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  1. Newbie and black

    They long the forbidden fruit
  2. Newbie and black

    With about 31,000 black and over the age of 18, El Paso County is 1mm+ population in size and the 12 county area of Denver-Aurora-Boulder 3.15mm. This is simplistic and highly unlikely to be the reason. When told I would not visit because her location was too visible a provider told me I shouldn't be creeping. They should reconsider careers if it is. A creeping guy is more concerned with discretion than to tell their business.
  3. "Busty Asian Babe" 619-517-4132 Colorado Companion Any experiences with "Busty Asian Babe"? Num-num...
  4. Any one has meet this lady?

    Can't help but great site!
  5. Any body know of her??

    Might be able to help if she answered
  6. To all the lovely, lovely, ladies

    Why is that?
  7. Who knew all the high powered names that were yet to unfold as actual purveyors? Typical slight of hand trickery.
  8. Advice for new gentlemen?

    Good read. Thanks.
  9. Popeyes chicken sammich?

    And to each their own
  10. Popeyes chicken sammich?

    The Colonel supports 45... Fuck. That.
  11. hobbyist Colorado Springs Intro

    Thanks for the warm welcums, ladies (and gents). The pleasure's certainly mine. Here's to many happy endings
  12. hobbyist Colorado Springs Intro

    Thanks, Megan! Indeed there are!
  13. hobbyist Colorado Springs Intro

    Greetings. I am a mature, experienced hobbyist living in Colorado Springs. Look forward to meeting discrete and sensual female playmates.
  14. Taking chances with secret encounters

    I wonder what she's doing