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  1. Hello To Colorado

    Welcome indeed.
  2. When to hang it up...

    Man, they see way older than 50. Relax. If you're a fat fuck, that's another matter altogether.
  3. Good massage up north?

    You know more than most about the game. Which brings up an amazing AMP experience from late last year. I was "somewhere in Denver" on business last year and coming home late. I happen to see the ol' red massage sign and decide "what the hell." An absurdly hot Asian woman answers the door. Really short skirt goes up the stairs slowly and swaying. She's wearing next to nothing and appears to be in a good mood. When I move my hands toward her direction, she gets the hint and gives the goods with gusto (HJ) and then says, "You want to watch me cum?" This is shocking, and of course I say yes. She gets out a toy, leans back on the table and brings herself to a quivering orgasm. Meanwhile, I figure I'll go ahead and get myself over the edge while we're at it. This is a case of AMP roulette victory that likely will never happen again. It's way way far from my house, so I don't foresee going back. I have no clue why she did that, but she seemed bored and in a very good mood. Under the influence? Perhaps. She did the massage topless for an extra $40 and I think that probably got her in a better mood. Just goes to show that you never know. The bad AMP experiences far outweigh such bliss, to be sure.
  4. Good massage up north?

    Well, at least you didn't ask for an AMP, but a one-post wonder asking for intel is frowned upon. There are a couple ladies up north, right in the heart of Fort Collins, who do "legit" massages, but will definitely do more. However, they don't advertise and they must be discovered. I recommend you check for the ones who are reviewed. For the others, you will have to play the game.
  5. Stay healthy and active!

    I have no plausible excuse to leave the house, so that's a big problem for making clean getaways to see my FBSM woman. Yikes.
  6. Stay healthy and active!

    For the statisticians out there, it's all about flattening the curve. That means keeping large crowds dispersed. Two people in a private home do virtually nothing to expand the threat. BBJs don't spread the virus, right? Please say that's true.
  7. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Equally valuable advice: Don't give information on specific AMPs. Ever. This is hard-won intel and it's not at all inconceivable that affable 3-post wonders with "good attitudes" are LE trolling around looking for places to bust. Fuck these pigs. They have better things to do than arrest people who want hand jobs. You can say, "Welcome to the board," but I say, "Fuck off, officer."
  8. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Nothing quite like a one-post wonder asking about the low hanging fruit of the AMP. Bad News. For the OP: all the AMPs in Northern Colo are legit and do not offer any extra services. If you want a massage, go there and get a massage, but don't even think about anything else. Not gonna happen.
  9. HH vs HR

    I rarely log on anymore, but I'm fascinated that the GFE is really the preference among the people who post on TOB. I also think that there is a subset of ladies who lean back and moan as a guy pleasures her, maybe thinking, "Can't you just let me do my job?" In the context of a half hour, it's really "all about you" I would think. Financially and timewise, it often makes sense. I rarely partake nowadays, and when I do it's FBSM, and that carries zero expectation of pleasing her and usually goes a full hour. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well out there. I'm not a hive kicker, but I understand what the 30-post wonder who inspired the hate is driving at, while I don't agree with the way it was conveyed. I will say that the first lady I ever visited 10 years ago was an astounding kisser, and she seemed to enjoy it. I'm not sure if that counts as pleasing her, but man did it get hot really fast. It was an "hour" and she got me blasting off easily in a half hour. After that, she did free psychological counseling as we talked about my wife. These ladies are great at that, among other things.
  10. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Folks, if a woman is putting her lips around your schvonstooka, it's great. There is no bad ice cream. There are no bad BJs. Let's keep some perspective here.
  11. What makes a good lover? Thoughts from all

    Actual "love" for the partner helps immensely. I have found the worst sex with my wife is better than the best sex with a paid woman. That's not to say that I can't have anonymous fun with absolutely zero emotional involvement, but the "connection" amps it up a bit. A hooker will never say. "Oh...oh...god, yes, I love you so muuuuuuuuuuuchhhh!" as she is practically crying from intense pleasure. That can't be beat.
  12. Closest Calls with LE

    Damn! Thanks for all the contributions. All of these stories chill me to the bone. Keep em' coming. I told this one before on TOB, but I'll give it again briefly. My last one was kind of stupid (June 2017, I remember because it was right before the Metallica Concert at Broncos Field). I went to an incredibly sketchy AMP. Woman comes out in absurdly skimpy clothes. She gives a topless HJ, and we are done. Mamasan asks me: "You want to go out the back?" I respond: "Should I go out the back?" She says, "Yes." Hmmm. Ok. I go out the back and down the alley. Odd homeless guy sitting in the alley. I think, "undercover cop," but no. I am freaked out and walk down two blocks getting AWAY. I circle back to the parking lot and notice a man sitting in his car staring at the front door of the AMP, or it looked like that. It was probably some newbie working up the courage to enter such a house of ill repute, but I don't know. He never saw me. I got in that car and went happily to the chaos. As a sidenote: Two 30-something drunk women were all over me and my friend during the first four songs of the Metallica concert. Man, that was fun. Then the lightning break came and we had to bail from the seats for about 45 minutes. The two ladies ended up down on the field with the general admission crowd (I think) never to be seen again. Oh well. Ride the Lightning while you can.
  13. Closest Calls with LE

    Ah, those were interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing. I remember seeing the face of an AMP woman on the cover of the local newspaper who finally got arrested. It chilled me to the bone, but that's certainly not a "close call" by any stretch. Take care and be well. And to the ladies...you are angels of mercy.
  14. Closest Calls with LE

    Been a while since I logged in, but I always enjoyed reading about the close calls with law enforcement in the context of the hobby. So in that spirit, I'm hoping some of the board veterans may rehash their close calls (if any). Yeah, I know it's fairly old territory, but it can't hurt to ask. As for me, this board (over many years) really helped me cope with my wife's unending lack of affection. My absence has been caused by my wife's return to me, so to speak. She has slowly but surely come back to my arms on a fairly consistent basis. I don't write this to gloat, because I know that so many guys are in emotional pain with their wives ignoring them. People like the intelligent, intuitive, and lovely Melissa Sterling, who I never met, was kind enough to correspond with me. Thank you, Melissa. To Ink Spot, your wisdom and friendship is/was much appreciated. Believe me, I know the pain of so many on this board. For a decade, I knew your pain. I say to you: Things can turn around. Hope is a good thing. Meanwhile, these ladies saved me, giving me a reasonable facsimile of affection. For that, I am grateful. Will my wife's mojo continue? I'm not naive enough to believe it will, but again, I can hope. Making "love" is quite a bit better than pure sex, but either one is better than nothing.
  15. Are relationships overrated? Fell hard for a married woman.

    Ms. Sterling has such wisdom...on this topic and so many others. Heed her words.