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  1. BP-COS

    Hey now a few of us on BP are actually normal ( meaning drama free and not a junkie 😂) and I mean a limited few lol....
  2. Colorado Springs Intro

    Hi welcome to the Springs 😊😊😚😚
  3. Bp completely removing ad

    Didnt think little ol me was such a threat lol.. Thank you all. You have been very helpful. Im gonna play around on my ad and see if i can figure out whats triggering bp to remove my stuff.......
  4. Bp completely removing ad

    Didnt think little ol me was such a threat lol..
  5. Bp completely removing ad

    So ive been posting on bp for two years now and out of no where my ad has been "community removed" and preventing me from posting. Has anyone else experienced this? Or can anyone give me any kind of incite? Thank you
  6. I cant relate because i dont really have any friends...well female besties....but im very open about what i do and actually have had a very good response from people....family and random people i meet...ive been very blessed and lucky with that......i treat my occupation just as it is "a job" may not be the most respectful job in most peoples eyes but its what i do and who i am. I even talk to my family about my day or night just like i would if i worked in an office or behind a counter....granted i dont divulge in the sexy details thats for my thoughts only :)........i get a lot of respect from both men and women young and old because i believe, my confidence and respect for myself as well as how i present myself in what i do. Call me a whore and I take it as a compliment and will tell you thank you ive worked hard to get to this status..... sorry didnt mean to go on a rant but i hope maybe my words will make someone smile and feel my heartfelt hug and think f$#% off to the so called friend that made you sad because they are to blind to see that the lifestyle choice you made didnt make you an aweful person they are the monster for throwing a away someone whom i can only imagine is a great friend....:)))
  7. Cos

    I have pretty good luck here in the Springs.....
  8. Backpage escort section gone

    Shocked me too I thought I was loosing my mind and am now freaking out. BP was my main way of posting...WTF
  9. Can anyone else tell me if they cannot post on BP..went on there today to post and says its been CENSORED...says as of today bp adult content is being shut down. any info is helpful.
  10. Has anyone seen this bogus warning yet

    Definitely bogus.....I actually put my number in and apparently I'm a 36yr old red head haha anyone who has seen me or knows me definitely knows otherwise....gave me a good laugh.
  11. My feelings are kinda hurt

    I Dont normally chime in but had to agree with most of the ladies....I have a new appreciation for men in their 60s since I got back into this. DAMN...Lol these men know how to make a girl feel good....just saying.
  12. Influx of fakes in COS?

    I am glad to see that It wasn't just me that noticed..I've been absolute annoyance to see my ad knocked 4 or 5 pages back.