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Found 34 results

  1. New to Denver | What to do?

    Hey TOB Members, The hottest mixed chick from the west coast is in your area! I love the weather, people & art culture here but have no idea where to go in reference to restaurants, bars, lounges, etc. to meet the generous Denver locals. Any recommendations? I usually stay in Orange County, CA or Burbank and also have a house in Vegas so I’m definitely always looking for a good time Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, I’m Milani from Vegas. Visiting CO for only the 2nd time in my life but looking forward to coming back more frequently. I usually like to visit Orange County, CA or Burbank because I prefer a more upscale encounter when meeting new people; but I love how humble and sweet the Denver locals have been to me so I definitely want to come here more often. I get the most compliments on my natural beauty and super chill personality, always making sure every encounter I have is pleasant, satisfying, memorable and at the top of your favorites list. Please feel free to message me and introduce yourself! Would love to see what all Denver has to offer.
  3. Hi everyone! I’m new to this site and hope to make some new friends. I’m based out of Las Vegas but I’m touring 10 states for the next few months, including my home state of Colorado. I am in the adult entertainment industry and love taking my show on the road. My wanderlust is real. Feel free to reach out or comment below if you have any questions - I am an open book and would love to learn more about you, too.
  4. Hey there! Im Taylor! Im pretty new to the area, I moved from Phoenix in January. 🌵 I was a provider in PHX as well! I went by Marie Taylor for the majority of the time. Just looking to meet other providers and clients in the area! 👀 It’s nice to have a community! 🙌🏻 Hope to talk to you soon! ❤️
  5. Just wanted to introduce Myself. My name is Summer and i am New to TOB. I plan to visit Colorado, Las Vegas and Az often. I love travel so much that I decided the month of September to take a month long trip through the Mountains. My tour schedule is on my website ! I hope to meet many of you. Summer
  6. Hello! Im Lily and Im new to TOB Just learning how to navigate it all. Be sure to say hello! Im excited to be here!
  7. I'm new to the TOB community & really happy to be here. I'm eager to get the hang of the site & polish up my profile.
  8. Hello everyone new here, just moved to Denver by way of Iowa, and am excited to meet some new friends. Glad I came across this community and am excited to meet some of you lovely ladies!
  9. Amanda 224-203-5133 Colorado Companion A new lady on Eros. I can't find any information and Eros blocks you from downloading photos. Can't check for borrowed images. Any information would be appreciated.
  10. Shy guy

    Hello ToB! Been wandering around for a while now and trying to force myself out of my shell so to speak. Hope everyone's having a good week, just started my weekend Any other anglers out there willing to share a favorite river fishing spot?
  11. Tips for First Timer

    Hey There ToB, I'm looking for some advice and guidance as I've never been apart of this hobby and want to make sure I don't miss out on some of the basics. I've got the very general rule of the game and how to communicate. But really looking to figure out the logistics of getting verified for my first meet up. What would you have liked to know from the those seeking and also those providing? I'm a normal guy, professional job and a gentlemen that's looking to get the info to take the next steps. Any recommendations in the Denver area for first timer and to setup an ongoing relationship? Thanks for any advice and hope everyone is having a great week, even with the rest snow in late May. -TexMex222
  12. Hello all! Newbie!

    Hello there TOB'ers out there, my name is Dakota, I'm a 22 y/o student here in Denver, [Snip}
  13. Hello I’m new here ! Looking forward to meeting new friendly faces , don’t be a stranger!!! Love Amber
  14. New to Tob

    Hello i just joined TOB happy to be here.. welcome me!
  15. I’m just curious how much would you say is saying too much? Personally I’ll always check with the provider before I list a specific's but I’m just wondering if there’s something that every time you read it it’s instant cringe or even anger. Where is the line between respecting the right to privacy and informing the people fairly? Just curious not trying to start a whole controversy mostly just looking for opinions and insight. Btw gents I would recommend sending a review to your provider before posting just to check.
  16. An Introduction

    Hey all! I’m new to the site and wanted to Introduce myself. I’m Holly. I'm 27, BBW, super sweet, bubbly, sassy, and caring. I love anything creative/fine art. Music, concerts, dance, museums, modern art, film, photography, ballet, etc. I absolutely love color, so bright, modern art really speaks to me. I like reading and playing Mario Kart in my down time. I’m also a nerd at heart; so geeky, intellectual conversations really turn me on.
  17. Hi there! I'm new to TOB and I just posted a paid ad on the ad listing section and now my ad is gone. Can you tell me what I did wrong to have my ad removed please? Thank you. RenataDeRos
  18. I’m new to the hobby and really need to see who is newbie friendly so I can get references. I know I’ll need at least a few before I’m taken seriously . So any newbie friendly providers . Let me know . I would like to meet up soon. Thank you in advance.
  19. So like the title says . I’m new and one thing I’ve noticed is providers want references. I completely understand, the only issue is, how do I get references . If everyone needs them, I have no way of getting them in the first place .
  20. new in town

    hey I'm completely new here , to this city and this board . Where I'm from we use others . With that being said a few tips or pointers from some experienced users on location and other basics would be greatly appreciated xoxo Rebecca Snow xoxo
  21. quick question

    so I'm new here and Denver is my first city to ever hear of TOB in is this the place it is most useful to use it at ? or should I continue using along my travels ? are there and other specific destinations TOB is popular in such as it is here? or iis it mostly just for Colorado id appreciate any helpful hints thanks XoXo
  22. Hello everyone! I'm new here, and am looking forward to meeting everyone and becoming part of the community! Can't wait to hear from you. Lenay
  23. i swear

    all I want to do is be a hobbiest but I'm afraid. I cant get in trouble or ..... so what do I do 7 years no sex this is my last resort
  24. Just Wanted To Say Hello!

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the industry. I recently just moved to Denver from out of state! I'm learning the site and any advice or tips is very much appreciated Hope you all have a great week!