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  1. Lakewood CO

    Massage is far less expensive if that is your primary factor
  2. Looking for mature providers

    Good morning All, Anyone out there experience or interested in role play? Mommy/stepson? Mother in law? Best friends wife? Please PM replies Thanks N4U2
  3. Lacey Wings on Tryst

    Any updates on this would be great! I'm finding two sets of pics - looks like she may be older than her pictures, but is she legit?
  4. I'm looking for a new partner to explore age play / Step mother / Taboo fantasies. Please PM if you are interested or have a recommendation.
  5. Question for providers as well as gents.

    Check out the big brain on bread!
  6. Question for providers as well as gents.

    I tend to agree but your comments make me reconsider my criteria.
  7. What is the etiquette?

    I had a 5pm board meeting cancel unexpectedly and I found myself with two free hours where I'm not supposed to be home or office. I NEVER get free time like this! I contacted my regular - she didn't the respond - but that's my fault (she's not short notice friendly). I reached out to another - no response. Two hours later I sent a note saying that I was sorry we didn't connect. Reached out to a third - she was available - cleared references etc. Asked to confirm time available - no response. Texted again 1hr later - no response. THEN - my second call replied she is available. Now I haven a confirmed appointment with someone that isn't responding and someone saying she can meet at 5. What's the rule? I'll be pissed if I blow my unexpected free time but I don't want to book and ditch.
  8. Rising asset prices

    Sure - keep telling yourself that. I actually copied a negative review word for word and used it just to see if it would be approved and it was rejected. Nothing about a contradiction from the provider - just doesn't meet standards. And "...explains in writing?" It's the exact same form email.
  9. Rising asset prices

    I would - but TOB has denied the only two negative reviews I've submitted. I stopped reviewing when I realized how frequently they probably suppress legitimate negative reviews from real admirers.
  10. Denver: What Happened?

  11. Food suggestions in Denver?

    No - although the owner and executive chef Lon Symensma also has Cho77 and Concourse Moderne. If you are willing to go downtown - I promise you will not be disappointed. Just remember - soup dumplings and Kaya toast
  12. Food suggestions in Denver?

    ChoLon Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants in Denver - their soup dumplings are fantastic. Very interesting options for small and share plates.
  13. 411 on Lina

    Well... How did it go?
  14. Scarlet Ranch

    Well... How did it go? I'm glad you picked the ranch first - people are great and it's a fun vibe.