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  1. Incall vs Outcall

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what everyone’s preference is. Incall vs outcall? Making appointments vs available now? And what kind of environment do you expect for an incall? Any information or opinions are appreciated!
  2. 3s Company?

    I always advise if there will be another person around. I think it's quite weird she didn't tell you.
  3. An Introduction

    Thank you!!!
  4. An Introduction

  5. An Introduction

    Thanks so much! I appreciate that!
  6. An Introduction

    I love them all! Though currently play on the switch and I love to create as much art as I can. Love painting especially!
  7. An Introduction

    Thank you!!!
  8. An Introduction

    Hey all! I’m new to the site and wanted to Introduce myself. I’m Holly. I'm 27, BBW, super sweet, bubbly, sassy, and caring. I love anything creative/fine art. Music, concerts, dance, museums, modern art, film, photography, ballet, etc. I absolutely love color, so bright, modern art really speaks to me. I like reading and playing Mario Kart in my down time. I’m also a nerd at heart; so geeky, intellectual conversations really turn me on.