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  1. Technically unable to see profiles or personal listing

    Mine is the same, so I can’t repost. I reached out to the Whisperer about it, hoping to hear back. It’s super frustrating when you’re visiting paying for hotel rooms, and just paid for ads, and then to lose access 😭
  2. Caution ladies, Avoid

    Thank you all! I appreciate it! I definitely laughed & then blocked him. It was just so rude and unnecessary 😕 but I do so appreciate the gentlemen and you sweet ladies on this post 😘
  3. Caution ladies, Avoid

    I had a potential client text me asking about services, very vulgar and no descrecion at all, I asked him “please don’t text me vulgar questions like that” he responded “fuck off cunt” if I were any of you ladies I would definitely avoid. lady’s please PM me.
  4. Emma's Beauty

    She is real and pictures are accurate.