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  1. Alabama

    I'm not from Alabama however, I am touring Birmingham for the first time. I'm hoping to make it a regular visit for me if all goes well
  2. I try to keep it as easy as possible and post my rates. There are a few websites I'm on that don't allow rates to be posted. I also don't mind a gentleman asking me my rates, I sell time. There's nothing illegal about that.
  3. Hello

    Namaste! Thank you for taking the time I believe our military heroes should be honored and respected. just saying Hugs, Becca Blossoms
  4. Too sensitive

    To each their own. we all have the things we like and don't like.
  5. For my in call, I use 3 stars or better. You won't ever find me at a Motel 6 or any place under 3 stars. BP girls, pimps, drug dealers and the guys that want to put them in hand cuffs frequent these places. The quality of the room in these places is never up to my standards. I'll never have a gentleman in a place where he's stepping over or even walking near undesirables. I will never be in a shady area, I want to feel safe parking my car as well. On the same note, I'll never use a permanent location such as a condo or the same hotel frequently. Regardless if you think your being watched or not, a pattern of behavior in the same place is simply begging to get busted. It makes you easy to watch. I agree with above, a lady's reviews should give you an idea of where your going. If you know the neighborhood is bad or your going to a low quality motel, don't go. You deserve better and safe. I don't mind if a guys asks me which star my hotel is. I normally stay where there are a number of higher end hotels so giving the star level is not big deal to me.
  6. As a provider, I do my best to be sensitive to these things and often take the wrapper with me to dispose of elsewhere, however, I'm not the one in the marriage. Your marriage isn't my responsibility. YOU choose the risk, YOU know the possible out comes. The responsibility for your marriage...regardless of what you're doing in it or outside of 100 % on you. If you know there was a condom used and you want to be sure your wife doesn't find it, you need to do you due diligence and look for it. When I leave your house, my responsibility is up. I'm responsible for giving you an awesome experience during the agreed upon time. When I leave, it's up to you to do whatever you have to do to cover your own ass...make the bed, wash the sheets, find condom wrappers, wash dishes we may have used, cover tire tracks in the snow, whatever it is you do. If you miss something, the responsibility and consequence is on you. You made the choice to have me in your home knowing what you could lose if your caught. I'm not responsible for your decisions. If this is a concern of yours, I suggest an in call or getting your own hotel room and having the provider come to you.
  7. Question about time and minutes

    What makes you think that when a provider says it screws up her schedule we have other clients lined up? I only see 1 client a day. I still have a schedule, it doesn't have to be hobby related. Disrespect for my time is enough to get you on the "NO" list. I'm a human first and deserve respect and always give it. It's a mutual thing. I'm not busy scheduling back to back clients however, I AM busy. Regardless of what we do with our time, it doesn't matter if I had nothing planned. If you can't be responsible for your own personal hygiene, don't expect to see me. I have no desire to teach grown men how to take care of themselves. I've NEVER had an issue with anyone showering and have NEVER had anyone disrespect my time or me as a person by assuming I have an extra 15 minutes of my time for you to have just because I'm a provider It's disrespectful and isn't up to my standards as far as the type of clients I see. When you see a provider, you are paying for TIME, NOT ACTS. When you pay for 90 minutes, that time is YOUR time. What we do during that time is up to you. If you choose to shower, take a quick 5 or 10 minutes, I'll still rock your world when your done and you'll leave happy. If you want more time, then schedule more time. How this is even a long discussion is beyond me. Those who are disrespectful to a provider's time and schedule don't get to see the better providers because we don't have to see you. Making a big deal out of petty things makes you look petty. By the way, most of don't want to book 5 clients in a day, where do you get 10? That's gross. I could book 10 in a day, most of us could, easily. That doesn't mean we do it.
  8. Why Hour vs Half Hour?

    I think it depends what you want. I personally don't do 30 minute or hour long sessions, I don't provide that kind of quick service. I provide the full package, a full experience. Intelligence, atmosphere, looks, conversation, relaxation, activity, etc. I require 90 minutes or longer as I hate to rush. I provide quality over quantity as I have only 1 meeting a day and I never have more than 1 meeting in my incall location. I think the length of your session depends on what you're looking for.
  9. Showing Faces in Ads

    I do show them and I'm very proud of them!! Not bad for a 42 year old!! Yes, that's my REAL age!!
  10. Multiple City Ads

    I see, good to know.
  11. Showing Faces in Ads

    Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Showing Faces in Ads

    What exactly are ladies "getting away with"? You don't make the rules, each lady in this hobby works by her own rules, for her own reasons. We are NOT obligated to show anything. If you require a face pic, there are plenty of ladies out there with them. Don't try to make any provider feel it's necessary, it's not. We have families, kids, we have main stream professions or go to school. We are involved in our communities. Our privacy is just as important as yours. Do you tell your kids, parents, co-workers, doctor, mechanic, and any other human with access to the Internet exactly who you are and you are involved in the hobby? The only one getting away with anything is providers not seeing you due to lack of respect for their privacy.
  13. small world....

    He's already on my "No list". I don't take disrespect lightly. No provider should.
  14. small world....

    When a gentleman tries to get into my personal life like that, it creeps me out. I keep hobby life and personal life very seperate. I don't ever see a guy that does that. I keep my personal FB and others private. I also never go looking for a guy's FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It's not my business and these are not safe screening tools. I respect the privacy of my clients. If a lady wanted you in personal life, she will tell you. Would you like a provider digging into your personal life? Mutual respect is a must.
  15. Question about time and minutes

    I love role play!