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  1. Mature arrangement

  2. Other sites!

  3. Spinners

    ROFL, oh that looks, just awkward... Seriously porn industry!?!?! Stop teaching people this shit ...
  4. 2000’s cartoons

    Best 2000's cartoon... Easy!!! South Park and The Last Airbender
  5. I’m a 21 year old male who loves older women.

    I'm going to respond to the OP's post... I am not touching the post above mine with a 10, 20, or 100 foot pole... Have you tried, getting what you want by not actively seeking what you want? Just let it come to you. I travel, a lot. On nights where I feel like getting rowdy, I go home alone. However, it's those nights that I just go out to have a beer, and reflect on how the day went, that I go home with a little fun. In my experience, the older a woman is, the more in tune she is with whether the hot guy at the bar is looking for trouble, or genuinely there to just chill out. I can't say I have ever successfully sought out a woman 10-20 years my senior. I have however been taken home by more than a handful that just slid up next to me to spark a conversation. I'm not just talking about the bar either. I got lucky at the farmer's market once. I also managed the grocery store pick up. (If you want an in with the cute Trader Joe's cashier... Bag the damn groceries yourself and talk)... Different story though Anyways... At 25 and even 35, I only have trouble, when I'm looking for trouble. But when I'm just doing my thing, and aware of what's going on around me... Buckle up cowboy...
  6. Accepted age difference?

    Damn, that was a good read. Nice to see the providers' take on the issue. I have gone older, twice my age with a provider, but not 5+ years younger yet...
  7. Smile or Duck lips?

    Oh please just smile
  8. Rocky Mountain Puffers

    Well... I mean... I guess the last post didn't net puffers as the kids are calling it these days. Come to think about I have never encountered a set personally, and also have the urge to try
  9. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    Phil Long Chapel Hills used car lot
  10. Spicy or sweet?

    If it's a date, with any opportunities to get some... Sweet. A spicy tongue is a good way to watch your lady levitate and lock her legs
  11. Sooo Slowwww

    Why so slow... Damn tax cuts from Trump got me proper fucked. First time ever I owe $4k. I mean WTF.
  12. Puffies???

    Every male reading this thread... *Scanning for provider to raise a hand*
  13. Location, Location, Location

    I was thinking more north, south, east, west level of granularity
  14. What's your pump up theme song?

    Australian pop... Just watch and you'll get it
  15. Does size really matter to you?

    I'm abnormally tall. Never been with a woman taller than me (6'-5"). But I'm done to try... If you are pm me. LoL. My go to though are short women. I don't know why. Short women are so hot.