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  1. Tease

    VPN needed to get there. Try Cheap, easy, fast
  2. RubMaps No More Try this site ;>)
  3. New sites?

    Up Website url Notes X Down X Down X Only avail by VPN (outside us) X Only avail by VPN (outside us) (Asian Spas only)
  4. New sites?

    Also- please send me the url of sites you are currently using (both providers and clients)
  5. New sites?

    PM me if you would like the latest updated list of sites.
  6. 411 on Ava_xo

    I have seen Ava. I would not repeat. Beautiful woman, but very mechanical experience. Lack of passion. Maybe it was just the lack of chemistry between us. She travels and usually is only in town for a week at a time. YYMV - good luck.
  7. FBSM Recommendations

    Here are a couple of great providers: ..and of course, YMMV
  8. New sites? to name only two (2)
  9. Review Length

    This "new" review format adds another challenge to hobbyist. I understand the logic but this seems a little over the top.
  10. 411 Gorgeous Demi - Various Models

    Here is a DEMI that I recently spend a glorious hour enjoying. Check out She is not with any agency.
  11. 411 on Sarah

    Thanks for the research. So....... no one on the forum has seen her?
  12. 411 on Sarah

    Sara 213-204-6794 Colorado Escort Gentlemen, Has anyone spent time with Sara? I have seen her ad before & just thought I'd reach out to the community.
  13. The Tip up front

    Admiral C - You made me laugh out loud (LOL)
  14. The Tip up front

    I recently had a provider ask for the tip, before the session even started. Interesting approach, but without any history seemed really brazen. Just thought I'd ask your thoughts? Anyone else have this experience?
  15. Hello all! Newbie!