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  1. couples massage

    I am 33 yo 6ft, sapiosexual. She is 43, 5'6. We are looking to experience a couples massage with an experienced therapist. Male or female is fine but we both want to enjoy the experience and learn something out of it in addition to relaxing. Any recommendations?
  2. couple massage ???

    Looking for FBSM for both.
  3. couple massage ???

    Hi, A couple of days back a friend of mine recommended us to get a full body couples massage. My wife curiously asked me later in the night what couples massage was about, the discussion that night ended with me telling her that i will gift her a couple's massage. She nervously mentioned i only want a women to touch me. Since my wife is very nervous about this we are looking for one who would understand the nuances and get us a confirtable and memorable time. Can you guys recommend someone?