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  1. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I also had a similar experience, but mine unfolded at her front door. I knocked quietly. Nothing. Waited 2-3 minutes. Then knocked again slightly louder. After 1 minute, screaming from inside the apartment for me to leave (which I did). Then 2-3 hours of wild texting. The whole thing mad me feel bad, not angry.
  2. 411 on kittykatt

    PM me for any info. I'd be glad to respond with the MY FACTS... (basically that my wallet is lighter and I'm not smiling)
  3. 411 on kittykatt

    Don't waste your time. I recently answered one of Molly's ads with no joy. A girl named Angela replied. Definitely NOT Molly. Can you spell U-P-S-E-L-L ??? Wow - I mean astronomical upsell. No recommendation from me.
  4. $300 Massage

    Don't do it. TOFTT in another situation. Find a reasonable provider. I think this is a service taking a large piece off the top.
  5. Spas

    I think the challenge is tracking the providers, as they change locations every few weeks.
  6. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    Folks, Don't worry about me. Way too many fish to worry much about the one that got away... Interesting how the ladies feel strongly that she has the right to ask but I didn't. Doesn't my safety count at all?
  7. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    I am on P411 - and I sent that info BEFORE she informed me about her ID requirements.
  8. Folks, Here is the situation. Help me judge if I am being crazy. Had a provider ask for my real name and info, then mentioned that she will need to "verify" my ID (driver's License) to confirm my identity "for her safety" prior to the start of our session. I replied that I would be glad to comply if she were willing to do the same. Her immediate response was that we obviously "incompatible" and asked me not to contact her again. Does this seem excessive? I know that this forum can be brutal, but call it as you see it, folks!
  9. New to TOB seeking advice!

    Belated Welcome - Have a great 4th of July
  10. Tara CMT on BP

    I have just reached out. Tara was a favorite of mine awhile ago. She had dropped out of the business (taking care of real life stuff) but looks like she is back. She has a tender touch beautifully combined with a fully therapeutic massage. Her body has always been hot. I would give her 5 stars.. but as always YMMV.
  11. Sex toy

    The Womanizer Gentlemen, I recommend this toy for your playing pleasure (when used to pleasure your partner). On a scale of 1-10, this toy is an 11. This design of toy does not penetrate, but the combination of vibration and slight sucking action has proven irresistible to every partner I have tried it on!. Screaming - Moaning twisting bucking climaxes. Here is the link: Remember me fondly as you use this toy! I give it my unqualified 5 star recommendation (and so do my partners).
  12. Schedules!

    Morning is wonderful. Count me in!
  13. I have been surprised by the seemingly recent addition of FBSM providers advertising at $300 for a session. That is within my budget, but not my normal preference. Especially not "for a first time visit" See: or maybe or What am I missing? Most of these providers don't have any reviews. Anyone TOFTT?? What was your experience?
  14. Favorite Dirty Movies

    Body Heat = one of my favorites
  15. Anyone seen Jessica on BP?

    She doesn't allow mutual touching or reverse massage at all. I have not scheduled a session cause that is my favorite way to start. Reached out but never pulled the trigger.