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  1. I have been trying to pay for my advertising all this morning. When I hit the blue pay with bitcoin button, the page is timing out. I keep getting this message. Any help would be appreciated! Hmmm… can't reach this page
  2. Welcome Me Back

    Thanks SO VERY much for the positive reception from old friends and new. The supportive responses from ladies & gents alike have me feeling all warm and tingly!
  3. Welcome Me Back

    Nice to be back even if just for the occasional visit. Colorado men are the BEST!
  4. Welcome Me Back

    I've missed y'all... Ladies and Gents alike!
  5. Good to be back to TOB. I've been gone a while; and my how things have changed! Looking forward to the next couple of weeks seeing old friends and new while I'm in Fort Collins. I've missed the quality of the fine gentlemen here. How are y'all doing?
  6. Sunny Phillips Bids You Farewell

    After 15 years of Nurturing Northern Colorado, I'm leaving the area & moving to Missouri on May 10th. Y'all've been awfully good to me! The handsome down to earth men of Colorado are the Best!!! Thanks to all the clients and ASP's for your love and friendship. I'll be visiting from time to time, so look for those Sunny Days to come!