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  1. Being New Sucks

    @Plot -- sorry, I didn't know that was a rule . . . @Kaduk thanks for commenting . . .
  2. Being New Sucks

    @Plot -- You would post a review but you won't post her name ? ?
  3. pictures

    Samantha, please. Do Not get a nose ring! Please!
  4. pictures

    Heh. It's ok to joke about it! And, really, from a certain perspective, it doesn't seem possible for a really ordinary guy like me to hug and get handled by a Victoria's Secret or Playboy model woman. But me, I have no doubt it's true. I used to frequent an absolute stunning FBSM fox, Alia Violet. She charged 200, did an excellent Swedish on the back, and on the flip she really knew how to handle it. She's gone now, moved to Mexico. So I know they exist, and using photos and recommendations I'll probably find another to use regularly. My current FBSM artist is pretty good at it, very nice to me, and not a VS model type. It was a really good run for a while but now she's raising her price so I'm shopping around . . . What I love about her is all the body-to-body she does to accompany it. I guess if I had to pick I'd go for less "model type" and more body contact. The ultimate FBSM in my opinion includes body-to-body contact, the more the better, plus UTF. Yes, this combination is findable, and some of them are beautiful to boot. Some FBSM fans put the quality of the massage above all. Not as important to me. If that description (B2B + UTF) makes you think of someone, please post or PM! Thanks!
  5. pictures

    Really? If it is ok, would you name your favorite 4 or 5 Denver FBSM ladies that charge less than 200/hr ? Thanx!
  6. An FBSM Ranking

    OK, that's funny. So I guess you're playin' with me. I'm starting to get it that claims like this are made - although falsely - all the time. But that is a copy-paste quote from an ad. So I thought it was a legit question.
  7. An FBSM Ranking

    Just a general question if someone knows ToB well enough: I'm looking at the "Ads" and I find and one "I am Ranked 1 of Denver's BEST FBSM's on TOB!" To me that's a clear implication that there is a ranking of FBSMers in Denver. Do you know where that list is? "Denver's best FBSM's on ToB" ? Thank You! Blaze
  8. Backpage...

    @FuriousInch -- Good, it wasn't just me. .