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  1. Ball Busting - Swing away

    Wow, for once my TOB stalker hasn't "corrected" my post to what it "should" be! There may be hope for TOB yet!
  2. Ball Busting - Swing away

    I got kicked good and proper when I was 20 or 21. (One of the side effects is I can't remember how old I was at the time.) Ruptured both testicles, scar tissue is now becoming a problem many decades later. Hollywood tells us that it immediately incapacitates males, better than a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot. Bullshit. I got one of the biggest adrenaline dumps I ever had in my life from the pain. The downside is that 60 - 90 seconds later I was puking my guts out from the same adrenaline. Pain was like a bad bruise, had to pack ice bags for 2-3 days, and then on with life..... Men in general make too big a deal (pun intended) about their junk. There's nothing unique or special about it, just like 99.99% of the humanoids it's attached to....
  3. Cash App Tutorial

    Y'all need to read this: https://apnews.com/article/venmo-paypal-cashapp-p2p-payments-deposit-insurance-f89eba2486a383160b9343e2e4e60b3f
  4. Glass or Plastic for dildo material?

    Take a minute and go to square Peg Toys website and read about the different materials used and some of the chemicals they might contain. I recently gifted my ATF three Square Peg Toys, and recently was able to use them with her. The texture is indescribable.
  5. Will be Visiting from Texas

    I'm from Texas and I don't drink beer. (Truth.) But when I'm in CO, the only sights I want to see are smiles on Ms. Devon Debauchery and Ms. Leyla Scott's faces. (Not at the same time, that would kill me!) Just sayin'.
  6. Oral Delights go both ways

    O.K., so post heart attack and prostate cancer, I definitely am not the 24 hour a day walking boner when I graduated from high school in a different millennia. Luckily, I met a freak who's just as big a freak as I am, and just as fastidious as I am about being clinically clean EVERYWHERE. After our first few rende-vous, she started moving her other lady bit under my tongue while I was looking for pearls, or whatever.... taking a hint, I got downright assertive about pleasing her there as well, and when she came up, she smiled and said "Your turn." GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY.... I think I found religion, or she found me, or whatever! Gentlemen (and ladies), if you are with a partner who is willing to take a little extra effort before the appointment, and you are 100% comfortable with each other, do not deprive yourself of "the other white meat", LOL! Given my advanced age and decrepit condition (knew I should have purchased the extended warranty), the majority of our time is actually spent in mutually orally satisfying each other, both the more conventional ways mentioned above, and the less conventional way that is just as / more satisfying. (?) As they say in Nawlins' when you buy the full booo - fay on the riverboat casino, "Boy, you bought the full Boo-fay! Watcha' doin' with just one plate?" LOL!
  7. Best place for sex toys

    Well, I recently dropped big bucks on Square Peg toys out of San Francisco. Reading their web site was very educational. I had them delivered to my ATF, who lives in a different time zone. As soon as she got them, she started texting me that she found her new favorite toys and she was never going to use her old toys except on her sub clients.... yes, the lady literally has a closet full of toys. I replied "pics or it didn't happen". and here came the sexting pics of her using her new toys on herself... well, I scheduled an overnight with her the next week. Square Peg toys only use 100% surgical grade silicone sourced in the USA. Long story short, if your toy has a stiff / firm feel or if it gives off any "new car smell" when you first open it, it's giving off plasticizer fumes, just like a new car interior.... and you don't want to be putting that anywhere near your body, much less inside it! Sometimes, the extra $$$$ is money well spent. Both on the quality of the toys and the result it gives your partner! She's a big fan of being DP'd (I'm not saying more) and the difference in feel for both of us was.... breathtaking! *I am not employed or compensated in any way by Square Peg Toys. Honest!
  8. How to deal with threats! need support.

    Fabiola, I hope that you are safe and well! I'm not a mind reader, but if I had to guess, the person you shared a room with was "managed" and the "manager" was trying to scare you into his "stable". Something to think about: 1. Never share a room, or do doubles, with anybody, no matter their rep. I know a well established local provider (she made the TER Top 100) who did doubles with someone she trusted. Well, her doubles partner (1) Took pictures of her prescription meds with her RW name on them, (2), stole the meds, (3) posted the pictures on The Dirty. The provider I knew had to then survive (2) a custody battle over her 2 kids with her ex, (3), Child Protective Services trying to forcibly remove her children, and (3) Having to explain to her good clients why she was taking an antiviral that is part of the 3 drug HIV / AIDS "cocktail." All from someone she trusted. 2. Get a burner app and use a new number for each location, then burn it. Have a separate burner number that you only give to trusted, long term clients that always arrive on time (clean!), never haggle over the donation, and make you feel good about yourself. (O.K., I'm describing myself here....) Tell them that if they post the number in a review or give it out, you will cut them off and never see them again. (Works for me!) 3. Always trust your instincts and if something doesn't seem right, relocate and burn the number you are using. You can always make up lost income BUT ONLY if you are healthy and safe. No amount of money is worth taking risks for, and this is from a hobbyist that has lost literally thousands of dollars over about 15 - 16 years. And I screen, screen, screen! 4. Never make an exception to your policies. Ever. It will be very expensive to recover. Buena suerte, chica!
  9. Phone Issues/ Need a recommendation

    I'd avoid Google anything. Right now, there are circulating in my geographic area (as in constant motion) groups of 4 -5 ladies, only the "lead" lady speaks any English. One group is Venezuelan, one group is Colombian, one group is Cuban, you get the idea... The local boneheads use Google translate to ask for specific services and settle on a donation during the actual appointment! Everything that hits the internet is recorded and never goes away. I use a burner app on my phone for final address and not much else. Any discussion of a "substantial" nature is done via encrypted Protonmail email over a randomly generated Proton VPN connection. A lot of the more experienced ladies are switching over to Proton as well. My Plus package (the name of the Proton service, in no way am I insinuating I have a Plus anything) gives me up to 15 emails, 5 domain names, and about 50 Gb of cloud storage. I was an early supporter of Proton, so every year they up my cloud storage by about 5 Gb for the same price.
  10. Rude Obnoxious People WTF

    It's changed for both providers and clients. When the local (to me) trash board went offline, P411 saw an uptick of just under 100,000 new "providers", most of whom were from the trash board. I reached out to a new lady, not knowing she was one of the refugees. Her reply was, "You're on P411, you're good to go." Obviously, I did not see her. Hey, I worked hard (no pun) for my 28 OK's and thanks to the local ladies on TOB that helped me!
  11. I love the comments: "Everything above liftoff is icing on the cake." I guess the plan is to build a bridge to the moon, and then Mars from the debris of "successful" missions.... I get excited when I see the images from the James Webb telescope. I get excited when the Mars rover finds traces of water on Mars. I get a different kind of excited when the world's richest person blows up the world's largest rocket.... again. Guess it was using the Tesla full autonomous driving feature! LOL!
  12. Too sensitive

    You can always hope.... LOL!
  13. Ass Photos

    What about those of us who enjoy eating ass? Just sayin'....
  14. What, you big on the odds? Just because the first three tests ended in massive explosions that spewed debris and highly toxic liquid rocket fuel into protected wetlands? A 100% failure rate don't mean a thing when you're the world's richest whatever and breaker of Twitter! Just because Musk is using a hyper - oxygenated liquid propellant that has only been used successfully in ONE land-launched vehicle - JP-5 in the famed SR-71 Blackbird? The SR-71 had to achieve maximum ceiling as quickly as possible so it's aluminum body would expand and seal off all of the JP-5 that leaked out of the fuel tanks or else it would not complete it's calculated trajectory / altitude / mission. Or become a Roman Candle that even the crude Soviet and Chinese radar could track with no special enhancement needed - I just like seeing things blow up. It's like the 4th of July, only much more expensive! WHEEEE!
  15. What "Color" Was Jesus?

    Pssst... Don't tell anybody, but god is a black, non binary, transgender, fully vaccinated person who loves you all equally! I should also disclose that I have dyslexia and love writing about my dog....