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  1. I have been surprised by the seemingly recent addition of FBSM providers advertising at $300 for a session. That is within my budget, but not my normal preference. Especially not "for a first time visit" See: or maybe or What am I missing? Most of these providers don't have any reviews. Anyone TOFTT?? What was your experience?
  2. Favorite Dirty Movies

    Body Heat = one of my favorites
  3. Anyone seen Jessica on BP?

    She doesn't allow mutual touching or reverse massage at all. I have not scheduled a session cause that is my favorite way to start. Reached out but never pulled the trigger.
  4. FBSM- THE 411

    She is real. Interesting session. . Enjoy your time with her ;>)
  5. Best toys of 2016....

    Check out the Womanizer - a clit stimulator. My friends love this toy. FIVE STARS.
  6. New to Colorado

  7. I miss Epic....

    Guess she is out in LA... doing well.
  8. How many times do you see a provider

    Seems like many providers have no clue on "how to keep you coming back!" Different clothes or different role plays. Different styles and different positions. Maybe I'm just jaded, but seems to me, it is "safer" to see the same guy again (you know he is not LE) so why not court him. Tease at the end of one session with a different approach call it the "next time dangle." I think providers believe "guys just want strange"... but for many, I think it is not true. Guys want variety, or they would stay home. I have seen: 2-3 girls x 20plus, but most are one-shop wonders (just like me ;>)
  9. wow, it seems that recently the majority of ads are from Korean & Japanese escorts. My imagination?
  10. 411 on Tabitha Kitten? Ad up on here and BP Just posted a review :>)
  11. This review had me in tears....

    Sad to say, yes, it is for real. I saw "them" 2+ years ago.... and the experience comes back over me like a PTSD flashback.
  12. 411 of Veronica Walker

    Check out: This is a link to an ad that I had reviewed previously "with exactly the same website language" I'm betting it is the same girl.
  13. 411 on Kara here is the link to review
  14. 411 for Danyel ?

    I have not seen anything.. and my search didn't turn up any warning signs. What do you guys think?
  15. 411 Anja

    Nina is a different girl than Anja. I have seen them both. They just use the same lady (and phone number) to book their appointments. Nina is by far the better time, although haven't seen her ad lately. Hope that helps. For more details, PM me.