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  1. 411 on Lacie Loveless

    Feel free to message me.
  2. Lacey Wings on Tryst

    Feel free to message me if you want some info.
  3. Sprinkler Start Up

    I understand the frustration; had to replace my back flow preventer this month and when I charged my system there was a leak at the valve box..... time for me to dig and replace as well.
  4. Sprinkler Start Up

    Savior..... do you have a leak at the valve box? That could cause low water pressure, or all valves being open and trying to run at the same time?
  5. SI swimsuit covergirl

    I'm in on the body paint!
  6. Will be Visiting from Texas

    Welcome to Colorado Maxrax! What are you interested in doing? Hikes? Brewery tours? Art Museum? Garden of the Gods? Lots of options..... if you can; get out and enjoy our state
  7. Etiquette for meetups

    I always ask if I can pick a lady up anything, whether it's food, drink, or anything they are lacking. I've picked up TP, a house plant, sodas, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and wines/spirits; even meals(sometimes its hard for visiting ladies to get out and about). I guess the main thing is..... just ask! You never know what might be asked of you.

    People who seek revenge are stuck in the past and they can't move on. They become a prisoner of their own making. I have had people treat me poorly in the past, sometimes even downright vicious..... all you can do is try to remove that person from your life and move on with yours. The pain from the hurt they caused will always be with you; it just lessens and becomes a memory.
  9. Ass Photos

    What about eating food off an ass?!
  10. Fish Tank

    They have self cleaning tanks, to a point. Talk with your local aquarium store and they can tell you what animals will help keep it clean....I believe snails are one kind of aquatic animal that will help aid to keep it clean.
  11. How to deal with threats! need support.

    To Fabiola, I'm sorry someone is threatening to out you and report you to LE. I would follow the advice of Johnny_rey. First, write down the number or save it to your contacts.... that way if the individual tries to contact you again with the same number, you'll know..... next, if you have Android and Verizon(don't know about other carriers); you can block that number. The reason you save the number to your contacts is if there is continued harassment, you'll have the numbered saved as a starting point should it escalate further. I hope this helps. Change your hotel and definitely change rooms. I would even consider changing roommates as well, but it sounds like it is more of an admirer/troll problem than your roommate.
  12. Sprinkler Start Up

    Me personally, I usually wait until May. We can still get cold snaps; but typically you have to have a hard freeze of around 28°F to wreak havoc on system(that temp for several hours). Waiting also gives Mother Nature a chance to do her thing and provide the precipitation. A couple of years ago I waited until June to turn on my system because we got some good rainfall all through spring. I guess the main factor is more how is the weather trending, rather than a specific date.
  13. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    I've been told I might look like Michael Cerra-without the dirty mustache mind you!
  14. Make up or natural?

    To the OP, As stated from a couple of other members on here, preferences will vary from person to person. Here is my preference in a nutshell. Light mascara, light eyeliner- according to your skin type. Hair combed and styled, and possibly some lip gloss to make those beauties shine! That's it!
  15. Welcome to the board Missdivine! I hope TOB treats you well