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  1. 411 on Marcie

    I saw here many (5+) years ago. She had an incall in Aurora. Very plain FBSM session, finished with only a hand job. Good luck.
  2. 411 Goldii on Tryst

    I have spent 1 hour with Goldii. PM me for more details. She gave me a massage without taking off her shorts or top. Petite lady, just like the photos. Clean incall, but loads of folks walking around the neighborhood for sure. Hope that helps.
  3. Oasis

    I think she ran into a bad situation and decided to hang it up. I real loss from my perspective.
  4. Rose - Sensual Massage in Boulder

    Not yet, but she is on my short list. Watching to see who responds here. TGTBT?
  5. 411 on Madeline Hart on Tryst

    She is great. Truely a sensual journey. I booked with her last week, but had a positive covid test. so had to postpone. PM me for more info in needed.
  6. couple massage ???

    Tara was very fun so I brought a partner. OMG. What fun. Give her a call. I'll bet she is up for a couples massage and wow what a time we had.
  7. Sophia, Arvada

    Totally legit. It has been a while since I've spent time with her, but she is a honey.
  8. Hotels vs a apartment or house which is better

    I will only visit a private residence
  9. 411 on Mimi0x

    Here is the link:
  10. 411 Elisa Blue

    I have also seen her awhile back. PM for more info.
  11. Dog humor....

  12. Ladies reaching out...

    I love this. I have made it clear to all ladies that I can receive "updates" of availability and new options or services anytime. The practice is not very my experience. "To be missed.... is wonderful" Here's wishing for more.
  13. Happy Birthday Sensual Violet

  14. can someone please...

    Megan - you are too smart ;>)