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  1. Summer paige bentley 720-755-3949 Colorado Companion https://theotherboard.com/users/126420 Any one have any info? Shes been posting for awhile with no reviews. Looks enticing but need more info please if anyone has seen her!
  2. AmberJ?

    I've been trying to find another ad of hers with additional pics to show you. I can't speak on anything recently but I did meet her on CL back when there was a section that shows how long it's been. But I saw her about 4xs, thinner girl but was a good sessions.All in all, she is real and pics were accurate. I swear she went by another name and had reviews on here at one point as well but like I said nothing concrete recently with her but that was my previous recount of interactions with her
  3. Charlie 720-339-1123 Colorado Escort Just seeing if anyone has seen Charlie http://escortbabylon.net/#!/denver/photos/7203391123/18954181 She sent a few x pics which seemed to match up tattoo wise but on the fence still since I didn't find any reviews for her and she said she was newer
  4. Tiffany BP

    Did anyone toftt on this one yet I'm Def interested just seems a little tgtbt
  5. 411 on Presley

    She is real I've only seen her one time And it was before I really started leaving reviews she showed up by herself. She's pretty and curvy was a fun time she also plays with her man if they are still together. Not my cup of tea but it was put out there . She is big on not wasting her time she has regulars and is quick to say no if you aren't about the biz. Like I said she was fun but maybe it's ymmv. I haven't seen her since because her rates doubled but just letting you guys know she is real pics are real and she's fun just a little pricey for time and service
  6. I'm with Silent, I just saw her and wow she's a really cute gem fun time plays safe with everything as mentioned and as long as your hygiene is in order making out is a blast, review coming tonight
  7. She's fun as long as you are both on same page, but kinda inconsistent nowadays.[snip] She usually has some 2 girl stuff going on. I've reviewed her myself if you want to see it it was last year but I've seen her probably 6 different times but not In about 4 months.