems like most early 20s maybe into 30s. Denver area.
  12. Hello!! I just joined this website and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Becca Blossoms, a former adult actress, current awesome courtesan. I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends on here and possible finding some old ones!! Hugs and Kisses, Becca Blossoms
  13. No, I never saw her. Tried, but she did not call back. I was going to try again, but noticed her regular BP ad was not there when I did a search. I also noticed that 90% of her many reviews were gone. Has she retired or merely gone off the radar?