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  1. Favorite movie?

    History of the World
  2. All I'm wanting is some head

    Seen this and it made me laugh on do many different levels and wanted to share. .........For those who are just looking for some head this holiday season.Hahahaha
  3. Homeless teens

    I was just talking to my teenage daughter about this problem. She currently has a few friends who are homeless. Breaks my heart. I've taken a few both boys and girls in so that they had a safe place to sleep and some food to eat but I can only keep them for about a week or so. I didnt know this organization existed and am so glad you posted this. Now I can hopefully help these kids out a little more. If I had a big enough place I'd take as many as I could in. They are good kids. Thank you for such very useful and informative information.
  4. Zodiac Signs

    Theres a reason my zodiac sign is a 69. Im a cancer through and through. a true sexual being.
  5. Zodiac Signs

    im a cancer and that so does not apply to me
  6. Hi any on her

    shes real but a thief. ive actually met her through a "friend" and she robbed him.
  7. The Springs

    Welcome to the springs. I love it here. Yes its definately a uniquely colorful city and yes can be a bit shady. However I love the guys here and look forward to meeting many more from the dumb asses to the respectful fun ones. P S. not all of us are bad
  8. Cos

    welcome sweetheart Colorado Springs is a great place to be 😁😁
  9. Ladies, A Heads Up!

    Same here I got an email the other day from some girl trying to use a verify site.....thought it was wierd so just deleted it.
  10. Escort license.... ive had one in the past

    Minor detail quiet honestly how will they actually know whom your clients are or exactly how many clients u have. I know the guy i worked for had to turn in paperwork everymonth and i know damn well half that was questionable lol
  11. Im not sure how this is going to be taken and believe me i am not trying to start any type of arguements or deeply heated discussions. However about 16yrs ago i worked for an escort company here in colorado springs and we where all licensed. And we actually had an office two blocks from the police station. I thought it worked out pretty good. Ive thought about doing it again....who knows what could happen if we all showed up applying for a license.....could we advertise like a regulare business? Could you imagine thier faces lol https://coloradosprings.gov/city-clerk/page/escort-licensing?mlid=9276
  12. BP-COS

    Hey now a few of us on BP are actually normal ( meaning drama free and not a junkie 😂) and I mean a limited few lol....
  13. Colorado Springs Intro

    Hi welcome to the Springs 😊😊😚😚
  14. Bp completely removing ad

    Didnt think little ol me was such a threat lol.. Thank you all. You have been very helpful. Im gonna play around on my ad and see if i can figure out whats triggering bp to remove my stuff.......
  15. Bp completely removing ad

    Didnt think little ol me was such a threat lol..