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  1. Shoe size

    6 1/2 with very high arches.
  2. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    I love when called a slut I tell them thank you it's a lot of work to get to my experiences and maybe one day they'll be a worthy slut too... I usually dont hear anything back after that lmao.
  3. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    Agreed, between the name calling, no shows, wild goose chases and game playing it can ware on a girls mental state. Theres been days I've gotten so frustrated that I'm in tears most of the day. But then that 1 or 2 clients pops in and makes everything worth wild again. I love this job and wouldnt change it for anything.
  4. Skipthegames.com problems

    It's back up now...yayyy at least for the moment
  5. Skipthegames.com problems

    It's in all states I tried looking up escorts in a couple other states and got the same response......hopefully it's just a site problem and gets fixed soon
  6. Skipthegames.com problems

    I get in no prob it's just saying there are no escorts
  7. Anyone else having issues with this site. I went to see if my ad posted and when I looked up escorts in Colorado springs or denver it says it can not be found. I even tried searching as if I were the one looking.

    This person has contacted me about every 6mos for almost 2 yrs using the same line but different pictures. I've never agreed thank god I trusted my gut. Now when I get the text I have fun with it then call her or him out. Makes the timewasters more fun to deal with in slow times .
  9. Just checking....?

    I am pretty good about responding quickly and I keep it a rule to not contact or respond back to any text that are sent to me if I I was not able to answer back within 30min to an hr at the latest. Unless something amusing Stands out.
  10. Just checking....?

    Thank you to all of you that are just checking on me. You know the guys that just want to ask if I'm available and then nothing else. Lmao anyone else been getting a lot of this. New or regular client text are you available? I respond yes, then crickets....so I can only assume that they are just checking on me. I think its sweet of them to be looking out for the well being of my availability. My words are not intended to be cruel, naive, or bare any I'll will.
  11. I'm a smart ass. If a guy is rude and says something rude or stupid (especially after 3am) they are going to get a smart ass response. How they continue the conversation will determine the out come. Usually they end the conversation and stop...or they apologize and correct the behavior. I just try to have some fun with it.
  12. Wow that's all I can say

    So I get lots of wierd and crazy request and will respond with wierd and smart ass responses. However today I'm at a lost of words. Some very "unique" individual sent me this text:::: "Hey I have 480$ for fun please send email and password to skip the games account to verify your no cop" Lmao I told him sure I'll send right away. F ing Moron.
  13. Not responding to texts

    I prefer text however wont text or call anyone back if I havent responded with in 30min.
  14. All I'm wanting is some head

    Seen this and it made me laugh on do many different levels and wanted to share. .........For those who are just looking for some head this holiday season.Hahahaha
  15. Homeless teens

    I was just talking to my teenage daughter about this problem. She currently has a few friends who are homeless. Breaks my heart. I've taken a few both boys and girls in so that they had a safe place to sleep and some food to eat but I can only keep them for about a week or so. I didnt know this organization existed and am so glad you posted this. Now I can hopefully help these kids out a little more. If I had a big enough place I'd take as many as I could in. They are good kids. Thank you for such very useful and informative information.